What Is The Hardest Riddle In The World?

Riddles are as old as humankind itself. They challenged minds for millennia and even induced people to commit suicide. But up to this day, a question remains, what is the hardest riddle in the world?

Before we put you to the test it is important to settle the criteria for what will be considered as a riddle and what as an assignment. Otherwise, we could ask you to make a chemistry formula for the elixir of youth or the elixir of immortality. This time the riddle will be defined as a metaphorical unity of few sentences with content capable of pointing you in the direction of a solution. Another important thing is that the main points of the riddle’s content crucial for its solution must be familiar to most people. Riddle should test wisdom more than intelligence.

Last but not the list, the solution must not require multiple inductions and deduction processes but is in direct relation with the elements of the riddle. With that having said let’s start.

Father’s Legacy – The Hardest Riddle Ever?

A dying father who made a fortune during his lifetime had two sons. He wanted to leave his wealth to the one who needed it more. To establish that, he decided to organize a horse race between his heirs and leave everything to the one who has a slower horse. Brothers took the slowest of horses they had and came to the track. How did the father make sure that brothers don’t cheat on each other during the race and not lose intentionally?

The solution is really simple. But before you look turn your head around and think. We have put this letter in bold to draw your attention from reading the solution.

The father switched horses. That way sones rode the horse of their opponent and had to ride as fast as possible in order to outrun their own horse.

Would you or did you think of it on your own? We didn’t think so. By being so simple and having a direct and close relation between question and solution, and yet being capable of deceiving you and providing you with a headache, this is considered one of the hardest riddles in the world. Here is another one.

No Mouth But Speaks Loud

I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I don’t have a body but come alive with a wind. What am I?

Think a little better before you answer. You might guess this. It’s a little easier than the previous one.

The solution is an echo. It has no mouth but speaks and has no ears but repeats the words that were spoken. And it can come alive with a wind.

Word Riddle

What letter in English signifies male with its first two letters? The first three letters signify a woman. The first four letters signify greatness. And the whole word signifies a great woman. What is the word?

Do you want us to give you a hint? Well, it is not something you would like to fall in love with.

The answer is a heroine.

What Is The Oldest Riddle Ever?

There is a tight competition for two riddles to be the oldest in the world. The first one is: Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?

This riddle is also known as ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx’ and originates from Greek Mythology. Think before you read the solution.

The answer to the riddle is a man.

The second one goes like this: Out of the eater, something to eat, out of the strong, something sweet.

This riddle is from The Book of Judges from the bible. And it is related to no more no less but Samson – the guy who believed that his long hair is the source of his great strength. On the day of his wedding, Samson tells his groomsmen the riddle. He promises the prize of five garments if they can solve it. The riddle goes like this, is: What is sweeter than honey? and what is stronger than a lion? The riddle was written sometime in the 6th century with the rest of The Book of Judges.

Honey from the lion is the solution.

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