Who is the Lord of Easter? American Gods and Jesus Christ

Ostara is the true God of Easter and the creator of the white hare responsible for the existence of eggs coloring tradition being embedded with the presence of the Easter Bunny. For ones familiar with the history and ancient multi-god religions, this deity was an old acquaintance. However, the culprit for Ostara becoming widely known and striping part of the attention of Lord’s son Jesus Christ can be found in the emergence of a book-based tv-show American Gods.

American Gods – More Than Just a Popular Tv-Show

Ostara and Thor from American Gods


American Gods Novel

Acquiring data related to what is considered for dark easter history the origins of Easter can be found in the religion of ancient heathen Germanic tribes. They celebrated the goddess Ostara who created the first Easter Bunny out of a dying bird, gave him the name Lepus and turned him into her lover. This famous face on the image below is just mentioned goddess also known by the name of Eostre.

Even now you can conclude that she is far more than a character from the book and tv-series. While both the literary and cinematic creations seem incredible its fiction is based on pure truth. Jesus Christ with his resurrection came long after the ancient Teutonic(Germanic) goddess. The holy book of the Bible gave an explanation on why easter eggs are colored but omitted the part about easter bunny. The natural question that ensues is how did that little hare become part of Easter celebrations across the globe? When it comes to the United States of America, Germans were the ones that brought customs of coloring eggs and having the mischievous bunny tinkering around.

German’s Migrations to America

Around the beginning of the 18th century, there was a significant increase in Germans migrations to the new world. Since the “discovery” of America, people from all parts of the world sailed across the ocean in the pursuit of a better life. However, as time passed, the rapid increase of migrations ensued. The fact religious freedom was what many believers sought since the discrepancies with the teachings of the Roman Catholic church were punished severely all across Europe, is the answer on why a total of 65 000 German-speaking people pounded Pennsylvania. It was an English colony but none of the Germans that came were familiar neither with the English language nor the laws of the society they intended to integrate with. Their native tongue was not the only thing they brought across the ocean. Germanic customs survived the sails too. One of them was coloring the eggs, which was already known as part of Jesus’s resurrection celebration. Another was the easter bunny. As it was said in the beginning, that bunny was the character from ancient heathen creed. It is exactly this concept that is promoted by the American Gods series. Cultural migrations and mergings led to multiple amalgamations of characters and motives from different creeds proving that religion is the process of change regarding people’s perceptions and explanations of spiritual, super-natural, and the unknown parts of the existence.

Christianization – Church Had no Strength to Destroy Heathen Gods

Despite being one of the greatest forces in the history of humanity Catholic church didn’t have enough strength to suffocate all of the heathen deities and rites. That is why, in order to retain its religious autocracy, it had to adopt. Church did it true adjusting the stories in the direction that implied creating content that encompassed the motives related to the most prominent rites and deities. It is why eggs were included in the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The egg was the symbol of rebirth and transformation in most of the cultures known to history. As for the easter bunny, while the bible didn’t include him, the church didn’t forbid him either. In addition to this, the mere name of Easter is very similar to Ostara or Eostra. This fact allows the possibility of the whole Easter and the story of Jesus’s resurrection having its foundations in old Germanic customs.

Jesus and Ostara

In the ending episode of the American Gods’ first season, we meet Ostara and multiple versions of Jesus Christ. They are welcoming guests for the celebration of Easter.

Despite being the mere cradle of the custom, rare were those who knew the identity of Ostara. Below all that shiny effects catchy to the human eye there is another truth. The number of followers determines which observances and perception types will receive the titles of truth or lies. As for the scenes regarding the Easter celebration, if all of the deities people ever worshiped would materialize, real-life situations would look exactly the same. Although many people’s beliefs are grouped by names of religions, if you would go from one person to another in the attempt to extract descriptions of their creeds, the measure of differences would vary from slight to unrecognizable. It is why there are so many motives, symbols, characters, and versions not just when it comes to Easter but all other religious holidays. The myth of Ostara is very similar to the story of Eden. It involves adultery, punishment, and forgiveness. Ostara saved the dying bird and turned it into a white hare. She gave him the name Lepus and eventually fell in love with him. When the goddess learned her white hare lover is cheating on her she launched him to the starts below Orion’s feet – constellation Lepus.

Constellation of Orion

No constellation is named for nothing which means that the answer on the question who was Orion implies to another hero or even a deity from ancient times. Briefly, according to Greek mythology, Orion was the greatest hunter that ever lived. Amongst many other abilities, he was capable of walking on the water. Jesus Christ had the same ability. Regarding this, a question emerges: “Is it possible that even the mere Jesus was inspired by the story of Ostara but was well masked?”

Did Orion Inspire the Creation of Jesus?

Besides being able to walk on water, Orion had no visible similarities to the Christian messiah. Jesus was there to bring forgiveness and love while Orion was amongst the starts battling his enemies and punishing the rabbit for his adulteries. Ostara was the one that gave forgiveness and allowed the rabbit to return once a year and lay his eggs. But it isn’t impossible that, in the attempt to mask heathen religion myth characters, the church switched traits and features giving Jesus all of the noblest attributes. After his death, Jesus flies up to the sky while Orion ascends to the stars becoming the brightest constellation. Defying and lasting after death is what they both have in common. Another thing is that in the old Sumerian language, Uru-Ana(Urion) means the light of heaven.

American Gods Season 3

Since this is very interesting symbolism the question is are producers going to pay more attention to this in the incoming season. We have seen that faces of the Gods reveal together with their attention, but is Jesus Christ going to remain the offspring who exceeded his true mother or his origins are going to be deepened to a little bit more significant role?

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