Stories From The Brothel - Erotic Novel With Foot Fetish

Stories from the brothel novel is a unique collection of erotic stories which follow the life of a young suicidal painter from Serbia addicted to brothels and obsessed with women’s feet.

Everything starts when Nikola, as an 18-year-old high-school senior year student, decides to lose virginity in the brothel. After his classes end, together with his friend, he goes across the town in pursuit of salons that provide erotic massages. Since prostitution is illegal in Serbia, wandering around Belgrade doesn’t bring them any closer to their goal. But when they decide to approach taxi drivers their luck changes and Stories From the Brothel begin.

The sun colors the horizon with the same blush when it rises and when it sets. A woman adorns her face with the same smile when she is joyful and when she is spiteful. The world is naive and allows us to distinguish day from night. A woman doesn’t.


The author of this intriguing novel goes under the pen name of Mr.W which is an abbreviation of the mister world. He is our guest for today and is going to answer some intriguing questions.

Mr. W - the author of Stories From The Brothel Novel
Mr. World

Before we start, there is just one brief yes and no question we would like to ask you. Are stories from the brothel true?

Mr. W: They are based on truth as they represent an interview with the painter who spent most of his life visiting brothels and struggling with poverty which stood in the way of his pleasures.

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How Stories From The Brothel Came To Be?

There is a lot of speculation about the way this novel came to life. Could you tell us more about its origins?

For weeks the story of old Swiss countess dying during sexual intercourse with her three times younger husband circulated over the news and social media. Nikola Matoivc was compared to Raskolnikov and accused of committing murder by over-excitement he induced his wife on. Around a week after the tragedy, I received a phone call from Nikola Matovic. He wanted to meet with me, share his life story, and turn it into a book. He was a painter by profession and said that prostitutes are his main muses and the core of his life story. His private gallery was called Stories From The Brothel and besides the countess, I was told that I was going to become the only living soul to see it. Every picture has a story behind and the painter wanted them on paper. I expected the gallery to be full of women’s paintings but no. There was not a single lady on any of the canvases. He told me that he represents women through their absence which always leads to a certain outcome of strange events. He approached his first painting called “The First Circle of Hell – Poping the Charry” and started the story. This book is just the first part of what is planned as a trilogy.

Is There A Love Story?

This is an erotic novel full of comedy and philosophy. But is there also a love story? Was there any special lady from the brothel that made the painter’s heartbeat in a different way?

Of course, there is a love story. But the best way of encompassing any great tale of love is by starting with its absence and showing how the entrance of love changes one’s life upside down. There is a special lady in the novel but saying anything more would be a spoiler for those that want to read it.

What Is The Truth About Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish is a kind of public taboo present for multiple decades. Some experts claim that every fifth male person finds himself attracted by women’s feet but has a shame to admit it. It is also the main sexual feature of the protagonist. Could you tell us a bit more about this sexual inclination, the feeling of shame that often goes with it, and the way it is presented in the novel?

The protagonist of the novel unambiguously has a foot fetish. When he was a child, his future sexual inclination manifested itself through feeling great shame when walking barefooted in front of people that were not his family. When puberty and masturbation started, Nikola found himself fascinated by long gentle soles and red nails. For years, he had fantasies to put the endings of women lover limbs in his mouth. When adulthood came, he decided to do so.

As you mentioned in the question, foot fetish, as well as other inclinations that do not fit into formal measurements of normality often bring shame. In the beginning, he also struggles with the shame to express his inclinations. One problem is the question of public judgment. What would people say if they knew? Another is the reaction of the woman after hearing of inclination. Both barriers drain their strength from man’s ego obsessed with the way he is going to be perceived by others.

But as a man of action, he doesn’t stop to fight shame and eventually manages to overcome that psychological obstacle.

I will do it and fill my fantasies even if the pillar of shame is called by my name.

Mr. W

As time goes by and Nikola visits more and more brothels he even starts developing theories on why do some people have a foot fetish. And relates the sexual inclination to the manifestation of divinity.

What About Suicide?

Pills on the palm that are going to be used for suicide
Suicide By Pills

As it is described in the synopsis, Nikola is a young suicidal painter from Serbia. Could you elaborate on his psychological profile outside his sexuality?

Nikol Matovic is a highly creative and gifted artist who is literally capable of making anything when given time, canvas, and colors. And we all know that artists have a hard time fitting in. They need the freedom to create which is out of financial range for most people. Having this kind of nature is even harder when living in Serbia. Serbia’s capital city Belgrade is a place of great beauty and pleasures for those with money. But it is also a place full of corruption present in literally every sphere of life. Without money and connections, hard work can’t produce fruits even when combined with high talent. Understanding this kind of social structure that is very similar to slavery is what makes every day living much harder for Nikola. His perception of reality pushes him into depression and suicidal thoughts. But his fighting spirit pulls him forward.

Also interesting are his friends which, in a way, reflect particles of his complex personality. Grujica, Aleksa, Vukota, Russian, and Ivica are Nikola’s fantastic five. They are all lost wanderers seeking ways to achieve greatness. Russian is a split personality divided between a guy who wants to become a monk and a hedonist that wants to earn millions. Aleksa is a 22-year-old future lawyer who must ask parents to go on a coffee with his friends. Vukota is a confused athlete with his dreams at the edge of collapse. Ivica is the alcoholic son of a priest paying multiple alimonies. As for the Gruijica, he is a compulsive hunk obsessed with cars and roulette. What all of them share is great love towards material pleasures and epic wish for wealth.

What Can You Tell Us About The Place Where Stories From The Brothel Happen?

We know that stories take place in Serbia. It is a little country on the Balkans with Belgrade as it’s capital. What more could you tell us about it?

It is the country on the Balkan peninsula. Belgrade is known across Europe for his incredible night-life. When it comes to tennis almost everyone knows who Novak Djokovic is. The same applies to Nikola Tesla who was also a Serbian. But let me pull my protagonist out of the book as he is going to provide a much more descriptive answer.

Serbia is the place where everything is possible. The best and the worst. The best, as always, is reserved for the rich. Hypocrisy is the religion of most and orthodoxy just an occasion to drink shout and fight. Discipline and respect are almost nowhere to be found and everyone is in a hurry to be late. It is considered normal to work all life, achieve nothing, and die. Prostitution is illegal but brothels can easily be found. Prostitution is observed as highly immoral but adulteries are many. A perfect muse for a writer.

What Can You Tell Us About Prostitutes?

In the beginning, we asked you if the Stories From The Brothel are true. And you said yes. We would like to hear more about prostitutes that appear in your novel. What kind of ladies are they? Are they forced to sell their bodies?

First and foremost I must explicitly state that, as far as Nikola knew, not a single prostitute he laid with was forced to sell her body. The profession was a matter of decision. In Serbia, most of the people have two choices, to be underpaid or to choose some illicit profession. The average salary is ranging from 350-450 euros but it can go much less. And you need around 1500 euros to make a decent living. It is the reason ladies choose to enter the business. To make a decent living. Because in a city like Belgrade poverty can be extremely exhausting. Having all that luxury showed at your nose and not be able to afford anything can truly crush an individual’s psychology.

As for the question of their nature, I would say they are all very decent ladies. Correct when it comes to treating their clients. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. There were cases in which Nikola was faced with having his time cut.

An important note is that some of the ladies sometimes feel self-despise for work they do. That is often a consequence of being in aa conflict with social moral standards for too long. But both the painter who told me his stories and I agree that they have no reason to feel shame. That burden should go to societies that organized themselves in a way that prevents people from advancing. Even if that wasn’t the case a prostitute still is an honorable woman who does her job and allows men the pleasure of consuming her beauty. There is nothing bad about it. All ladies should be proud of their work and entitled to choose what they are going to do with their bodies.

What about their vices? Is it true that so many prostitutes are addicted to cocaine?

Some of the ladies Nikola went to were. But to him, all prostitutes seem unique in a special way. Despite they hide what they do, the protagonist of the stories admires their audacity to chose a profession that is opposed to social moral standards. To him, societies are so corrupted and twisted in every way that going against them means having a certain feature of nobility. And as for the vice, it is everywhere. Not just in the brothel.

What Message Stories From The Brothel Are Going to Send?

People need to dive deep inside themselves in order to discover who they really are. After doing so, they will be able to choose direction and be sure that the prize waiting at the end is worth of hardships that precede it.

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