How Much Time Did the Longest Male Masturbation Last? World Record

Ten hours is the answer to how long can male masturbation last. This is also a world record established by masturbation champion Masanobu Sato from Tokyo.

What is Masturbation Championship?

Championship in masturbation is competition in which all of the contestants attempt to be the last man masturbating. One of the most prominent competitions of this kind is annually held in San Francisco and is called Masturbate-a-thon.

Who Is the Record Holder In Masturbation Marathon?

Masanobu Sato - Masturbation World Champion

Masanobu Sato, a male from Tokyo, currently holds the record in the longest run ever achieving an incredible ten hours. He lives with his girlfriend who supports him and sometimes even helps him during his trainings. Sato says that no champion earned his skill overnight. He practices every day. When he wakes up, Sato engages in a two-hours long session. Most of the time his girlfriend is present. However, she minds her own business occasionally helping him by starting and monitoring stopwatch. According to Sato, his avocation that became a profession ensued from his girlfriend not being interested in sex at all. It is only a few times a year that she accepts to have penetrating intercourse. That is why, in order to release himself from the tension of urges, he resorted to masturbation.

How Sato Prepares for Competition?

His two-hour morning routine is just a little part of the preparation process. In order to preserve what is called a marathon erection, contenders need additional stimulations. That is why his store is full of movies and toys that are used to prolong erection. Practice even takes him outside the house. He swims two times a week which helped him to augment his body for 5kg of muscles. This helped him improve stamina. However, balance is everything. It is of the highest importance to master the maneuvering of erection points. It means that competitors capable of figuring when to increase and decrease pace in order to avoid ejaculation or dropping down are in possession of great advantage.

Masturbate-a-thon Crowd and Judges

As every professional competition, this event too has crowds and judges. Most of the spectators are males but females as well show eagerness to attend the event which is held in San Francisco annually. An interesting addition to everything stated is that this is a charity event that, at the end of the 20th century gathered and donated 25 000$ to medical centers focused on fighting HIV and breast cancer.

Competition in Multiple Disciplines


Masturbate-a-thon is competition featured by multiple disciplines. Attempting to achieve the longest masturbation is only one of them. There is also a competition for the number of climaxes. The number of male and female orgasms reaches an astonishing 83. As for the question of the longest ejaculation shoot, the seed of Flint Greasewood flew 5 feet and 4 inches before reaching the ground.

Interesting Facts Regarding Masturbation Marathons

Naturally, when it comes to men, a person would think that during this kind of marathon they hold their penis in the hand all of the time. However, that is not a must. Since contestants are allowed to use helping tools such as movies or toys, the only important thing is to use a self-pleasuring method which will allow the erection to last. As for the judges, they walk around the venue and observe how contestants are doing. Sometimes, according to their job description, they must touch penises to check if erection went below the lower level established by the rules.

How Did Sato Manage to Sustain his Erection For 10 Hours?

When Sato was asked to explain his incredible achievement he claimed that the bases of his success are good DNA and rich imagination. Lubricants to prevent rushes are also among the necessities. Another important factor was having Tenga’s products at his disposal.

What is Tenga?

Tenga is a Japanese brand of male masturbation aids by the company of the same name. Masturbation tools, lubricants, and other related products are sold under their symbol. The company’s masturbators distinguished themselves through special design aesthetics which is very unusual when it comes to sex toys. For that, the company has received an industrial design award.

Importance of Toys

Toys as instruments for stimulating erections are of high importance. It is the reason Sato says he couldn’t achieve triumph without using them. Toys provide a variety of sensation which is the only possible way of keeping the erection for so long.

List of the Weirdest Sex Records

Besides already mentioned disciplines encompassed by the Masturbate-a-thon event, there are many more branches when it comes to sexual competitions. Yet, one of the most intriguing ones is there to answer the famous question of how many orgasms can a person have within a single hour?

What is the Biggest Number of Orgasms Achieved in one Hour?

While most of the people are capable of having one to two, and in the rarest of cases, three ejaculations within the time range of 60 minutes, record holders for this have exceeded those numbers by far. The Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California is the institution that focused on exploring this topic. During one of their researches, scientists have recorded the case of one woman who endured 134 orgasms in a single hour. When it comes to mails, the digit goes way down and is only 16.

How Long Masturbation Affects Life?

How regular masturbation affects life is one question while the topic of the onanism marathon is something completely different. First of all, there is a possibility of losing the ability to engage in penetrative sexual intercourse. When getting used to one way of achieving sexual satisfaction change might result in an inability to preserve the erection. While this disorder can be treated it may take a long time before individuals prone to finding pleasure in palm become capable of doing it with penetration. The same applies to women. However, if using toys too much, females may raise their standards too high. Especially if its usage is part of long self-pleasuring. Another possible impact of long masturbation is the constant feeling of high exhaustion. If that feeling continues in the long run, it may even lead to depression and, in the rarest cases, suicide. However, everything stated is related to psychology. Professional masturbation as well as recreational provided science with no pieces of evidence that there are any physical harms. Besides possible rushes prevented with lubricants, the result is the same, releasement of the stress and tension.

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