What is Foot Fetish?

Foot Fetish is a sexual inclination towards feet and is usually a feature of the male part of the population. However, there are some cases of females being excited by the endings of man’s lower limbs. According to the latest surveys, scientists have established that, when it comes to males, every sixth person is very likely to have a foot fetish. As for the question of origins, the 10th century Japan is considered for the cradle of foot fetish.

What Causes Foot Fetish?

People with foot fetish have at least once asked themselves, “Why do I have a foot fetish?” There are multiple theories explaining the cause of having a sexual inclination to foot worship. One explanation suggests that the reason can be found in the brain structure. The nerves for detecting female’s genitals interfere with the ones for detecting feet. Other theory claims it’s all about latent homosexuality because when observed from the side, the inner foot has similarities with a penis. Some suggest that feet have a spiritual meaning and use Fyodor Dostoevsky’s writings to provide those claims with pieces of evidence. Certain groups of psychologists explain foot fetish as a consequence of witnessing a shameful scene in childhood. Allegedly, in the moment of seeing the cause of shame which had sexual context, the gaze of a child went down to his feet and curved this body part deep into the brain together with the ones biologically invented for sex. There are also claims explaining foot fetish to be the response to sexually transmitted diseases. Whatever the reason, researches have established that even in early childhood, there are some strong inclinations of sexuality that is very likely going to be featured by foot fetish.

What is Foot Fetish?

What is Foot Fetish?

Signs of Foot Fetish in Early Age

While it can seem that foot fetish comes to life in puberty, there are some indications of this sexual feature even in early childhood. One of them is feeling shame when you are barefoot in front of the others. Results from researches gathered over the years allowed establishing a few facts regarding foot fetishists:

  • During their childhood, sometimes even till the age of 12, future foot fetishists felt shame when someone was able to see their bare feet. They avoided wearing slippers or used to do so only with socks. Some of them, despite having a desire for such sports, skipped swimming, judo and other similar activities where soles and toeas are exposed.
  • When meeting someone new, they would spontaneously let their gaze briefly check the feet of those persons. The shape of toes and nails would be curved into their memory sometimes even faster than the face.
  • Feeling disgusted before appearances of broken nails on both leg, toes and arm fingers.

Another feature of foot fetishists that is not so tightly bonded for the childhood but is very likely going to emerge from it, is an ambition. Usually, their eye for details and love for aesthetics result in tastes that turn to be very expensive. A strong need for money develops high aspirations which, as we all know, are capable of producing monumental changes in life paths.

How Foot Fetish Affects Life?

Being excited by women’s feet is, before and above all, a sexual fetish. The word fetish itself is defined as an inanimate object of worship believed to contain magical powers or to be inhabited by a spirit. When we put it in the context of sexuality, fetishes become objects that are responsible for sexual arousal while having a non-sexual nature. Some definitions even explain fetishes as a necessity for achieving excitement. That would mean that man with a foot fetish wouldn’t be able to get an erection without having lady’s feet involved in a game. While such cases exist, they are very rare. Most of the time, men with foot fetish as well as any others, are enhanced by their objects of desire but can go without them. However, if a woman chooses to omit feet from a man with a strong desire to kiss them or slide them over with his tongue it is very likely that sex won’t be so good and that relationship is going to have a sooner end. Foot Fetish is an inspiration for artists too. Many famous characters like Dostoevsky, Van Gogh, Quentin Tarantino and others had/have the passion for the feet. Nikola Misovic, a young writer from Europe, even wrote a novel “Stories From The Brothel” that goes deep into details about how foot fetish affected his life.

How Men With Foot Fetish Choose Ladies?

Men with a foot fetish are usually persons with an eye for detail. They are very likely going to incline towards attractive women wearing sexy outfits and high heels. Long legs with soft skin are the perfect introduction to the “crown of pleasure”. When it comes to foot fetishist’s choice, feet are the breaking point. If a lady has well-shaped and gentle feet with nicely polished toenails then her whole appearance is going to receive a new glaze of beauty. On the other hand, if she has big-boned feet with pellets jutting aside and badly shaped nails without any polish, she could be the queen of beauty from the ankles up, but a man with a foot fetish is still not going to find her appealing. Palms are also going to be an object of observation. Nurturing their beauty and gentleness will also be a bonus in the eyes of this kind of gentleman.

What Problems Do Men With Foot Fetish Encounter?

Shame and fear of rejection go side by side with the incredible pleasure of sliding with a tongue across the soft sole and swallowing few toes with nicely polished nails. These negative emotions are completely understandable. A man expressing a wish of kissing a sole might seem odd to most of the women. This fact ushers the emergence of an incoming question.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend That You Have A Foot Fetish?

The inability to cope with the possibility of rejection and being ridiculed is the biggest obstacle for many men who chose to suppress their urges rather than to be opened about them. The direct approach might be the best and should take place even before the relationship starts. This does not mean going around and speaking of your sexual inclinations but providing both subtle and noticeable hint about the interest in endings of lower limbs. Giving a compliment regarding polish on nails and expressing your high regard towards women who hold to their elegance should be enough. Yet, when it comes to ladies with little imagination and wish to experiment, hints will remain unnoticed. If a relationship has already started and shame and fear prevent man from speaking openly, he should try with a foot massage and check the reactions. If a woman positively responds to his relaxation offer and shows pleasure while his arms cradle and pressure her soles, adding one quick kiss on the upper side of the feet, below the ankle, will hardly ruin the good mood. She might consider the act a bit odd but with time, she will get used to it. However, if she completely refuses to allow a man to satisfy his urges which he holds of high importance it would be best to stop the relationship and find another partner.

How Do Ladies Observe Men With Foot Fetish?

Most of the ladies will if approached the right way, cope with it. Some are even going to be amazed by the joy you are going to provide them. After all, human feet are the place where endings of 7000 nerves can be found. If maneuvered in an appropriate manner, foot worship can produce numerous genuine sensations that could hardly be replaced by stimulating any other body part.

However, high in number are those that are going to consider such a wish as a manifest of twistedness and deny her partner that kind of pleasures. Some women will be extra sensitive and ticklish in the area of soles and toes while others are going to suffer extreme unpleasantness.

The best recommendation for all men with a foot fetish is to track and approach women that are open to new things. Another circumstance going in favor of foot fetishists is that being prone to feet is not so unusual anymore. Societies across the world are getting more liberal by every passing day and things that used to be observed as strange are slowly entering the stream of normality.

Foot Fetish Throughout History – Japan And Foot Binding

The photograph was taken after the 1900s showing the consequences to the foot binding procedure and comparing it to the normal foot.

The photograph was taken after the 1900s showing the consequences of the foot binding procedure and comparing it to the normal foot.

Male’s obsession with feet is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. If we take a peek into history, Japan in the 10th century could be considered for the cradle of foot fetish. It all started with a procedure called foot binding. Upper-class court dancers were the social class that first started practicing this routine. There were different degrees of foot binding. The most severe one implied a complete distortion of the heel, bending toes and tapering the ankle. The inventor of the practice was emperor Li Yu who ruled the Southern Tang. Li Yu had built a six-foot-tall golden lotus and asked his concubine Yao Niang to bind her feet in the shape of the crescent moon and perform a ballet-like dance on the points of her feet on the lotus.

What Fetishes Usually Follow Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish rarely goes alone. Men who like feet will usually be attracted by the ladies who, as it was already mentioned, chose to wear high heels. The same applies to any kind of pantyhose, especially the thin ones. The nylon fetish is one of the most usual features coming with sexual inclinations towards feet. When enwrapped with thin, transparent and gentle nylon, both legs and feet are going to become even more appealing. Let’s say nothing of cream entering the foreplay. Many adult movies include pretty women descending their feet into cakes and cream before having them licked. Domination fetish is also the trait of a man prone to foot worship. Many of them like to be submitted to a woman that rises to the level of the goddess while rubbing her soles across the man’s face. Some men like sweaty feet. Others enjoy dirty feet. Foot fetish makes a high attraction of almost all activities where bare soles and toes are exposed. Catfighting is no exception.


Ultimate Footslave Dream: A Femdom Chastity Foot Fetish Collection

Catfight Fetish

Ladies wrestling in oil with little to no clothes on them are heaven for those who enjoy nice feet. The same applies to women who, in business suits, high heels and thin nylon pantyhose pull each-others hair and rip their clothes off. Fight for domination enhances the beauty of bare soles. Some men would prefer to worship the feet of a victor while others would give everything to consume tootsies of the lady that is submitted and humiliated.

Foot Fetish Salones

After 2010, the United States encountered a completely new phenomenon – salons where man paid to massage feet of its employees. Since prostitution isn’t legal in most of the U.S. the first thought would be that lawsuits and jail penalties were the ensuing consequences. However, since feet are not body part associated with sexuality and therefore are omitted from the content of law intended to regulate human lives regarding sexual intercourses, there was no legal base for pressing charges. When it comes to clients, most of them were successful businessmen. This fact supports the mentioned statement according to which foot fetish is followed by an ambition. When things are rare and pretty they usually tend to be expensive. It is the basic law of the market. The same applies to pretty feet. A true foot fetishist knows how hard it is to find a pair of well-shaped soles with decently polished nails. This brings the question of how does a pretty foot look like.

How Do Pretty Feet Look Like?

Like physical beauty, the fairness of feet is a matter of taste. However, there are two types of feet that are considered to be attractive in its own way by most of the fetish community members:

  • Elegant feet.
  • Yumi feet.

What Are Elegant Feet?

Elegant feet are those featured by long soles tunably narrowing from toes to heel. They look gentle and are crowned with thin arches. Toes are also long with nails perfectly matching the line of skin. Jesica Alba is the perfect example of a lady with elegant feet.

Example of Elegant Feet

Example of Elegant Feet

What Are Yumi Feet?

Unlike elegant ones, yumi feet aren’t so tuned when it comes to the line of narrowing from toes to heel. They are a bit broader and less concordant in a shape. On the other hand, yumi feet are known for their meaty soles which may seem like some type of pillow. They look very gentle and are extremely soft under the touch. When a lady with this attribute straightens the leg and bends her foot forward, her sole reminds on a gently narrowed silk sheet. When it comes to Yumi feet, Kayla Jane Danger is definitely the queen.

Kyla Jane Danger Is a Perfect Example of Yumi Feet

Kyla Jane Danger Is a Perfect Example of Yumi Feet

Females and Foot Fetish

When it comes to ladies preferring same-sex, foot fetish isn’t so uncommon. However, there are a few cases in which ladies express their desire to worship man’s feet. While this is a much more rare occurrence, some ladies won’t be able to get excited and engage in sexual intercourse before pleasing themselves with their object of desire.

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