Why Is Golden Billion Conspiracy Theory A Complete Nonsense?

Many conspiracy theories share the famous term golden billion which is used to describe the final goal of the material elite. We speak of course about reducing the population to a single billion that will be subjected to absolute control of the new world order. Coronavirus only enhanced assumption and claims that the artificially made virus is only an introduction to depopulation ahead of us. However, there is one golden reason that explains why Golden Billion Conspiracy Theories are complete nonsense.

Overpopulation Is The Foundation of Cheap Labor Market

Cheap Labor

Cheap Labor

From the beginning of human history, the incredible wealth and power of individuals and small groups of people were based on nothing else but cheap labor. The first kind of cheap labor known to mankind were slaves. The cost of their maintenance was equal to the food they had to eat in order to survive and have the strength to do the required work plus the clothes reduced to almost worthless sacks with holes. After more than five thousand years the Civil War brought an end to slavery and shanked the foundations of absolutism all across the world. However, the concept didn’t change. Great wealth was still concentrated in a few small groups of people that remained in control over the wealthiest corporations. It is because the number of poor people in the subjected social position remained incredibly high. In more simple words, overpopulation is the last line of defense between the wealthy lord and societies of equal or at least fair chances.

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How Does Overpopulation Preserves Absolutism?

There are multiple ways in which overpopulation preserves the concept of absolutism:

  • Cheap labor is replaceable as there are many people willing to work for nothing more but survival (Africa, India, China as well as many other countries).
  • Cheap labor has a nature of chain.
  • Cheap labor is poisoned by life philosophies opposed to prosperity.

Cheap Labour Is Replaceable

Slaves weren’t slaves out of their goodwill. They had been forcefully reduced to that position. One of the reasons for lords of the dark era being able to be brutal and even kill slaves to demonstrate power was their capability to easily replace their servants for a cheap price. Let’s take the Atlantic slave trade for example. When they came to Africa Europeans were military superior which made the old continent an inexhaustible source of cheap labor. Centuries later, after freedom became a birth-right the lower-income population became a substitute for slaves and therefore turned into the new foundation for the wealth of high classes. The reason for this is overpopulation. It’s very simple.

If John refuses to go on a ship and work incredibly hard all day and night for 1200$ dollars Jack will accept it. If Jack refuses Adonis from Filipino is going to accept it. As for John and Jack, they have options to become beggars, criminals, or starve to death. However, there aren’t only John, Jack, and Adonis but billions of people living on the hook of hard underpaid work that keeps them away from being homeless and without food. To make things even worse, in some third world countries 1200$ dollars a month is actually 10$ a year. And all of it is caused by having so many poor people who allow companies to have plenty of choices when it comes to cheap labor. Depopulation would reduce the mere foundations of wealth. Because that golden billion could mean that people like John and Jack would be the end of choice and therefore in charge of negotiating their price.

Cheap Labor Chain

African Man Mines Gold In River

African Man Mines Gold In River

One of the main features of the price on the labor market is that it functions as a chain. And a chain is strong only as its weakest link. Let’s assume that John and Jack made a deal not to accept work on a touristic cruiser for less than 3000$ per month. And they have even managed to persuade Adonis not to accept anything less. Joshua from Gana might be the one to accept a lower price and by doing so enforce a lower salary for the rest of the potential workers who agreed to keep their price up. We already elaborated this in the previous section. But we haven’t explicitly mentioned that the weak links hold the biggest value for the material elite. When people speak of the golden billion they usually propose that poor people are going to be victims of depopulation. However, what they omit to analyze is the fact that if you strip the chain of weak links it is not going to be easy to break it anymore. And John and Jack aren’t such great material for building empires as they want their fair share. This is the place where the question of perceiving life enters the game.

Poisonous Life Philosophies

The cheap labor market is not preserved through the force or some other kind of superiority present in people that belong to the privileged class. It is made and maintained through poisonous life philosophies that develop people into individuals featured by a lack of ambition, rationalism, bravery, and discipline.

Lack of Ambition

The truth is that most people don’t have ambition. They might speak of their great wishes but little in number are those ready to make sacrifices. And for individuals who aren’t constantly trying to improve themselves and reach their goals the best they can hope for is stagnation. Fears and laziness are usually the foundations of accepting things as they are. To make things even worse, such mindsets are enhanced by many religions who speak of modesty in a positive manner. And modesty is a very debatable and paradoxical quality but let’s omit philosophy this time. If little is enough and if people are thought to be satisfied with what they have rather than grind forward there is hardly going to be any change. And that’s what many religions say – little is enough. When that attitude becomes part of life philosophies on a mass scale the cheap labor market has a bright future. And there is not going to be any prosperity amongst the poor. But there aren’t going to be any revolutions either. As for where is modesty there is usually submissiveness present. Another important thing is that accepting life philosophies that promote status-quo is usually a great excuse for avoiding going out of the comfort zones and facing fear as well as overcoming laziness.

Lack of Rationalism – Fear and Over-Reproduction

Consequences of poor people reproducing too much

Consequences of poor people reproducing too much

People that cheap labor is consisted of usually believe that risk is something to be avoided at all cost. No business investments and no innovation. Because there is a big possibility to fail. However, what they omit to see due to their lack of rationalism is that the greatest risk of failure is not to try. Especially in modern times when no job is secure. One day you might be an employee but already tomorrow you can be jobless. Still, there is no question that making your way from the mere bottom to top is very hard.

Another problem that is even more important is over-reproduction. In the poorest parts of the world such as India and Africa you are going to see that almost every family has 5+ family members. They go up to 10, 15 and sometimes even more… The right question is, if people don’t have money for themselves and barely manage to survive, why do they make families with so many members? The answer is easy – low consciousness. When you add religions that enhance such acts saying that poverty should not prevent people from making families high in number, then you have true heaven for the material elite that aims to exploit cheap labor force.

Schools are to Blame For the Lack of Bravery, Discipline, and Bad Direction

Other things lacking are bravery and discipline. Bravery to fight and overcome the fear of failure and discipline to provide persistence thriving towards improvement and achievement. This is where false rationalism emerges. People usually claim they don’t try hard to chase opportunities because the risk is too high. Family is the most usual excuse. Thay can’t risk losing the ability to support kids. Couples don’t have to conceive children in the first place. But in many cases that is usually just an excuse to avoid confronting the fear that your best isn’t going to be enough. And schools are one of the culprits for having such a population.

Bravery is not an inborn virtue but a skill that is thought through repetitive confrontations of fear and inconveniences that live outside one’s zone of comfort.

But no school tells you to be brave. And no school gives you some real motivation. It is why discipline is omitted in so many people. There is only false education based on the assumption that you are going to be nothing else but an employee. And employees work for salaries. They don’t recreate systems. And to make the paradox even bigger, when working for others, employees are going to have to be both disciplined and brave. And, as it was already explained, they are never going to have a secure job because offering on the market of cheap labor is going to remain large.

Conclusion – Billion is Not Golden, Ten Billion Are

These arguments prove that depopulation is not good for the rich. While there are many people without ambition who are willing to work for little money for others and reproduce passing modesty and obedience as a family legacy, the position of the material elite will remain unchanged.

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