Secrets And Hidden Clues In Little Prince

Little Prince is considered to be one of the best books ever written. It is a story about the child within us we lost contact with while growing up. But that story holds a secret and is full of hidden clues you don’t get to spot right away.

Little Prince Is Messiah

Little Prince is a child coming from a star. He can talk with all living beings including both plants and animals. Here are some of the creatures little prince spoke with:

  • Rose
  • Desert flower
  • Roses from the garden
  • Snake
  • Fox

The ability to speak with plants and animals is a feature reserved for very special people and often deeply related to prophets and messiahs from many religions. The fact that he can understand both plants and animals indicates his capability of reaching life’s core.

Another important thing many people agree on when interpreting the little prince is that he believes in life after death. This is due to the fact that he allows the snake to bite him so he could depart from his heavy body and travel back to where he came from. But is it really a manifestation of belief in life after death? Because there is not a single paragraph stating the little prince is thinking about death. He only speaks of reunion with his beloved flower referring to his body as to nothing more but a vessel. It means that the little prince actually doesn’t believe in death at all. He knows his soul is immortal and seeks to reunite with what he departed from. All this implies he could actually be the messiah – Jesus Christ if we chose to approach him through Christianity. However, since the little prince knows nothing but love and honesty we will not stick him to any of the known religions and will allow him to remain as primordial divinity.

Asteroid B-612

The pilot from the little prince suspected that the boy came from asteroid B-612. When you add the numbers 6+1+2 you get 9. Nine is the number that symbolizes love and faith. However, it can also be the symbol of karma and the laws of the universe. This is very important because of the number of planets little prince visits.

Traveling Over Seven Planets

Including earth, the little prince traveled over seven planets. During his journey he encountered:

  • King
  • Conceited man
  • Drunkard
  • Businessman
  • Lamplighter
  • Geographer
  • Pilot (planet earth)

Seven worlds and seven acquaintances. According to the bible, seven is the number of perfection in both physical and spiritual sense. It derives directly from Gods’ creation who made the earth in six days and went on rest on the 7th. Seven is important in almost every religion in the world: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. When the little prince completed his journey he acknowledged perfection in God. According to Christianity God is nothing else but love which is precisely the reason the little prince wanted to come back to his home planet and reunite with his beloved flower. So, seven planets and people are experiences the little prince needed to acknowledge the perfection. After it, he goes on his one last travel back to his home planet. Travel I say because acknowledgment has turned him into another person. He understands that his rose loves him and will arrive on his planet with eyes that will see completely new things. This means that over the course of the book the little prince has traveled over eight planets.

Eight Is the number of infinity and constant flow of energy. As the number in which the ravels of little prince are completed, it indicates that little prince has merged into infinity through love.

Dark Secret – Messiah or Devil?

However, there is a dark side to this interpretation. Satan was always a trickster. He could be the one to put himself in the disguise of the little prince and approach the pilot. The devil as well as the messiah could talk to plants and animals and be familiar with things that are out of the average man’s reach. The devil would also choose to put a face of absolute innocence to achieve his goal.

What is the devil’s goal?

The final goal of the devil is to take a man’s soul but his biggest success is to induce an individual to commit suicide. And that exactly could be the goal of the little prince. To present suicide as a beautiful merging with infinity. What is very interesting is that at the time of writing this book, Antoine de Saint-Exupery suffered from severe depression and drinking problems.

And while the little prince looks cute and innocent at some moments he doesn’t behave like it. In the middle of the desert, he approaches a writer and asks him to draw him a sheep. We could interpret this as his different perception of reality but if we choose to go with the darker approach we could also state that the little prince doesn’t care about anything but himself and his little world.

Is Little Prince Egocentric Narcissist?

The ensuing question is more than suitable considering the way little prince behaved with not just the pilot, but all the people he met on his way. On multiple lines, the book states that the little prince never gives up on his question. What he once asks must be answered otherwise he will just keep repeating it. That is the feature of egoism. We are not saying that the people he encountered during his voyage were any better. They (besides the lamplighter) observe the world only true to their nature and consider others to be an addition and instrument of achieving their desires and purposes.

He speaks only about himself and is interested in other people’s things only for the purposes of his curiosity. After his questions are answered he jumps to another one or starts speaking about what is on his mind without caring whether the other person wants to hear it or not.

These are all the features of Lucifer who wanted to be the center of everything and therefore led the rebellion against God before being exiled. In addition to this, the snake mentions that the little prince comes from a star. The other name for lucifer is the morning star. But these could all be just coincidences.

However, they are one place where we can see that the little prince manifests the devil’s trait. After encountering a garden of roses he falls on the ground and cries because it turns out he is not the prince he thought it was. He believes himself to be rich because he possessed a unique flower but after finding out that the rose is not rare at all his world breaks down. The love he feels is much similar to the relationship God and Lucifer had. Lucifer was the brightest of all the angels but he was hurt by the fact that, after humans were created, he was not the most special of God’s creations. That immature love full is mostly based on vain. And the vain led to Lucifer’s fall.

However, as the story goes, the little prince learns why his rose is so special. This approach induces us to ask ourselves if the little prince is actually a story about Lucifer’s resurrection rather than Jesus Christ.

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