Kids Who Killed Their Parents Over Video Games

The phenomenon of kids killing their parents over video games is not a new occurrence. While there are the opposite cases in which mothers and fathers murder their children, most of the time younger generations are those that push gaming to fatal outcomes.

Halo Daniel – Father Survives Parent Killing Spree

Photograph of Daniel Petric - Teen who killed his mother because of video games
Daniel Petric

Daniel Petric born on August 24, 1991, was 16 years old when he fell in love with the third part of the famous video game Halo. His passion turned into family tragedy when he, just like in the game, literally opened fire on his parents. Aggression ensued from his father confiscating Halo 3 disk. Mother succumbed to the wounds while the father somehow managed to survive and eventually even forgive his son.

Halo 3 xbox
Video game for kill

Luo Feng Hammering – New Year’s Eve

Luo Feng was 13 years old when he was accused of hammering his parents to death. The reason for committing such an act was the prohibition of video games imposed by his parents.

Far From Home – 1900 Kilometers

The tragedy happened on New Year’s eve. Luo Feng engaged in conflict with his mother who refused to give him money for the internet cafe. The boy took a hammer and started hitting his father and mother. After beating them to death Luo took money and father’s documents. The next stop was his firstly intended goal – an internet cafe. Luo took the father’s motorbike to reach it. There he spent around two hours and left. Using his father’s id card Luo Feng purchased a bus ticket and traveled 1900 kilometers from his home in Hengnan county in the central Chinese province of Hunan. However, after two days he was caught and brought to justice.

Headsets Can Lead to Shooting


Matthew Nicholson, a 28-year-old male murdered his mother because of broken headsets for video games. Matthew was in his room playing when he suddenly started shouting and swearing. Mother went to check what is going on and an argument ensued. During the quarrel, in a jolt of rage, the son broke the headsets and was invigorated even more for committing so. He had blamed the mother for his act and started threatening that he is going to kill both of his parents. And precisely that was the outcome of the tragedy. The raging son took the handgun and murdered his parents.

New Delhi Tragedy – Family Annihilation

This is the story of another child who, in addition to killing parents, even took the sister’s life. Suraj alias Sarnam Verma, a 19-year-old male civil engineering student expected to follow his father’s professional steps, killed his father, mother, and sister because of the video game. After committing a crime, he ransacked the house attempting to make it look like a robbery. However, his plan failed and the arrest of the murderer was the final outcome. While being clutched by the hands of law officers Suray alias Sarnam Verma constantly kept repeating: “Please save me from the law.” During the investigation, he showed no signs of remorse. Connecting such an act with the video game ensued from checking his mobile phone and establishing that he was a part of 10 members what’s up group. Those people were his classmates who considered him for a kind of icon. Suraj was renting the apartment where they would go after classes and play video games. As it turned out, he was hooked on some role-playing game and used to play it 12 hours without even going to use the toilet. All of his friends considered him to be decent and quiet but the neighbors claimed they heard his family fight over Suraj’s behavior multiple times.

What Was the Trigger for Killing Spree

Parents prevented Suraj’s intention of flying kite on Independence Day. It was one of the reasons for the rage. Another point that led to his break was a string of objections his parents had about his life-style featured by the lack of interest in education. The father wanted him to supervise the construction of their house. He also felt neglected when comparing himself with his sister. Before stabbing all of the family members to death he behaved normally and even saw photo albums with his parents before going to sleep. He waked up around 3 am. Then, he went to the kitchen, took a knife and stabbed his father multiple times. The husband’s screams waked up his mother. One stab was enough to stop her. After this, he went to his sister’s room and slew the girl piercing through her neck with the edge of the knife. His mother, who was not yet dead, managed to saunter to her girl’s room just to be finished. After killing the mother, Suraj stabbed his sister in the stomach just to make sure his intention was efficiently implemented.

Grandparents Victims

Children affected by video games don’t only kill their parents. They also murder their grandparents. One of these tragedies happened in the Philippines when a 17-year-old teen killed his grandmother. After spending a day playing DOTA, the teen was picked up by his grandma. When they arrived home she started scolding him. In the fit of rage, the teenager murdered her. According to his statements, he wasn’t completely aware of what was going on. The first thing he claimed to remember after being overtaken by the wrath was cleaning the evidence for the crime he committed. He killed her with a vase. Its bloodstained ceramic pieces were found in the garbage. The teen went to his aunt who came back to his home and informed the authorities. In her statement aunt noted that the boy was a victim of mental molestation as his grandmother constantly scolded him while his parents had separate families.

Why Do Murders Over Video Games Happen?

Due to being a usual occurrence, psychological explanations for killings ensuing from video games almost became an independent branch of science. What we can see is that sometimes video games are being used as a way to escape the reality in which children feel neglected. However, enduring emotional damage from loved ones is far from an excuse for committing murders. Yet, the important question remains: “Would these murders take place in the absence of video games?”

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