Why Do Some People Have Foot Fetish?

Response to increases in sexually transmitted infections is one of the explanations of why do people have a foot fetish. Another potential cause is the fear of castration. As a matter of fact, there is a whole list of possible reasons for having a foot fetish:

  • Response to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Interference of nerves in the brain.
  • Imprinting.
  • Fear of Castration(Latent Homosexuality).
  • Spiritual context.
Foot Fetish Manual: How To Tell Your Lady You Would Like To Kiss Her Feet?

Response To Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to one of the researches, foot fetish is a consequence of the increase in the number of epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases. The exploration of foot fetish had led to 12th century Europe when gonorrhea started ravishing across the continent. Spreading of syphilis in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries is another both suitable and less obscure example to confirm these claims. The first recorded case of syphilis in Europe was in Naples 1494/1495. This was in the time of the French invasion of Italy and it was called the Franch disease. It is then when the first rumors of foot play started to circumvent. However, written or depicted traces directly implying to foot fetish are low in numbers. Documented pieces of evidence are a matter of modern days. In a time-interval of 30 years, explorers measured the occurrence of foot-fetish depictions in pornographic literature. During the AIDS epidemic, there was exponential growth. This is due to the fact that foot play was perceived as safe sex.

What is Foot Fetish?

What is Foot Fetish?

Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us

Interference of Nerves in the Brain is the Cause of Foot Fetish

The somatosensory areas in the human brain might hold the secret of foot fetish cause. Mechanisms for detecting feet and genitals are positioned in the adjacent parts of this region. Having that fact in mind, it is logical to conclude the appearance of neural crosstalk is very probable and responsible for people being aroused by feet.

Foot Fetish is Imprinted

In psychology and ethology, imprinting is any kind of phase-sensitive learning which is, by its nature, both rapid and independent of the consequences of behavior. As for the term phase-sensitive, it implies to learning that is bond for a certain age or life stage. There are many different kinds of imprinting but the one important for foot fetish is sexual imprinting.

What Is Sexual Imprinting?

Sexual imprinting is the process that affects mate preferences through learning at a very young age which is usually featured by having a parent as a role model. It is believed that sexual imprinting is the answer to why do some people have a foot fetish. Amongst many others, Freud was one of the advocates of this theory. He believed that the smell of feet and penis-symbolism of a foot have a very important role in the development of fetish.

The Smell of Feet – Sniffing Fetish

Sweaty Feet in nylon

Sweaty Feet

When it comes to foot fetish, kissing and licking feet or swallowing toes are far from encompassing the complete domain of activities related to this sexual inclination. There is a whole section of pornographic literature involving sniffing of soles that, on many occasions, tend to be sweaty. Olfactophilia is the term used to describe people whose sexual arousals are triggered by smells and odors emanating from the sexual body areas. While not being inevitable, on many occasions, this feature is accompanying foot fetish. In research conducted in 1994, 45% of those with foot fetish was sexually triggered by sweaty socks and feet and the most important of all, by the smell produced by a certain type of bacteria. Since, when compared to the rest of the organism, feet are the biggest producer of the sweat, it is very likely that olfactophilia is one of the causes of this sexual aberration.

Sweat Is the Reason For Foot Fetish

Having in mind mentioned facts, it is logical to claim that foot fetish is extended manifestation or another form of olfactophilia. The feet are the body part that sweats the most. They are capable of producing a half-liter of sweat per day. The most concentrated area of sweat glands is in the back of the feet. Women have more sweat glands than men, but men’s glands are more active. Ladies enhance the activity of sweating glands when wearing uncomfortable high heels with closed fingers. However, sweat is odorless. What invokes smelling sense is caused by a certain type of bacteria for which sweat represents a perfect living environment. Those bacteria create substances capable of producing odorous smells. These are all reasons that could explain why feet are observed in a sexual manner by so many men.

Fear of Castration – Foot Fetish

Picture Representing Fear of Castration


Freud was known for his restless researches regarding sexual fetishes. In a certain way, he considered foot fetish to be the consequence of fear of castration. Digging deeper into Sigmund Freud’s elaboration, it becomes clear that he believed every fetish to represent a substitute for the penis. However, his claims do not encompass penises in general, but rather point towards one very special penis that has been of extreme importance in early childhood, before it was lost.

What is Special Penis and How It Became Foot?

According to Freud, every fetish is a substitute for women’s penis in which a young boy once believed in and couldn’t give it up once he realized the truth. Boy wasn’t able to cope with the reality in which a woman had no penis because of great fear of castration that followed the acknowledgment. Perceiving woman as a castrated being made a male child feel his possession of genitals jeopardized. If a woman could be cut off her penis then so could the boy who wanted to evade it by all costs. Boy’s narcissism entered the game and as a precaution measure, attached penis for some other, non-sexual organ which later became a fetish. This especially applies to feet as when observed from the inner side, foot reminds on the phallus. Yet, the discussion regarding foot fetish doesn’t end here. One question remains – does the boy still believes that woman has a penis?

Do Man With Foot Fetish See Women As Beings With Penis?

Since the boy achieved to preserve a woman’s penis in other body part it means that in later life, the perception of women encompasses her possession of phallus. This claim is partially true. Men are perfectly aware of the nature of women’s genitals understanding that they possess vaginas. However, a compromise has been made by which women kept penises, but changed them. This compromise, of course, is a matter of subconscious which allows fetishists to carry the burden of reality and preserve their piece at the same time. Deep inside the subconscious mind, keeping a belief that the penis is still there but changed, allows man not just to feel safe and preserved, but also to remain on the right side of the track when it comes to sexuality.

Foot Fetish Prevents Homosexuality

If a boy couldn’t cope with the lack of penis, he would have, later in life, seek a mate that had one and find his sexual partners in a mail population. Therefore, homosexuality would ensue as a consequence of being frightened of castration. According to Freud, foot fetish, as well as any other, besides preserving the penis, is there to prevent homosexuality. While this could be true there is a part of the elaboration which doesn’t ring a bell. Sigmund Freud claims that all fetishists have aversions when it comes to female genitals.

Do People With Foot Fetish Enjoy Vaginas?

While other fetishes are not subject to this discussion, when it comes to men prone to foot worship, researches have shown that most of them enjoy providing oral pleasure to their female partners. Such reality strongly opposes Freud’s mention of aversion and supports the claim of nerves interfered in the brain as the cause for foot fetish. The fact that areas for detection of feet and genitals are so near one another making neural crosstalk very possible explains why men with foot fetish enjoy vaginas so much.

Why Most People Have no Fetishes While Others Become Homosexual?

According to Freud, there is no man without fear of castration especially when faced with female genitals. However, the question of why some people develop foot fetish and others become homosexuals while most just surmount it, still has no answer.

How Exactly is Foot Fetish Imprinted?

There is no way to be sure of how exactly does a foot fetish get curved into the brain. There are only assumptions that are present in the elaboration of other fetishes as well. The story of an inquisitive boy is the best example for explaining the origins of fetish foundations.

The Venture of Inquisitive Boy

Boy Peeking Under a Skirt

Boy Peeking Under a Skirt

The inquisitive boy decided to bend down and take a peek below the skirt. This sentence, although very simple at first, holds a few very important details. Boy’s view was traveling towards women’s genitals from below. It means that, before anything, the first thing his eyes encountered were feet. Bare soles, heel, sneakers, or some other footwear were all the possibilities. Today we know that, for all those alternatives, there are fetishes. As he proceeded in his venture, stockings were next possible encounter followed by the lingerie. These parts of clothing as the last line of defense against the frightening reality are objects of common fetishes as well. And then, acknowledgment came to place. Fetishes of feet, socks, heels and lingerie all share the common feature of being related to things that directly preceded the moment in which the boy learned that woman is castrated. Therefore, those are places suitable for prolongation of denial where the penis remained as part of the woman’s biological reality. While not everyone is an inquisitive boy, the little adventurer is a metaphor for that first encounter with the truth and the elements that enwrapped it and later became the prominent part of one’s sexuality.

Spiritual Meaning of Foot Fetish

According to Nikola Misovic, writer of erotic novels, feet have a spiritual context. In his book Stories From the Brothel, foot fetish is described as a sexual manifestation of human striving to become God. He explains it by comparing the main features of human beings and animals.

dominant Deity

Dominant Deity

Fetish of Half Gods

When it gets cold, animals are either going to grow thicker fur or move to the warmer parts of the world. If they do not manage to adapt, they will get extinct. On the other hand, man is going to kill the animal, take its fur, make a coat and wrap it around his body. Or he will cut the tree, build a house and light a fire to adjust the climate to his own needs. The main difference is that man changes the reality while an animal adjusts to it. It is in man’s blood to strive towards dominating nature to that degree in which he is going to equalize himself with God. This feature of man manifests itself in foot fetish.

What Has Foot Fetish to Do With Domination Over Nature and Becoming God?

At first, domination over nature and foot fetish can seem like two completely unrelated things. However, after digging a little bit deeper, a different angle of observation can be achieved. Feet are the body part which has nothing to do with sexuality. They are not intended for beauty either. The sole purpose of feet is to allow walking and traveling from one point to another. Therefore, feet have to be endurant and strong, rather than gentle. However, together with the advancement of civilization, humans have released themselves from constant existential pressures. Lack of these tensions gave people the freedom to seek beauty outside the limits of survival usabilities. For example, during most of the history in which the greatest achievement of females was to give birth to a strong male, fat women were connected with fertility and therefore observed as beautiful. Today, perception of beauty went to completely different directions giving the attribute of pretty to slim ladies. The same principle is applied to feet. Body part witch has nothing to do with sexuality is given both the beauty and capability of providing sexual pleasures.

To Worship Feet Means To Enjoy Domination

While many will, on the first hand, connect foot fetish with submissive urges, it can be interpreted completely opposite. To strip the role of delegating beauty from nature and proclaim a completely new usage of a body part is a manifest of great power. Kissing the gentle sole that was, against the nature’s intentions made such by a pedicure and swallowing the toes polished in red is a symbol of triumph. Feeling sexually aroused by the body part intended for pure survival function and using it for pleasure as a completely opposite part of the existence implies to great deal of domination over nature. While this is not what most of the foot fetishists perceive on a conscious level, it is very likely that in the subconscious, such observations are curved and set to create foot fetish.

What About Dirty Feet?

Even when it comes to dirty and smelly feet, we can still interpret it as the area of defiance. Ignoring nature and finding beauty despite all factors going against it is a glimpse of feature suitable for a deity.

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