Who Was Orion? Hunter On Easter Bunny

Orion was the greatest hunter conceived from ox fur and divine urine. According to Greek mythology, he was also the prettiest and the tallest man that ever lived. From Poseidon, who was one of his fathers, Orion received the ability to walk on water. His afterlife is even more astonishing as he was transformed into a constellation to spend eternity amongst starts and battle the grotesque bull Taurus. In addition to this, he became a hunter on the first Easter bunny who, known as the constellation of Lepus, ended below Orion’s feet after cheating on a goddess.

How Was Orion Born? Divine Urine

According to one of the multiple stories describing his birth, Orion was made out of divine urine. In ancient Greece, on the fertile soils of Thebe, there was one lonely farmer who, above all, wanted to have a son. Hyrieus was his name and he was hardworking, kind-hearted, and willing to provide help for people in need. One day, while going home, he met three strangers along his way. They seemed tired and lost. His virtues resulted in taking them home and killing a whole Ox to feed them. After the meal, strangers showed their true faces. It turned out that three of the most prominent deities – Zeus, Neptun, and Hermes – were traveling in disguise. For his kindness, they decided to fulfill one of his wishes. After hearing that farmer wants a son, gods encircled the fur of the slain ox and urinated on it. When the fur was soaked with their stale, they instructed Hyrieus to bury it below the ground. That is how Urion came to exists. Letter O came later.

Orion Mystery

Urion Was His First Name – Orion Came Later

If we decide to track down the true origin of a divine hunter our travel will reach the Sumerian civilization. URU AN-NA meaning the light of heaven was the name of the Sumerian hero. However, the point where the lack of logic takes place is the constellation of a bull. Both Sumerian Uru An-Na(Urion) and Greek Orion were not related to the fighting with the bull. However, Gilgamesh and his Greek version known as Hercules did engage in combat with Taurus. On Sumerian, the name for the bull was GUD AN-NA, which meant the bull of heaven. Since Hercules was the greatest hero in Greek mythology how was it that Orion received the biggest share of the starts? Answer to this question points out that Orion could be Hercules in a disguise. And Hercules is, according to many sources, the light of heaven which started being observed in Sumerian civilization through their greatest hero Gilgamesh.

Hercules is Orion in Disguise

Orion is Hercules in disguise

How Did Orion Die?

Orion’s death ensued from the battle with a Giant Scorpion. While most of the stories agree on this there are discrepancies regarding what triggered the battle. Some believe it was due to Orion’s boasting in front of deities. Allegedly, while strutting in front of Artemis the goddess of hunting and her mother Leto, Orion loudly claimed that he is the greatest hunter that ever lived capable of killing any beast on earth. That provoked Artemis and she summoned the great Scorpion. A large crack hole opened and from it, the beast emerged. The battle did not last long. It was only one sting filled with venom that sent Orion to death. There are more versions of the story regarding what caused the fight. Another one claims that Orion was actually fighting the scorpion to save Leto. The third version implies that Orion attempted to ravish Artemis. She was a goddess and a virgin who wanted to remain untouched and therefore summoned the scorpion to defend her.

Who did Orion Love? Story of Apollo’s Jealousy

According to the most prominent version of the story, Orion’s death came as a consequence of love. He and Artemis were very fond of each other. The goddess was in love with him so much that she thought of discarding her virginity bows. The deity of hunting and the greatest hunter would make a formidable couple. Their child would be a fearsome hero. This might have invoked the jealousy in her twin brother Apollo who cunningly induced her onto killing the love of her love. One day, while Orion was swimming he challenged Artemis to demonstrate her archery skills. Apollo pointed towards the water and poked goddess with a comment that, even for her, it would be impossible to hit that little blur which almost cannot be seen. In a matter of moments, she proved him wrong. And that was the death of Orion. As soon as she had found out what was ahead Artemis became devastated by her action. Because of her grief, she set Orion amongst starts as one of the greatest and the brightest constellation known to mankind. There, he was given the club and two hunting dogs to accompany him in his battles.

Orion fighting bull amongst starts

Orion Constellation

Mischievous Orion – Love is Blind

According to myth, Orion wood the hand of the daughter of Mienopion the ruler of Chios. One night, invigorated by wine, Orion attempted to abduct the pretty virgin. He was caught and the king ordered his eyes to be ripped off. After this, the great hunter was exiled from the island. Orion decided to seek help from the god of forge and fire – Hephaestus. The god sent his assistants Cedalion to, as a guide, help Orion in his conquest of regaining sight. Hunter visited oracle and was told to head east towards sunrise and look at the sun during the dawn. After doing so, Orion’s sight returned. This story is very important when establishing the cause of his death as well as his identity.

Violence and Family Tragedies – Identity Revealed

We can see that Artemis was not Orion’s first love. It was the daughter of a king. Hunter attempted to ravish her. With that fact, his violent character emerges. It is very likely that same happened with Artemis. Goddess wanted to protect her virginity and so she summoned scorpion to protect her. Hercules too was known for his madness attacks. He killed his music tutor with a lyre. In another fit of madness, triggered by Hera, Hercules murdered his wife and children. Both characters were prone to be led by impulse. And both died from poison. Scorpion’s sent Orion to death. A potion made of Centaur’s blood is what killed Hercules. Zeus was their common father. It is very likely that, as it was already mentioned, Orion was actually Hercules.

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