Location of Eden - Where Was God's Garden?

A possible place where the garden of Eden would be located today is the head of the Persian Gulf within the boundaries of Iraq. However, most modern scholars consider the garden of God to be a mythological place. Those who believe it was, or still is, a real place, have developed multiple theories on where it could have been located and what great prizes would founders receive. Besides descriptions from the bible, there aren’t many sources about the geographical location of the cradle of humanity where the tree of life flourished together with the three of acknowledgment. The assumption about the exact location of Eden depends on the interpretations of those descriptions.

How the Garden of Eden Looked Like?

Phenomenon Similar to rivers of Eden watering the garden by  departing from one main water stream
Phenomenon Similar to rivers of Eden watering the garden

In the bible, it is told that the earth within Eden was the host to four rivers.

Four Rivers of Eden

The main river coming into Eden had the purpose of watering the garden. Not far from the place of its source, the point of branching into multiple streams was taking its position.

The First River – Pishon

The first river was Pishon and it wrapped around the ground of Havilah. Havilah is the Hebrew word for circle. The root of the word is ‘khul’ which can have the meaning of dance or twist. In the context of Eden and old testament, the term refers to the area of land rich with gold. By some interpretations, the land of Havilah encompassed the whole of today’s Saudi Arabia.

The Second River – Gihon

The second river was named Gihon. It wrapped around the land of Cush. Cush was the oldest son of Ham and a grandson of Noah. By some assumptions, the land of his people went over both sides of the red sea. This means that besides the territories of Saudi Arabia it encompassed even some parts of Africa(Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan).

The Third and the Forth River – Tigris and Euphrates

These two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, are the most famous rivers of the world as the region between them, known as Mesopotamia, was cradle to the oldest civilization in history – Sumer civilization. Even the first written laws curved in the stone are geographically tied to this place and date back around 3500 b.c. when the reign of Hamurabi was at its peak. This implies that it is very likely that Eden was created in the territories of today’s Iraq.

Location of Eden

If choosing to take names of the rivers into consideration you will more than likely be right to situate Eden in the areas of the middle east. Or, to be more precise, somewhere in Mesopotamia near the head of the Persian Gulf(today’s Iraq) as it was already mentioned. But that is just one of many explanations as positions of rivers as well as some other facts give strong reasons for the development of different theories.

Eden was on the North Pole

Eden was hidden in the desolate of the north pole
Eden was hidden in the desolate of the north pole

This theory was developed by William Fairfield Warren (March 13, 1833 – December 7, 1929) the president of Boston University. As both a religious and rational man aware of changes in which the science will inevitably shape the future, he sought a way to translate the bible into science. Since Eden was the place God intended for hosting all kinds of trees, plants, and creatures it had to be an area that is the most favorable when it comes to biological conditions. And the North pole was the perfect candidate. Although at first glance, it might seem impossible, millions of years ago the climate was different than it is today – much warmer. This theory was published in 1881 as Paradise Found, The Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole. But this is not the only theory that situates Eden in the areas of everlasting ice. Some people believe that there is a hole in the center of the north pole that represents a gate through which we can reach our originating civilization that lives below the earth.

Hollow Earth Theory

One of the earth holes could be leading to a hidden civilization and the location of Eden
Hollow Earth

One approach of the famous hollow earth theory proposes that our planet is hollow from the inside. Another point of view speaks of the whole civilization that inhabits space below the ground. Allegedly, this advanced society can be reached through the tunnel that is positioned somewhere around the center of the North pole and goes deep below the ground. Some scientists claim that the legendary city of Atlantis is actually a metaphorical reference to civilization below while others claim that Atlantis is the misconceived name for Eden.

Could Atlantis City Be The Garden Of Eden?

Divers Exploring Depths in the pursuit of the lost city of Atlantis
Divers Exploring Depths in the pursuit of the lost city of Atlantis

The intriguing question you might have already encountered pushes us to seek arguments that could equalize advanced mythological city and religious garden considered for the cradle of life. If you chose a flexible metaphorical approach positive answer will have a great sense. Both the Bible’s story of Eden and the myth of Atlantis start with utopia – people living in the place of plenty and happiness. Then, at a point in time, some form of disobedience takes place. In the bible, it was tasting the apple of acknowledgment. Eve pushed Adam towards breaking the rules which had resulted in God expelling them from heaven. As for Atlantis, a man from Atlantis was left by his wife who went to another island to live with her new lover. Her act enraged the husband who decided to purchase a curse from Gods. He had chosen the wave curse. Then the higher forces became executioners. Angry gods sent punishment and sunk the utopian kingdom. Both finales share the inability to reconnect with the place of welfare or even find its remains.

Heaven as the State of Spirit

Following the storyline of both the Bible and the Atlantis, we can easily see that what they have in common is descend as the main motive, which is caused by some kind of immoral. This fact could be interpreted as notification to all living people that they themselves are responsible for the happiness within them. Or, to be more specific, that the utopia we are so eager to find once again actually needs to be nurtured through the right way of living, and not rediscovered through the exploration.

Africa – the Cradle of Creation

African continent as the cradle of Eden made out of little wooden pieces
Was Eden In Africa?

The first remains of modern humans are found in Africa and are esteemed to be around 200 000 years old. The discovery of so-called Omo remains took place at south-western Ethiopia, in the rocky area within the Omo national park near the river named Omo. The bones were discovered by scientists from Kenya sometime between 1967 and 1974. In addition to these facts, many interpretations consider the river Ghion to be a different name for the Nile which, among other African countries flows through Ethiopia. Considering these statements as premises a logical conclusion would be to accept the heart of Africa as a possible location of Eden.

Israel – the Garden of Eden

There are some scholars claiming that the Garden of Eden was situated where today’s Israel is. By this theory, the original river that split into four had to be Jordan. Gihon river would be, as it was already mentioned, the Nile, and the Havilah would be the Arabian peninsulas. The question of Pangaea is also debated as Jews believe that area near Jerusalem was the center of the world during times in which there was only one continent and one world sea.

Eden was on the U.S Grounds

By some interpretations, Eden was on the grounds of today’s US. The western portion of Missouri in the area of Jackson County is the place where, if we chose to believe in Mormon’s claims, it all started. Allegedly, in the 19th century, Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormon church, discovered a stone slab which he claimed to be built by Adam himself as an altar after he was expelled from heaven. The garden was located 40 kilometers south on where a city called Independence is positioned. Regarding inconsistencies with the river descriptions, Mormons push a great flood as an argument stating that in the early days, there was supercontinent Pangaea.

Seychelles was God’s Choice for His Garden

Again, we go back to Africa, except, this time we are heading for islands. Praslin Island, Seychelles, is another possible location for the cradle of humanity. The father of this theory is an English general Charles Gordon who lived in the 19th century(1833-1885). Not long before his death, he engaged in a long voyage over the famous archipelago that was, when it comes to most parts, uninhabited by people. On the soils of Praslin Island, he discovered a unique kind of tree. It was coco-de-mere or sea coconut, a rare type of plant that can be found only on other Seychelle islands. General came to the conclusion that it was a tree of good and evil.

Eden was not on Earth? Mars is Where it all Started

Advanced civilization coming to Mars where the garden Eden was created
Eden was on Mars

According to theory by Irish Peer William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench who was a famous ufologist the Garden of Eden was not on earth in the first place. He stated that it is not in the nature of this world’s rivers to depart into four heads as it was described in a bible. This kind of water stream is more likely the feature of dug canals. Many assumptions point to the red planet Mars being full of canals. This is the base of his theory that goes even further stating that the Garden of Eden was made by the space people. Noah, like Adam and Eve, was from Mars which, at some point in time, had to be evacuated. First humans on earth were actually the experimental creation of extraterrestrials. All of Trench’s theories were elaborated in his book “Sky People”.

Follow Trees Not Rivers – Amazon Cloud Forest

This is the different exploration approach when it comes to rediscovering Eden. Some explorers claim that descriptions regarding the nature of trees should be the main road signs. Droughts can swallow rivers and winds can bury the river’s trough. However, with today’s scientific abilities, remains of biological life, such as parts of tree roots or soil compounds can be strong indicators and reconstruction arguments of where Eden was even if the trees are gone for good.

Tree Of Life

The name itself says that the tree of life could, amongst many other prizes, offer immortality. Whichever way you decide to interpret this ability the nature of the tree or its remains would have to possess some regenerative features regarding effects on the human organism.

Tree Of Acknowledgment

On the other hand, the tree of acknowledgment would be expected to have positive cognitive impacts on the human brain. It does not necessarily mean that the consumers of the acknowledgment fruit would instantly become the all-knowing entities. Acknowledgment could be interpreted as a changed state of consciousness. A different way of perception. That is why the scope of the search should encompass plants with hallucinogenic features.

Saliva Divinorum – Tree of Acknowledgment

Tree of acknowledgment represented as a plant that grows no more
Tree of acknowledgment

Every tree, before everything else, is a plant. Having this in mind, and acknowledging that it is very debatable what people considered for tree and which words were, in ancient languages, used to specifically refer to trees and distinguish them from other plants, we can understand why this one-meter tall plant is more than a good candidate for the tree of acknowledgment. It possesses the strongest natural psychedelic element in its compound. This plant is also known as the sage of the diviners. Located in could forest in Mexico, during times of the new world discovery, it has earned the reputation of guidepost to heaven. Chewing the plant, as well as drinking its tea pushes the consumer in the transient state of strong hallucinations. Experiencing the effects Saliva Divinorum made on their mind already influenced by their conquest of rediscovering heaven, European conquistadors and explorers strode through Amazon forests chasing “the giant Eden trees that moved”.

At first glance, it might seem that this is just another example of natural drugs. However, the answer lies in the past. As it is the case with animals there are many extinct plant species. Some of them were able to cause hallucinations. Therefore, there is a high probability that in these Amazon areas, during ancient times, a gigantic version of Saliva Divinorum existed. It could be the tree of Acknowledgment. In that case, Eden was in Amazon. But what about the tree of life?

Tree of Life and Acknowledgment Could Be One

It is no secret that many hallucinogenic plants have a positive impact when it comes to the question of health. Marijuana is able to cure cancer. Chewing coca leaves is capable of giving and improving strength. Following this, not so undisputable but still existent logic, conclusion implies that this old tree which exists no more, could have been able both to change consciousness and help in recovery.


It is important to note that these are just theories gathered from many sources. Internet, books that were written by professional scientists and explorers as well as theories of creative thinkers.

On the ground, from another side, six looks like nine, but it could just be dirty snake shrinking before a sleep time.

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