Who Was The First Easter Bunny? Lover of the Goddess

The first Easter bunny was a dying bird transformed into the white hare and given name Lepus who became the lover of the goddess Ostara responsible for this sequence of strange events. Digging deep into the dark history of Easter allowed historians to reveal the truth about the first Easter Bunny. The famous Christian holiday is masked heathen tradition with the cradle in customs of old Germanic tribes. They celebrated Ostara, the goddess of dawn. Her symbols were rabbits and eggs and she is responsible for the resurrection and naming of the first Easter Bunny.

Who Was the First Easter Bunny?

Ostara was the goddess of the dawn who traveled the world. Wherever she would go the spring followed. In ancient times, winters were hard and meant fighting for survival as modest harvests or bad luck in hunting could easily lead to starvation. Even when well-prepared, tribes would suffer losses of lives due to freezing, diseases, accidents or bandit raids which were not a rare occurrence. She felt guilty for taking so long time to come during which people, as well as other beings, suffered so much. On one occasion, on her way back, Ostara stumbled upon a dying bird. The poor being with frozen wings was lying on ice while its little body was shivering as the final breaths were leaving its lungs. Ostara felt sorry and took the bird into her arms. Her cradling healed the creature. However, the bird lost its ability to fly. Wings were crippled for good. That is the part were bunny was created.

Ostara: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for the Spring Equinox (Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Book 1)


Ancinet Goddes Ostara - Mother of Easter

Ancient Goddes Ostara knows for being the cradle of Easter

Creation of Easter Bunny

As a token of regret for not coming earlier, Ostara decided to set things right. Besides taking little bird for her pet, she turned it into the bunny – white hare. Ostara named him Lepus. Crippled wings became long and sensitive ears capable of hearing steps of predators and hunters more than a mile away. She also gave him speed so he could run away from danger and white color for being able to easily merge with the snow while she is away. Fur with dense hair was there to provide him with warmth all the time. But her generosity didn’t end there. In memory of what the rabbit once was, she gave him the ability to lay eggs. Lepus was able to do it once a year. What was truly special about it were the colors of the eggs which would shine like rainbows.

First Easter Bunny Was the Lover of the Goddess

The culmination of the story is yet to take place. At the time, rabbits were known for their fertility and incredible reproduction abilities. Due to these attributes, the first Easter Bunny soon became the lover of the goddess. They felt beautiful with each other. It seemed that their happiness was never going to end. Unfortunately, Lepus had no loyalty. He started seeing other women. When Ostara found out what was going on she became furious. In her jolt of rage, Ostara took Lepus and threw him into the sky. To make things even worse for mischievous bunny he ended his flight below the feet of Orion becoming the constellation of the rabbit.

Story of Orion

According to Greek mythology, the famous Orion constellation exists to forever celebrate the life of the most handsome man and the hunter that has ever walked the earth. Poseidon was one of Orion’s father. On his birth, Greek deity gave him the ability to walk on the water. In his Odyssey, Homer describes him as an exceptionally tall male with a large unbreakable bronze club as the main fighting weapon. He was accompanied by hunting dogs which also became part of the constellation in the areas around his feet. The sketch of such a description can be seen in the star sky.

Orion laying on the ground


Myths of the World

Birth of Orion – Sumerian Origins

The birth of Orion is one very odd story. It is believed that a farmer in Thebes desperately wanted to have a son. One day he offered hospitality to three passing by strangers who happened to be Zeus, Neptune, and Hermes in disguise. When they were leaving, Gods asked the farmer if he had any wish. After hearing of his yearning for a son deities had encircled the hide of the ox and urinated on it. The farmer was instructed to bury the hide. From it, the boy named Urion was born. Later U was changed to O. The first name had a high resemblance with Uru-Ana which is the Sumerian name for the light of heaven – their version of a divine hunter.

Ostara’s Forgiveness

After the rage passed Ostara decided to make things a little bit easier for poor Lepus. She allowed him to come back to earth during the time of her festival. While ancient people celebrated Ostara, Lepus was given the duty of sharing his easter eggs with others. Many motives associated with the old Germanic deity can be found in the Christian version of the holiday. However, the question we will probably ask ourselves is what kind of people worshiped the goddess who would engage in sexual intercourse and love relationship with a rabbit?

Goddess and Bunny Love Relationship

It is important to understand the meaning of symbolism and approach myths with analytic flexibility.

Heathen Religion vs Bible

At first sight, we might incline towards the opinion that heathen religions were twisted. Having the human liked deity engage in sexual intercourse with the rabbit as the mere core of the religion is certainly no representation of normality. But if we chose the literal approach Bible will do no better either. Whole humanity originating from Adam and Eve is nothing but incest. God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isac and rewarding him for proving the ability to commit such an act is even worse than being passionate with animals or family members. However, we should tend to be more flexible and chose to observe religious writings as partial metaphors.

True Meanings

In the old Hebrew language, the word “adamah” means earth. Therefore it could be perceived as the explanation that humans originated from the soils of this planet. Eve, when translated, means the source of life and could imply to all women as they are, by their biological nature, capable of providing the men’s seed with fertile soil for the development and creation of the new life. Adam and Eve can be considered for the representative of human specie with two genders. Ostara and her rabbit now also receive a new dimension of interpretation. Turning of dying bird into the rabbit is the symbolism of resurrection and transformation. Where once was the creature of the sky came a being bond for the earth but plentiful with fertility. As a symbol of fertility, the rabbit could be observed as a representation of reproduction and sexual energy which, when gathered in high amounts, results in adultery and conflicts between lovers. Conflicts are featured by departures which are most of the time followed by wrongdoings – Ostara threw Lepus below Orion’s feet. But the bad things that ensue provide the opportunity for regret and forgiveness. Ostara did allow Lepus to come back during her festivals. However, change is the only certainty as, just like with God, Eden, and humans, things are never going to be the same.

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