Knife Fights In Real Life That Ensued From Video Games

Victims of knife fights triggered by passionate gaming are amongst the mere top of bizarre real-life tragedies that ensued from diving deep into the virtual world. It turns out that murders and frauds can get you killed even if you commit such acts only in video games.

Counter-Strike Vengeance

Counter-Strike Character Holding a Knife

Julien Barreaux was a passionate counter-strike player whose video game character has been killed in one of the virtual knife-fights. For everyone familiar with this game, such an occurrence seems completely normal, and little in number are those who would have assumed that Julien was going to seek vengeance in a real life. Yet, it was exactly what happened. In 2010, Julien spent a full six months in attempts to trackback his foe and eventually achieved to do so. Then, one night, he took a large kitchen knife, went to the house of his enemy, and stabbed him in the chest. Luckily, Michael survived. Julien was caught by the police in a time little below an hour. He admitted his crime stating that he wanted to retaliate to his rival by wiping him out from the face of the earth. He was sentenced on two years in prison and anger management therapies.

Millionaire’s 14-year-old son nearly decapitates friend

Vasya Pop was killed and nearly beheaded by his 15-year-old friend Vasya Turda who invited him to his house for a gaming session. The invitation was motivated by Turda’s desire to share the pleasure of his new gaming software but ended in stabbing Vasya Pop to death. The murder was preceded by the struggle. It all started with a quarrel over the outcome of a video game they were playing on the second floor of the mansion. Turda took a large kitchen knife and stabbed his friend in the neck. Pop attempted to escape with blood pouring out of his neck. According to trails of blood, he did manage to get downstairs to the first floor, where Turda hunted him down and finished the started. Vasya Pop had 27 stab wounds and his body was nearly beheaded. Neck was cut from one ear to another. Ukrainian court sentenced Vasya Turda on less than four years of prison for the murder committed in the heat of passion. The tragedy happened in May 2019. This act was one of the reasons the World Health Organization confirmed that video game addiction is a formal mental disorder.

Kinfefight Over Online Video Game Sword

Sword From World Of Warcraft
Swor From a Video Game

Qiu Chengwei, a gamer from Shangai, killed player Zhu Caoyuan after discovering he had sold a “dragon saber” Qui loaned him. Video game to blame is The Legends of Mir 3. Like many other role-playing games, this one offers a whole virtual world where players can become priests, mages, rogues or warriors, complete quests, get stronger and gain possessions over cool looking and valuable items. After a long time invested in advancing through quests, Qui Chengwei managed to harvest the dragon saber. He decided to loan it to Zhu Caoyuan which eventually sold the item promising to its rightful owner a full refund. However, he prolonged the fulfillment of his obligation. Being unable to cope with his indignations Qui took a knife, tracked Zhu and stabbed hin into the chest. The wound was deadly. This occurrence pointed to a flaw in China’s laws which lacked the part regarding rules of gaming. While the mere mention of gaming laws might seem bizarre, South Korea has a detailed descriptions and rules Judges use to approach cases like these. This is due to a fact that on a monthly basis, millions of dollars are transferred from numerous accounts in order for sales of video game’s virtual items to be concluded. This practice was present for a long period of time but is almost certain that mass scales started with the famous World of Warcraft online role-playing game. The astonishing fact is that some items and characters from the virtual world were sold for more than a million dollars.

Killings Amongst Younglings

In may 2019 in Kansas, shocking news emerged on social media about police taking into custody a 12-year-old boy who, in a jolt of rage invigorated by a video game dispute, threw a knife on his 9-year-old playmate. Luckily, the incident wasn’t fatal and the victim was hospitalized on time to prevent any side effects that might have ensued from the cut. The young boy together with his 13-year-old brother went to their friend’s house for a gaming session. After arriving at their buddy’s residence, they went to the basement and the fun started. However, what promised to be a funny Saturday night almost turned into a massacre. Nagging over outcomes of games turned into a passionate brawl. In one moment, the judgment of 12-year-old got so clouded that he took a knife deposited in one of the boxes and threw it on 9-year-old. The little boy managed to turn so the sharp hit his back limiting damage only to a minor cut. At 10:39 p.m. police received a “stabbing call” and intervened instantaneously. In early Sunday, 12-year-old was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

Girlfriend Sacrificed Because of Video Game

When it comes to knife-fights, a boyfriend who sacrificed his girlfriend while influenced by a video game seems like a peak of twistedness. While this story has a couple of versions, both knives and gaming were involved. Darius Johnson went to Monica’s house. She was playing Xbox when he strode in. They had an argument that turned into a physical quarrel. Darius used an Xbox to beat the conscious out of her and then stabbed her with three different types of knives. After giving a statement to the police it turned out that those knives had a special part for a successful sacrifice. According to Darius, Monica gained possession over his spirit which is why she had to die. Allegedly, his behavior and intentions were enhanced by some unknown video game they played together a couple of times. One of the reasons for his choice to sacrifice Monica was her zodiac sign – Taurus. Darius said that his grandfather was his first choice explaining that the decision to kill his girlfriend prevailed because sacrifice required a worthy opponent.

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