Halloween Book Special 2020: Suing God

Halloween Book Special 2020 is all about suing God. Seymour, a history professor who had it enough, decides to hire a lawyer and press charges against no more no less but the Creator himself. Everyone is convinced that he is going to lose but the chosen historian has one crucial piece of evidence no defense can neglect.

Black Friday Halloween Special: Suing God

This brand new parody is perceived as the perfect depiction of modern civilization and human relations with the higher force. Seymour is the name of the protagonist of the story. He is a 40-year-old virgin living with his compulsive mother. Seymour teaches history in neighborhood high-school and feels like life owes him a lot. In his decision to sue God he does not stand alone as both Bible and fairy tale characters such as Eve, Adam, leprechauns and others are going to gather around him and try to bring the Lord to justice. Even the Red Hood has had it enough of carrying a basket with cookies for her grandmother and wants some kind of compensation. As for the day to hire the lawyer and press charges, Seymour has chosen incoming Black Friday that is expected to be the greatest shopping day in the history of the world. Shopping malls announced that products are even going to be given for free. Due to that circumstance, people made camps in front of the mals a few months in advance. In this chaotic state that overflowed the U.S, Halloween night becomes the turning point in which, the world as we know it might come to an end.

Today, with us, we have the author of Black Friday Halloween Special who was kind enough to answer on few of our questions?

Author: Nikola Misovic

Penname: Mr. W

What Black Friday Has to Do With Halloween?

The mere title of your parody is already a question. Let’s start with the connection of these two days. What is common to Black Friday and Halloween?

Somehow, at the end of the day, everything ends with an outcome that, in some way, includes shopping. Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas… Just name it. After looking at the numbers that are being spent on costumes it seems like Black Friday masked itself into Halloween just to induce people on consumption. Christmas is no better either. The same applies to Easter. Yet, I am not here to criticize consumerism societies. Just to make fun of them. For that, it is enough to say that Halloween and Black Friday share the same mother. As for the father… (Laughing) What is common to both of these days, besides mad shopping and swirls, is that they both have dark histories.

Why is God Being Sued? Again

As you know, I am not the first to initiate a law campaign aiming to bring God in the courtroom and put Him on trials. If you ask me why, this time, it is for everything. After all, God made his first kids go naked and become husband and wife. And, without having any approvals, he cloned Eve from Adam’s rib. This is a joke of course, but every joke has a portion of truth in it. Being omnipotent and capable to stop so many tragedies, and still doing nothing, and observing all that bloodshed and suffering makes Him an accomplice. And that is something God should answer for, if nowhere else, then at least in Black Friday Halloween Special. In the story, there are multiple reasons. Red Hood is angry because she hurt her spine from hauling basket with cookies. Eve feels a certain kind of indignation when it comes to female gender and the way ladies are being treated. Giants are also angry for God making such big things of something that isn’t even real… With all those characters claiming their legal rights to press charges we have a real collision of perceptions that threatens to turn into a new Big Bang.

Are We Going to See God in Front of Judge and a Jury?

Answering such a question would be a spoiler. What, however, I can tell you is that we are going to go all the way to heaven and back.

What is the Piece of Evidence?

Spoiler alert again. But we talk about something very small. The crucial proof is so small that is actually being held in a little red box in the protagonist’s pocket.

What Inspired you To Write This Novel?

It was toilet paper fights when the COVID-19 pandemic started. I know it might sound strange, but at the moment, it seemed to me that the whole planet was and still is one big madhouse. People behaved like scared children in the kitten-garden. Governments and officials were no better either. The raw truth that remains is that no one knew what was really happening. There was no segment of society capable of preserving authority. From such circumstances, the collision of perceptions ensued. Everyone grabbed according to their own beliefs which would, in its embodiment, produce an event similar to Halloween. But much more versatile and dangerous. Some claim God sent COVID-19, others believe it was nature, while the third party blames labs and pharmaceutical cartels. To make it even better this is not the case only with regular people. Experts are almost equally redistributed when elaborating on the question of virus origins. And of course, as I already said, everything ends with shopping madness. And Black Friday is the crown of it all.

It is natural to be frightened when a certain way of life gets hit by what seems to be thunder from the sky. And fear is the best muse for both tragedies and comedies. Yet the measure in which we were used to living in a certain manner turned to be an addiction. Just a little request to change behavior and keep our movements limited caused chaos in many parts of the world and almost exterminated common sense.

What is the Dark History of Halloween and Black Friday?

You said that both Black Friday and Halloween share dark histories. What did you mean by that?

Halloween’s dark history is related to the ancient Celtic festival and their new year’s eve. Black Friday, as the commercial extension of Thanksgiving and the greatest shopping day, has its origins in the old times as well. And they were very dark indeed. Rumors about slavery don’t circulate for anything. But let’s keep it to Halloween this time and for now, avoid the incoming Black Friday slavery controversy. Samhain was the old festival featured by masked people dancing around bonfires. Animal furs and crops were thrown into the flames to appease the dead and grant visions to shamans. As it is the case with many myths and fairy tales, the church modified it and converted it into another Christian tradition. Form there, it was additionally modified by Irish folklore and with the Irish migrations to the New World, Halloween received foundations to become one of the most popular holidays in the whole planet. Still, while putting on costumes and carving pumpkins, only a little portion of people know the real story behind the funny tradition. Why do we carve pumpkins on Halloween does not matter because glowing Jack-o-lanterns look cool. And of course, because everyone else is doing it. And it is pretty much the main reason for most of the things people chose to do in our civilization which is exactly one of the main engines of the book.

Why Mr.W?

Your pen name is Mr. W. Can you tell us what does it mean and why have you chosen it?

Mr. W means Mister World. I picked it because it perfectly depicts my muse – the humanity on earth. And of course, because it sounds cool. After all, I am part of this civilization and I had to adopt some behavioral patterns.

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