When and Where did the First Humans on Earth Appear?

The appearance of the first humans on earth took place 200 000 or 6000 thousand years ago whether you chose to believe in the statements of science or the bible. What both approaches agree on is that, at some point in time, there had to be the first beings capable of thinking and implementing bipedal locomotion. As for the how, why and where, the answers are completely different.

Bible Explanation of Human Origins

Bible Explanation Of Human Origins
Bible Explanation Of Human Origins

While science tries to discover how and still can’t get a scratch on why holding Big Bang Theory as a card to fill the table, Bible book claims to know all the answers. God, the all-powerful ubiquitous entity created everything. We can’t understand why because his reasons exceed the ranges of our cognitive capabilities. However, there is an answer to how.

When Did First People Appear on Earth?

Contrary to science that has a few long steps before the appearance of humans(big bang, earth creation, the first life on earth, evolution, apes turning into humans) Christian holy book pushes those events near each other.

By the bible, the earth was created sometime between 6000 and 5500 years ago. The most famous calculation of earth’s age in the Christian world was performed by an Irish prelate James Ussher. At that time, and it was the 17th century, this feat was the peak of scientific sophistication, as there were no ways of measuring the age of rocks or any similar advantages present in modern times. For his unquestionable source Ussher had used Bible and through estimation of the average lifetime in the old testimony, adding the years after Christ arrived, came to the conclusion that earth was around 5500 years old. More precisely, comparing his calculations with the old calendars he decided that our planet was created 4004 years b.c. on Sunday, October 23rd which was autumn equinox. Other educated people that had set themselves to the same quest, applying bible examining methods, came to similar results lowering the earth’s age to 5000-5400 years. Add six days to time passed, and you will calculate the time when the first people came to be.

How People Came to Be? Book of Genesis

God decided to create the earth. His creation lasted six days. The seventh-day was reserved for rest. On the last working day, he created land animals and humans.

Book of Genesis

And God said: ‘Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after its kind.’ This order gave life to all animals.

And God said: ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’

Michelangelo's Painting of Creation Of Adam
Creation Of Adam

After this command, God gave life to Adam creating him from clay. Adam was alone and God decided to, as he did with all other beings, make him a company. He took his rib out and created Eve. Some claims dispute this saying that Lilith was created comparatively with Adam and that she too, was clay made. But, since she was disobedient, God had cast her out of heaven and created another lady for Adam. Adam and Eve were destined to live in the paradise known as Garden of Eden. They had everything. All of the animals and other beings bowed before them. Absolute freedom and possibilities were at their disposal. However, there was one limitation. The forbidden fruit from the tree of acknowledgment. The famous apple which part, allegedly, men still hold in their throats. God gave a warning to the first couple that if they try forbidden fruit acknowledgment of good and evil followed by death awaits them. They lived happily until the snake, Satan, which was at the time a glorious animal with wings and beauty, approached Eve. He stated that God is lying as the fruit wouldn’t kill them but make them equal to God himself. Eve persuaded Adam to take a bite which led to acknowledgment. All of sudden they had felt naked and put the leaves over their intimate parts. When God asked them why they covered their body parts questioning their obedience regarding the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve lied saying that they didn’t touch the apples. However, God saw through them and cast them out of paradise into the outer world. From that moment on, what they did with ease was replaced with hardship and required a large amount of effort to be completed. The birth was given in pains. The rest is history.

Where Was Eden Located?

Tree of life in the garden of Eden
Tree of life in the garden of Eden

The opinion of the high number of experts points out that Eden was situated in the area of Mesopotamia. However, it is not the only theory. There are numerous assumptions and claims regarding the location of Eden. Some even connect it to the north pole while others say that the garden of Eden was at the location of today’s Turkey.

What Was the Skin Color of Adam and Eve?

In the content of Christian holy books, unambiguous descriptions regarding skin color of paradise inhabitants are running short. Actually, there are no statements that directly say if Adam or Eve was, black, white or yellow. However, most of the depicted representations of life in Eden show the first couple as Caucasians with blue eyes. This kind of creativity caused questions and implications towards racism being integrated into the mere core of Christian church. As an answer to accusations, many representatives of both orthodox and catholic churches have stated that in the content of the bible there is only one basic race from which all of the others have differentiated.

Science Explanation of Human Origins

Traces of Big Bang
Traces of Big Bang

Everything starts with the big bang which is the literal name of the most famous theory used by scientists to explain life.

How did Everything Start? Big Bang Theory

According to this theory, the universe started with a big bang. But it wasn’t some super explosion as the name refers, but rather stretching. That is why some cosmologists criticize the theory for its name, stating that association on explosion causes a lot of confusion. Basically, in its initial stages, the universe was in an extremely hot and dense state. More precisely, the word was about little speck of unlimited heat and density. Then, rapid expansion started. As time passed, the expanding speed started to go down and that decrease is present even today. This is one of the explanations related to big bang theory which, in present times, has a plethora of models that differentiate from each other in one way or another. In this infinite expansion, transformation and interaction of matter planets were created and one of them was Earth.

When did Life Start on Earth?

Planet Earth formed around 4.5 billion years ago. As for the question of the first life two numbers compete with each other. Numerous pieces of evidence show that the emergence of the first life took place 3.7 billion years ago. However, there are assumptions that the first life appeared even earlier, 4.1 billion years ago. The problem with the second asses is a possible non-biological formation of purported fossils. Regardless of the time, all indications point towards a common ancestor which is considered as starting branching point for creation and existence of all species that inhabit the earth.

Where did Life on Earth Start?

Traces of the first life - rocks with stromatolites
Traces of the first life – rocks with stromatolites

Western Greenland is considered to be the cradle of the first life on earth. Biogenic carbon signatures and stromatolite fossils were found in the metasedimentary rocks present in this area. The rocks are esteemed to be 3.7 billion years old. In 2015, a new discovery of even older traces of biological existential forms has shaken the scientific community. Rocks in Western Australia were 4.1 billion years old. In 2017 Quebec in Canada has drawn all of the attention bringing us the possibility of life being old 4.4 billion years. However, as mentioned before, the problem with the last two discoveries is a possible non-biological formation of fossils.

How did Humans Come to Be? Darwin’s Theory

Evolution theory

There are many theories that explain the biological origins of human beings but the most famous one, undisputedly, is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The Theory of Evolution explains all the existing species with their traits as a consequence of heritable changes that happen over large periods of time. There are a few key points that are important to understand when speaking of Darwin’s theory:

  • All life on earth is connected.
  • Natural selection is a principle by which each slight variation of trait, if useful, is preserved.
  • Evolution through natural selection that implies survival of the fittest should be rightly interpreted. That means that it is not the question of strength in duels that is important but the ability to adapt, survive and reproduce.
  • Microevolution is a small change that takes place within a particular species (thinning or growing additional hair, changing the hair color, etc…).
  • Macroevolution is a large change caused by sequences of small changes(microevolutions) that took place over long periods of time. As a final consequence, a whole new species can be created.

To make u sum, all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. On a large time scale, small changes lead to big ones called macroevolution. This is a brief overview of how the evolution of now distinct grate ape species into humans is explained.

Where and When did the first humans appear?

Photograph of Omo National park in Ethiopia
Photograph of Omo National park in Ethiopia

Everything we know today started with that one bipedal locomotion capable being making his debut step on the grounds of the world which, regarding its map, was a bit different than it is now. By science claims, the first appearance of modern humans on Earth, also known as homo sapiens, is related to Africa. More precisely, the areas where today’s Ethiopia is situated. Allegedly, it was around 200 000 years ago.

How Did Humans Manage to Inhabit the Whole Planet?

The great migration took place in a time period between 100 000 – 70 000 years of the old era. Among the first destinations were Europe and Asia. As for Australia, our ancestors have reached it on canoes sometime between 65 000 – 35 000 years ago. Now comes the great question about inhabiting the American continent. Europe, Asia, and Australia could mostly be reached on foot. There are few water spaces separating the land, but those areas are small and do not require a ship to be passed. How did old humans manage to go across the whole ocean on canoes and reach American shores? They didn’t. They walked.

How Were our Ancestors Able to Travel From Africa To America on Foot?

Now comes the part about the world being different than it is today. At the time of migrations, the remaining effects of one of the ice ages (and this planet have endured many) left the ground connection between Asia and North America(Alaska). In addition to that, around 50 000 years ago the first languages were developed which allowed people to communicate, share assessments and make plans.

What Triggered Migrations?

The reason for the start of the migration was probably depletion of food and conflicts that ensued due to a lack of survival resources.

What was the Skin Color of the First Human Being?

Face painted with many colors
What was the skin color of the first humans on earth?

Despite many disputes between religion and science, the skin color of the first human being was most likely black. While fate does not go into details about pigments and departures into many branches on occasions this topic is touched, science has strongly based explanations of its claim.

What is Skin Color?

Skin color also referred to as skin pigment, is a consequence of human organism regulation of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin and controlling biochemical effects. Response to the sun would be an easy explanation. All human beings share the same ancestor that lived in Africa around 200 000 years ago. Comparisons between skin pigmentation genes present in chimpanzees and those that modern Africans possess point that dark skin evolved along with the loss of body hair. This biological phenomenon occurred around 1.2 million years ago. The existence of the common ancestor that resulted after the evolutional sequence of organic changes was featured by the dark skin.

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