Covid-19 Madest Conspiracy Theories: Bizarre and Hilarious

Besides toilet paper fights and many other things, COVID-19 inspired some of the maddest conspiracy theories ever.

Corona-virus as Cover For Using Climate Weapons

Sun Making Warm Weather

As you most probably know, at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic experts believed that warmer time was going to help in reducing virus rapid spreading. Therefore, the whole planet impatiently waited for the summer. During the time of expectations, another COVID-19 related conspiracy theory emerged. After summer proves to be useful but still not long enough to defeat COVID-19, states are going to use that circumstance as an excuse to activate climate weapons. They will say that the artificial creation of warm weather is a necessity to permanently exterminate the virus. All of that was supposed to lead to a catastrophe in the form of the new flood. Icebergs would melt and rising sea level would drown most of the world. Officially, some malfunction was going to be blamed but behind the curtains, it would only be the final phase of the scenario that would usher the way to new world order.

Toilet Paper Cartels

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

As we said, the emergence of COVID-19 was responsible for many of the toilet paper fights. Sales of this anal-hygiene product went sky-high when curfews first started. This induced certain groups of thinkers to provide the assumption that the anal-hygiene industry is the one that secretly funded the artificial development of the virus. The goal was, of course, inducing people into making supplies and gaining the upper hand over the weakened economy.

Tobacco Companies Made Corona

At first, daily smoking was perceived as a risk factor for developing more severe symptoms for COVID-19. However, later researches proved exactly the opposite. A sectional study in COVID-19 related to out and inpatients strongly suggests that daily smokers have a lower probability of developing symptomatic or severe COVID-19 infection than the general population. However, the protective effect of smoking on the risk of getting COVID-19 is a theory that is yet to be established before it can be presented as a fact. But one thing is indisputable – low current smoker rate within infected patients. If this hypothesis would be confirmed business of tobacco companies would not jump to the sky but space as the number of smokers would increase even more. Conspiracy theorists believe that in the near future smoking is going to get established as a protective factor and therefore allow the tobacco industry to become an unambiguous crown of the world’s economy. It is why they funded the project of creating the virus.

Woman Taking Over – Feminist Movements Created COVID-19

This might be the most bizarre theory yet. Allegedly, feminist movements are behind everything. They funded the creation of the virus in order to produce the curfews. The reason for that was to make couples and families spend more time together and cause an increase in family violence. This would provide the base for mass pressing charges against men. And all of that was to be implemented in order to weaken the position of the opposite gender and grew women’s rights stronger all across the globe.

Ugly People Are the True Cause of COVID-19

Having to wear masks across the face eliminates the attribute of beauty people are used to live with. To some, this seems like a very fortunate circumstance for ugly people. Especially to those who became over frustrated with their outer appearance. Actually, it is so fortunate that it is assumed they are behind everything. Their goal is to eliminate the beauty factor from human lives. To achieve so, their efforts are invested in creating something(COVID-19) that will force people to permanently cover their faces. Having masks become part of schools and even kindergarten proves that they are on a good way to achieve their goal. But it doesn’t end there. The virus started everything yet vaccines are going to finish it. They will modify human genes in a way that all newborn babies are going to have malformed faces and bring an end to the beauty once and for all.

Nazis From The Moon Produced Corona

The Nazi Base is Somewhere on the Moon
The Nazi Base is Somewhere on the Moon

Some people just can’t let Hitler go. It is why they believe that the virus came to us from the moon. And it was made in nor more nor less but the Nazi lab built during the second world war. The goal was to cause chaos in the world and then descend from the sky and resurrect the ideology that will offer salvation to the world. Or at least part of it. Iron discipline and death camps to those who oppose are going to be the ensuing consequence. But their focus of pressure will be set on Israel and India. Nazis will blame Jews for funding the virus before the attack. The poverty, indiscipline and uncontrolled reproduction of people living in India are going to be reasons for the extermination of their people and country. Everything stated, in a form of science fiction movie, is going to happen after vaccine which will not be able to protect people from COVID-19. Instead, the vaccines are going to produce mass deaths because of special virus design no one has yet managed to comprehend. People of the world will lose that little fate they have left in their governments and Nazis will seem like salvation.

COVID-19 Is Not Real

Despite hundreds of thousands of people losing their lives some people still believe or better to say don’t believe in COVID-19. They claim that virus doesn’t really exist. The story is made up by world governments that implement the agenda of secret societies and want to stripe off freedom from people and establish the new world order. Luckily for all, as time passes, more and more individuals who thought this way start to realize that the virus is real and take all measures of precaution.

Crab People – South Park Did It

Some people just take South Park show way too seriously. And actually believe that Crab People are real and live below the surface of the earth. Form there, they constantly attempt to mess up our lives so they can reconquer the planet’s surface. But they did not create COVID-19. The virus is nature’s doing. However, they did integrate their agents in the process of creating a vaccine that is going to exterminate most of humanity.

Honorable Mentions

These listed theories are some of the most bizarre explanations for COVID-19 we have heard for so far. They are based on a little glimpse of logic on which imagination builds its story as it pleases. It is important to note that theories such as those that speak of reducing the population to a golden billion or reptile aliens disguised in the rich people were not mentioned due to their logic which very much exceeds assumptions we have spoken of so far.

The proceeding is the list of culprits of conspiracy theories of similar bizarre nature:

  • Book Store owners funded the creation of the virus so people would get back to reading.
  • The Scientific elite secretly organized the creation of the virus in order to gain leadership over the world after the production of vaccines.
  • Aliens sent it to exterminate human beings.
  • Devil created the virus to demolish humanity.
  • God created the virus to punish humanity.
  • God created COVID-19 to induce humanity to become better.
  • Global warming caused processes in nature that resulted in a new virus.

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