Facts About Little Prince

We all know the name of Little Prince but little in numbers are those who know the proceeding facts about the boy and his writer.

Little Prince Was Inspired By A Plane Crash

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the writer of the little prince, started flying in the military and lived through his first wracking of a plane when he was younger than 25. However, the crash that most likely inspired Antoine to write the little prince occurred on 30 December 1935 while he was attempting to break the speed record in the Paris-to-Saigon air race and win the prize of 150 000 francis. He and his mechanic-navigator Andre Prevot had miraculously survived but have faced a shortage of supplies followed by dehydration and hallucinations. After the second day, they have even stopped sweating. On the fourth day, a Bedouin on camel stumbled upon them and administered the native rehydration treatment that saved their lives.

Antoine’s Brother Francois Inspired Climactic Ending

Francois was Antoine’s brother who died from rheumatic fever when he was just 15 years old. One of the last words of Antoine’s dying brother was, “Don’t worry. I am alright. I can’t help it. It’s my body.” The concept of his last words can be seen in the ending of the book when the little prince decides to allow the snake to bite him so he could release himself from his heavy body and go back to where he came from.

Little Prince As Jesus Christ

Some people even perceive the little prince as Jesus Christ. The first reason for this is that child is sin-free. Another is that the little prince believes in life after death. An additional interesting point is that the little prince travels over seven planets. According to Christianity seven is the perfect number. When added to the places he visited, his planet increases that number to eight which is the symbol of infinity.

Meaning Behind Characters

Almost every character from the little prince was inspired by some real-life person or experience Antoine de Saint-Exupery had. Sheep for example was inspired by his friend’s poodle. Baobabs are metaphors for Nazism that threatened to corrupt and destroy the world. Fox is inspired by Antoine’s encounter with desert fox during his harshest plane crash in the Sahra desert. The muse for the rose was his Salvadorian wife Consuelo Suncin de Sandoval. She was the woman to who Antoine opened his whole heart. Consuelo had asthma which is why the beloved rose from the little prince is presented as being so fragile and is coughing so often. The little prince’s encounter with fields of roses symbolizes the writer’s infidelity in a marriage. The encounter with the fox is there to provide readers with his understanding that Consuelo is his real and true love. Volcanos on the planet of the little prince were also inspired by real volcanos that could be seen from the hometown of his Salvadorian wife.

Little Mermaid

While there are many assumptions on what inspired the little prince one of the most prominent theories is that it was the Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Andersen. In 1940 Exupery was in the hospital due to his injuries from numerous plane crashes. He was bored and his friend read the Little Mermaid to him which induce him to think about writing fairy tales of his own.

Little Prince Vs Mary Poppins

Antoine de Saint-Exupery started writing the little prince in the late spring of 1942 after the writer came back from Quebec City where he spent several weeks of vacation. However, those weeks were full of illness and stress. Hoping it was going to help Antoine get better, the French wife of one of his publishers persuaded him to write the book for kids. But another reason for that was for Mary Poppins to get a competition. Saint Exupery both wrote and illustrated the little prince all by himself. He left the manuscript in his friend’s home as a pile of crumpled papers.

Little Prince Was Banned

Following the German invasion of France, Saint Exupery flew Bloch MB.174. After the French armistice with Germany, Vichy Regime demobilized Exupery and banned all of his literary work. He had an option of fighting with Free French Forces but he had a very low opinion of it and their general Charles de Gaulle. It is why he went into exile in North America in an attempt to help in persuading the U.S. government to enter the conflict against Nazis. The little prince was published in 1943 in the U.S. in both French and English languages. However, the writer never lived to see the ban lifted in his home country. On July 31st, 1944 Antoine de Saint-Exupery flew to his last reconnaissance mission and never returned. His mission was to collect intelligence on German troops around the rhone valley. The ban was only lifted after the liberation of France but the Antoine was long gone.

One of the Main Characters From Little Prince Is Not Depicted

While the little prince is definitely the core of the book pilot could be held as a protagonist. But he is not depicted in the book. However, in 2014 in an exhibit of the Morgan Library Exupery’s unpublished drawings were depicted. One of them was of a pilot sleeping next to his plane.

Exupery Collaborated With Nazis?

Charles de Gaulle, the leader of Free French Forces publicly slandered the writer’s name openly accusing him of collaborating with Nazis. Antoine was a sworn enemy of Nazism and those accusations had a strong effect on him. He started drinking severely. And his depression ensuing from health issues rapidly increased. His mental state even triggered the stories in the military that he should be banned from flying. Some people discuss that his mental health could be the answer to what happened with Antoine on his last flight. It is not impossible that he intentionally wrecked his plane into the sea. The theory is supported by the fact that the real prince is one book full of sadness that indicates the writer’s state of mind.

Irresponsible Pilot

Antoine de Saint-Exupery is remembered as a very irresponsible pilot. He was known for his habit to read and write while flying. His cockpits were full of crumpled pieces of paper with his thoughts written all over it. And it was not a rare occasion that he would even refuse to land his plane before finishing the books he would start reading. From this ensues the assumption that Exupery accidentally lost control over his plane and crashed into the sea. To make this assumption even stronger, on his last mission Antoine was flying in P38 Lightning which was an aircraft much more sophisticated than the ones he got used to. Another theory suggests he was downed by some of the Luftwaffe pilots who flew in the area of his last mission.

The Little Prince Was Translated In More Than 300 Languages

The little prince was translated in more than 300 languages and had become the most translated and sold non-religious literary piece of work. The book is also considered to be an excellent choice for translation into small and endangered languages. In 2005, the little prince was translated into an Amerindian language of northern Argentina called Toba. To make a point we need to mention that the only other book ever translated into Toba was the Bible.

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