What Skin Color was Adam?

There is no part of the bible that specifically says what was the skin color of the first humans on earth. Ecclesiastical art like paintings, murals and other similarities present Adam and Eve as a typical caucasian couple. Despite this fact, during modern times, no part of the church has provided us with a formal claim regarding the pigmentation nature of the first Eden’s inhabitants.

Adam and Eve taking apple from the snake
Adam and Eve

Skin Color Possibilities

There are four most popular possibilities for Adam’s and Eve’s skin color:

  • Both black.
  • Both White.
  • One black and one white.
  • Both mestizo.

Skin Color Nature – What, How and Why?

Skin color or skin pigment is the product of a biological parent’s genetics and exposure to the sun. The process of skin pigmentation evolving is a consequence of human organism response to ultraviolet radiation. That response, biologically created to regulate the amount of radiation that penetrates through the skin, is the reason we have black, white, yellow and other colors of skin.

Black and White Origins

To state that Adam was black and Eve white, or turning it the other way around would seem like a logical answer. It would cover the question of genetic inheritance. People would take one or the other, and inside the reproduction swirl, during long periods of time, create the world as it is today.

Black Origin

Eve, the first woman on earth had black skin
Black Eve

Some Sunday schools propagate the teachings of black origin. These institutions state that both Adam and Eve were black. Advocates of this view protect their theories from being hooked on the attribute of vanity even by scientific facts. The traces of the first humans on earth are related to tropic parts of Africa. Omo national park in Ethiopia is a more specific location which was very likely the place where Eden was situated.

Discovering Black People in the Bible

Survival Value of Black Skin

The sun in these parts of Africa can be very dangerous. It is the biological fact that darker skin is more endurable when it comes to collision with the ultraviolet radiation coming from our burning star. Even if we chose to believe the theory of evolution, dark pigmentation would be the only possible response towards a hot climate with a strong sun.

Migrations and Emergence of White Skin

As people migrated all over the world, terms changed. There was no need for the dark pigment in the northern parts of our planet. This resulted in pigment fading and the creation of the white-skinned population.

Always remember, that since Adam was Black, no matter what the color of your skin, Black Adam is your great X great grandfather and no matter what the shade of your skin happens to be, we are all God’s children and thus we are all brothers and sisters.

Color of The Earth – What Were First Humans Made From?

According to both the Bible and the Quran, Adam was made from dust. This leaves us with little or no choice if we decide to proclaim holy books to be the only eligible source for bringing conclusions. He had to be black for the black was the color of Ethiopian ground soil. By black origin believers, the same would apply for Eve. Being made from Adam’s rib, Eve would have to inherit the basic genetic features from her organic origin. The last sentence is disputed by many as God could on purpose paint the skin of Eve with different color or fill Adam’s genes with both variations so that his wife could end up white.

White Origin Theory

What ecclesiastical art implies through paintings and murals is that both Adam and Eve were typical representatives of the Caucasian race. Despite the ubiquitousness of the manner in which the first people are represented, there aren’t any logical proofs that both Adam and Eve or just one of them, had white skin color. If we chose to believe that they were made from the earth they had to be black. Yet again, if we decide to dispute theology and take the road of science, biology will hand us the argument of natural selection. Already mentioned definition of skin color as a response to ultraviolet radiation would push us to the conclusion that these African areas with strong sun required human pigment to go dark in order to provide easier survival.

Why Were Adam and Eve Represented as White On All Pictures and Murals?

Ku Klux Klan parade in Washington
Ku Klux Klan parade in Washington

Middle-age Christianity blossomed in the swirls of wars in which European power centers attempted to conquer everything they could. All Europian countries where Christian. The same fact applied to Russia. Despite the difference in the branch, whether we speak of catholicism or orthodoxy, the beginning was the same. Everything started with Eden. Church knew that in order to attract large amounts of believers human’s ancestors needed to posses features masses could relate to. One of those traits was skin color. It is no secret that most of the Europeans and Russians (99.9999%) are white-skinned. Given that fact, it was neither strange or unexpected for highly positioned church figures to influence art in a direction that made Adam and Eve into typical Caucasians. In addition to this, most European countries supported slavery. Actually, almost every single society in the world was based on slaves and such social stratification that allowed many people to be degraded to the level of cattle and treated as chattel. Wide known fact that colonialization of Africa bonded black skin for the term of slavery is the answer to the question of why no church characters were represented as black-skinned. Representing the bible characters with attributes associated with degradation in the holy context would prevent the continuing of degradation and humiliation of slaves. If Adam, Eve or Jesus were black, then how could someone dare to suppress another human being because of his or her skin color. Such a resolution of events would lead to the disappearance of free labor strength which would eventually result in the crash of empires. And no emperor wanted to see his empire collapsing.

Black and White Origin

Theory proclaiming the high probability that, when it comes to the racial question about the first humans on earth, one was black while the other had to be white, gathered many followers over time. After all, it has more logic then the first two we have just analyzed. Some descendants would inherit the father’s genes, while others would be equipped with the mother’s genetic traits.

Mixed Race is Genetic Cradle of Humanity – Adam and Eve Were Mestizos

Followers of science could claim that they have the answer to this longly debated question. Adam and Eve were mestizos.

In 1913 science proved that human beings carry two genes for color. Each of these genes consists of “black” or “white” alleles. An allele is one of two or more alternative forms of a gene that can be found in the same place on a chromosome. One allele is received from the mother while another comes from the father. The allele is part of the gene, and the gene is part of the DNA.

Skin Color in More Details

Melanin is the pigment responsible for our skin color. It is controlled by two pairs of genes. Geneticists distinguish those genes by using letter designations like Aa and Bb. Capital letters represent dominant genes and the small letters mark recessive genes. A and B, being dominant, produce melanin in large quantities while recessive a and b produce the minor amounts of melanin. Our color depends on the number and ratio of black and white alleles we got as a biological inheritance from our parents. In the human organism, there is no more but a single place where color genes manifest themselves. The word is about melanocytes – mature melanin-forming cells incorporated in human skin.

There Was a Clone in Eden

If Eve was made from Adam’s rib it means that she was, partially, a clone of Adam. This implies that she had to possess identical genes when it comes to the question of melanin.

In the case of both of them being AABB, they would have been Negroid and produced children of only the darkest skin color. In that case, the world’s population today would be only black. However, the reality is entirely different and only around 10% of the world’s population is Negro, so we can be certain that our oldest ancestors were not of the AABB combination. Following the unchanged logic, if Adam and Eve had both been aabb, all people would be the lightest Caucasoid possible(white). Since this is not the case either, by the process of deduction, another conclusion emerged. Adam and Eve were heterozygous. It means that both of them had two dominant and two recessive genes – AaBb. In more understandable words, Adam and Eve’s skin color was middle-brown. Over time, biological inheritance mutated through generations, and the various shades of brown have been produced making our civilization full of colors.

First Humans Had No Skin

The first humans on earth were celestial beings and very likely had no skin and therefore no skin color
Celestial Beings

First humans were celestial beings and therefore had no skin. Pure light, legends say, was the form of magnificent creatures God created in His own image. This point of view advocates a more flexible approach towards what is written in the Bible as well as in the rest of the holy books of other religions. Metaphors. That’s what this approach sees in religions. A literal interpretation would, without a dispute, bring the question of God’s basic sanity to the center of the attention.

Is humanity a product of incest? If everything started with Adam and Eve, then the rest of the population would exist because sexual intercourses brothers and sisters had between themselves. Then there is that bet God played with the devil. To sacrifice an innocent man with strong fate just to show the Satan that misery won’t change the way a true believer looks at God.

The strength of these few out of many similar arguments is indisputable. However, the spiritual interpretation of Eden does not focus on the flaws of other observances but rather on its own depth and ambiguousness.

Adam and Eve Were one of The First but not Only Humans – There Were All Skin Colors

As for the skin color, which is the topic of our discussion, first humans on earth had all skin colors. However, as being stated in the title above, Adam and Eve weren’t first humans on earth. They were one of the many who inhabited this planet after humanity had degraded from celestial to the material way of existing. Those celestial beings everything started with, at some point in time, had to experience their fall in order for us to exist. Adam and Eve were the first, but before the apple of acknowledgment was taken, human souls in Eden grew in numbers. Then, after the fall, or the rise as some thinkers speak of the humanity departure from Eden, all those spiritual beings needed vessels – bodies. Even if the body types had a singular biological structure there is no limit that states that leaving Eden meant staying in front of its gates. At the same time, people in the form we know of today could inhabit Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and even Antarctica. Different natural conditions would push bodies into the sequences of adaptations that would, over time, result in the world we know of today.

Red Skin

Mars red sky responsible for the first humans having red skin due to a radiation around Eden space station
Adam and Eve had red skin

Those who think that we come from space, Mars to be more precise, believe that first humans on earth came from the space station called Eden. Allegedly, the nature of ultraviolet radiation sun produces on Mars is way different than it is on earth. That is why the basic biological structure of humans responded differently to the sun while people were inhabiting mars. Our ancestors had red skin. Then, after landing on the Earth due to the catastrophe, over generations, the skin changed its traits.

Note to Vote For

There are many skin colors as well as religions, beliefs, philosophies and other differences between people. What really is important, is the fact that none of these differences should ever be used for any kind of discrimination. Regardless of origins color, every human life is limitless when it comes to the measure of his value.

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