How to Protect Our Kids On Halloween?

Halloween is the deadliest pedestrian day of the year. It is almost three times more likely for the child to get hit by the car during trick or treating than at any other time. Due to this fact how to protect kids on Halloween became the occupation of many parents in the last few decades. Here is the list of things a parent can do in order to raise the safety level of their younglings:

  • Buy a conspicuously colored costume that glows in dark.
  • Buy a lighting flag that can be attached to a costume and raised high so it could be spotted by drivers and allow them to slow their vehicles on time.
  • Dress in a costume and follow children on their trick-or-treating adventures.
  • Ask for the permission of local governments to close the traffic for a few hours.
  • Hire a neighborhood watch to observe and regulate kids on the streets.
  • Raise awareness of dangers from traffic among children.

Why is Halloween Deadly and How to Decrease Risk?

While having their full focus on acquiring candies, little rascals forget about the environment. They just run across the street from one doorstep to another not thinking about the road or cars passing through. Kids just pop out on the street and drivers, despite not exceeding any speed limitations, simply don’t have enough time to break. Over the course of the last 20 years, Halloween has taken more than a hundred children’s lives. However, death isn’t lurking only from traffic. Abductions are also present as well as neighbors attacking kids who suddenly step on their property.

Conspicuous Halloween Costume to Protect Your Child

Wearing a conspicuous costume will make your child visible a mile away. When combined with public appeals for drivers to keep speed under control, the safety of your little rascal is going to rapidly increase. The good thing about this solution is that children love to glow. And led masks and glowing costumes are plenty in numbers.

Butterfly Wings Costume is a perfect match for your needs.

It won’t be hard to persuade your youngling to dress such an outfit. Still, your kid might be a fan of a character that doesn’t glow. In that case, you have two solutions:

  • Manipulate him into glorifying someone who does.
  • Add some glowing objects as an extension to the outfit your child wants to wear

Halloween Safety Manipulation

You can induce your child to glorify a character that glows. A few weeks before Halloween you could let him watch Shazam for example. This guy is hilarious and has a lighting thunder on his chest.

Improve Costume With Glowing Artifacts

If manipulation doesn’t work, or you want to be a completely honest parent, you can just add some glowing objects as an extension to the outfit your child wants to wear. Let’s take witches for example. They are the most common costumes. A black robe with a hat is not something visible, especially in the night. But it is a perfect match for Wizard staff. With the idea that stuff improves its magic abilities, your kid will carry it proudly and remain protected. Led masks can also do great work. And the scythe of the Grim Reaper which is another popular costume can be made to glow.

However, if that doesn’t work and your child insists on being Spider-man, batman, or some other superhero which is not known for its lighting features you can try with bicycle flags for trousers.

Kid getting Spider-Man Mask for Halloween
Kid Getting Spider-Man Mask For Halloween

Bicycle Flags for Trousers

If you want to let your kids enjoy the full potential of Halloween and efficiently protect them from accidents, then using some kind of lighting flags is also a good solution. Such items can be tricky to make at home. You need a tall elastic stick, little tape, glue, and a red lamp. Other colors such as chartreuse or yellow are also an acceptable choice. You need to attach the lamp on one side of the stick. You can do it with glue and tape. Another side of the stick needs to be adjusted to hold the lamp high. It is best to set it through costume pants as the area of belt is always firm and can be used as a foundation for the stick. Still, this isn’t a perfect solution as sticks can always break or fall if not attached well. But there is still a way to make a Halloween safe for your beloved ones.

Parents Join Trick or Treating

Mother trick or treating with her Child
Mother Trick or Treating With Her Child

One of the parents per party of kids that are trick-or-treating together could buy a costume and follow children on their quest of acquiring candies. Supervision of a mature person is the best safety measure that can be implemented. And this is not only when it comes to traffic but the abductions as well. Yet, nothing goes without a price. Parents will block children from being relaxed and enjoying to their fullest potential. Especially the kid whose mother or father received the duty of a watchful eye. Remember yourself when you were younger. How would you feel if you were a kid playing with your mates while your parents are following you from a few feet behind? Of course, lives are more important than convenience. Parents that follow kids should avoid criticizing them too much. This especially applies to their own child. But this can bring a lot of headaches.

In some cases, there might be a solution even for this. Especially if you live in a little neighborhood with small streets with little traffic.

Block the Streets

If you live in a small street with little traffic you could ask your municipality for permission to block the entrance for all vehicles for a time period of a few hours. If you start with a petition on time and get enough signatures it is very likely that approval will be granted. In the absence of cars, the risk of fatality due to car accidents is reduced to none. Then you can take a few hours for yourself while kids run freely across the streets and acquire candies and make tricks to those who omit to treat them.

However, you might be in a situation of your kid not wanting a glowing costume, flag, you following him, and not being able to stop the traffic. There is still a solution. You can form or hire a neighborhood watch.

Halloween Neighborhood Watch

If you as parents can’t organize and do it, you could hire a licensed group of people to stand at street corners and notify drivers that kids are sprawling around. This will greatly decrease chances for accidents and help your kids safely gather trick-or-treating memories.

Children Traffic Awareness

While we have listed multiple solutions there is one step you as a parent should do anyway. That is putting emphasis on caution your child must have when walking across the street. While this might seem obvious, as Halloween draws near, it would be good for you to sit with your kid, and have a conversation or watch some educational movie about how should a pedestrian behave on the street. This is due to a fact that most accidents happen because children dive too deep into trick or treating and forget where they are. If you would manage to integrate street as a red zone in your child’s mind, then his/her perceptive reflex would always turn the caution on when going across the road from one house to another.

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again is an excellent choice to educate your child.

Halloween Abductions

Girl who got lost on Halloween and is in danger of getting kidnapped
A girl who got lost on Halloween and is in danger of getting kidnapped

When you add abduction to traffic, Halloween becomes a real nightmare for some parents. People have even developed Samhainophobia. It is the condition of having an extreme fear of Halloween. The good news is that there are no notable spikes on Halloween when it comes to abductions. But the sad reality remains the same as every 40 seconds a child gets kidnapped in the U.S. Having an adult present or hiring neighborhood watch are the best solutions to prevent kidnappers from taking your kids away.

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