Boyfriend Who Sacrificed Girlfriend to Please the Deity From Video Games

There are many bizarre tragedies that ensue from diving deep into the virtual world. Kids killing their parents, as well as mothers and fathers murdering their offsprings, are all occurrences related to passionate gaming, but it seems that the boyfriend who sacrificed his girlfriend to please the deity from a video game had risen twistedness to a whole new level.

Easter Sunday Tragedy

Darius Johnson who sacrificed his girlfriend because of video game.
Darius Johnson

Darius Johnson, a 22-year-old-male from Florida murdered his girlfriend Monica to fulfill sacrificing ritual and please the deity from video-game they played.

The murder took place on Easter Sunday on April 2, 2013. In the report, police had stated that they found the house door opened and a trail of blood leading to the bedroom. There, Monika’s body was found. She had multiple stab wounds all across her back, chin, neck, and stomach. The broken Xbox laid next to her corpse. In addition, there were three different bloody knives. It turned out that every one of them had a special meaning since the murder turned out to be a sacrifice.

Resurrection Day Sacrifice

Darius claimed that he committed murder for the sake of both him and his girlfriend. According to his story, Monica’s corrupted spirit had gotten inside his body in an attempt to establish complete control over his spirit. She had to be killed in order for the higher forces to be satisfied which was, it seemed, one of the quests present in the video game they were playing. As for the multiple stab wounds, Darius said that Monica just wouldn’t die and that three types of knives were required in order to end her life. What seemed unexplainable at first is the fact that on Monica’s arms, there were no defensive wounds. When puzzles were put the right way it was established that the boyfriend used Xbox to beat the conscious out of her. An additional reason for committing murder was the victim’s zodiac sign.

Monica - an art student and a victim of sacrificial murder who was beaten to death with Xbox

Victim Choice Criteria – Taurus Zodiac Sign

While giving a statement to police, besides saying that she wouldn’t die, Darius claimed that the battle two of them fought was fearsome. Going deeper into the description, the highly delusional male said that he fought her like a dragon. The reason for having to kill her was Monica’s zodiac sign. She was Taurus, but so was his grandfather who Darius targeted one whole month earlier.

Why Did Darius Choose Monica?

The natural question is why did Darius choose Monica over his grandfather? He explained that at first, he intended to kill grandpa. His mind was changed because the old man was weak and incapable of being considered for a worthy opponent. On the other hand, Monica was young and strong.

Attempt to Prolong Killing Spree

After stabbing Monica, Darius’s mission to please virtual gods did not end. He went to the nearby apartment building and attacked a complete stranger. The new victim was an elderly woman who was saved by her nephew. During the struggle, the nephew managed to stab Darius and keep him confined until the police arrived.

Another Version of the Story

According to another version of the story, the gaming itself had nothing to do with the tragedy. The culprit can be found in astrology. As it was already mentioned, Darius sought to spill the blood of those with the Taurus zodiac sign. In order to better understand the nature of the tragedy, it is necessary to gather info on how ancient astrology observed the cosmic ox. We need that knowledge because the ancient rites were featured by human sacrifices. Therefore, they are capable of providing us a deeper dive into Darius’s consciousness where the answer is hidden.

How Taurus Sign Was Observed by an Ancient Astrology?

Taurus is one of the celestial signs known for its ambition and hedonism. This cosmic ox is ruled by the Venus – planet that governs love, beauty, and money. Taurus is the first zodiac sign established amongst the Ancient Mesopotamians. They referred to it as the great bull of heaven which was most probably caused by the existence of Taurus constellation. Also known as the constellation of bull, among the starts, Taurus is preparing to charge on the great hunter Orion. Besides being the first established sign, due to its position in the sky, Taurus is also a representation of struggle. This explains Darius’s choice to kill Monica instead of his grandfather. The weak old man was no challenge. However, by what criteria was a woman a worthy opponent to a man in a matter of physical conflict?

Brief Story Of Orion

Taking into consideration the fact that Darius was deeply twisted, it is very possible that he identified himself as a representation of the great hunter. The bull sign made him feel jeopardized. In addition, according to some stories, Orion was killed by his love, the Greek goddess of the hunt. He might have thought that the same fate will happen to him as he stated that his girlfriend gained control over his spirit. Fearing her might have been one of the reasons for murder. However, there is the question of sacrifice.

Orion fighting bull amongst starts
Orion Constellation

Old Gods and Human Sacrifices

Old Sumerians, ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures, as well as the old Greek, were, besides many other things, known for their observation of the starts and sacrificial rituals. Although traces of cases like these are obscure, in various ways, through rites, human lives were given to please the gods. Usually, virgins were the ones to be given as a sacrifice, but besides purity, in some places, the zodiac sign played an important role in the process of choosing the victim. Taurus, as the first established sign, had to have great importance, and therefore, big significance in the sacrifices. Darius knew this and decided that Monica was the perfect match. Which deity or force did he want to please remains unknown.


When this murder happened, it was classified as a gaming tragedy. However, it is not so likely that the video game was the only cause of this murder. Still, this was the first time an Xbox was used as a weapon. In addition, there is a high probability that Monica played games when Darius interrupted her. She got mad which invigorated Darius’s rage whose intentions strengthened additionally. He took the Xbox and beat her until she lost consciousness. The rest was already spoken of.

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