Parents Who Killed Their Kids Because of Video Games

The peak of real-life tragedies and human capability of madness, without any doubt, can be seen in parents that killed their kids because of video games. While seizures, deaths, and suicides caused by overplaying as well as numerous physical conflicts between gamers with fatal outcomes are widely known, a little number of people are aware of the true aggression level and cruelty that can ensue from diving too deep inside the virtual world.

Playing Video Games and Killing Kids

There is a prejudice observing teenagers as the main roles of tragedies caused by video games. While they are certainly prone to violence which sometimes results even in killing parents or brothers and sisters, they are not the only culprits for murders motivated by the clashes of the virtual and genuine reality. One of the most infamous tragedies is the one in which a baby turned out as a victim.

Infant Starves in South Korea – Virtual Baby Comes First

This happened in 2010. Parents of a 3-month-old girl became obsessed with a Prius Online. This video game provided the ability to create a whole new existence. In their new world, a 41-year-old male and a 25-year-old female had another daughter. Her name was Anima and she was an infant that sought attention from morning to evening. Most of the time they spent in internet cafes – playing. During brief breaks, they would remember to give a quick visit to their apartment and give their real-life daughter little powdered milk. Death due to starvation was the final outcome.

Anima - the virutal daughter of couple who starved their infant girl to death
Anima – virtual daughter

How Could This Happen? Prius Online Gave Them All

“Why?”, is the natural thing to ask. As it turned out, their interest in diving deep into the virtual world didn’t come all by itself. The couple suffered from a kind of depression caused by a sequence of hardships life has bestowed upon them. Both of them lost their jobs and the baby was born prematurely. Post-birth depressions are not a rare occurrence when it comes to mothers. Especially in situations when a child is born before its time. The beginning of parenthood can be very mentally challenging for fathers too. Prius Online seemed like an excellent opportunity to escape from everything. After being arrested, both parents expressed strong remorse and the husband even stated: “I am sorry for what I did and hope that my daughter does not suffer any more in heaven.” In Prius Online, they were a very successful couple that managed to rise high in the social hierarchy and receive an avatar (daughter Anima) as a reward.

Killed Her Baby To Be Able to Play Farmville on Facebook Without Being Disturbed

Farmville Facebook Cover Photo
Farmville Cover

In the year 2010, in Jacksonville, Florida, 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias was charged with killing her 3-month-old son Dillan. She was proven guilty, or, more precisely, Alexandra admitted what she did. Allegedly, the little boy was disturbing her with crying while she was playing Farmville on Facebook. At some point in time, she stopped playing the game and shook the boy. Dillan hit his head on the monitor. Alexandra smoked a cigar and shooked poor Dillan again which, by the estimates of the police, was the point in which the baby had already suffered untreatable consequences that led to a slow and painful death. The estimated punishment for her crime was between 25 and 50 years in prison. Again, life going down was one of the reasons for such an outcome as she was fighting with her boyfriend all the time while her mather passed away preventing her from going to college.

Father Kills Infant For Loosing in a Video Game

In 2019, Anthony Trice, a 26-year-old male from Louisville, Kentucky, punched his infant son in the head after being enraged by the loss in the video game. However, it doesn’t end there. He took the baby, brought it to the kitchen and dropped it on the floor. Then, after seeing he had caused a serious condition to his son, Anthony called 911. Sadly, it was too late as severe damage could not be remedied despite all the attempts of doctors to do so.

Mother Kills a Teenager

In Maryland, the mother killed her teenage son over videogames. However, she wasn’t the one who was playing. What led to the tragedy was the fact that her son just couldn’t stop saying curse words while trying to beat the obstacles of the virtual world. Angelique Chase tried to strip the cell-phone of her son Clinton which led to the beginning of the physical conflict. Other family members jumped in to stop the conflict. What seemed like an end of quarrel turned to be just the beginning of it as Angelique went to the basement, took a gun, went back up and shot her son. He was dead when the police came.

Stepfather Kills Stepson Because of Too Much Noise

In 2012 a male from Milton was invigorated by the loud sounds of video games plages by his stepson. This resulted in tragedy. The man took a gun and repeatedly shot him. He showed no remorse for the committed murder. He even called 911 and calmly reported he shot his stepson. The life sentence was his punishment.

How Could Video Games be Capable of Inducing Parents to Kill Their Kids?

It seems like the conflicts emerging from video games are wrapped by some strange aura of sudden bursts of aggression. There are whole researches regarding why video games cause so many murders. To make a brief summary of some parts of those explanations, most of the time, a lack of satisfaction with real life is present. Games enhance the emotions of players rising the amount of stress which, through energy vibrations, is spread on other people from the direct environment. It is the reason for conflicts getting so passionate and often reaching physical levels and even resulting in deaths. When an individual dives deep into the virtual world taking the role of another entity, a sudden comeback to reality creates shock. When life is filled with frustrations shocks lead to rage and people manifest aggression to the ones they consider for culprits for having to come back to reality.

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