The Most Bizarre Facts About Gods and Religions

Here are some most interesting and bizarre facts about gods and religions you couldn’t even imagine.

Saturn And Castrations

Romans named planets to honor their gods. It is how Saturn, the god of agriculture, got the planet that takes 29 years to achieve a full revolution of the sun. In astrology, this planet is known as the one that slows everything down and forces people to invest a lot of effort into their goals. Saturn was inspired by a Greek titan named Kronos. Kronos was famous for eating his newborn kids until Zeus, the most powerful of his sons, managed to defeat him. But it is not the first patricide in the family. Kronos also had a quarrel with his father Uranus. His mother Gaea made Kronos a stone sickle which he used to castrate his father and send him to Tartarus. After he cut his father’s penis off Kronos threw it into the sea. The testicles produced a white foam from which¬†Aphrodite, the goddess of love,¬†emerged.

Orion Constellation – The Divine Urin

Most of you have heard of Orion’s constellation. But what you might not know is that Orion was born from God’s urine. Hermes, Poseidon, and Zeus traveled in disguise and stumbled upon a good farmer who offered them food and a place to sleep. They decided to award him for his nobility. The farmer dreamed of a son so they urinated on the ox fur and told the farmer to bury it below the ground. The next day, great Orion was born.

Easter Love – Who Easter Bunny Really Is?

Church says nothing about Easter Bunny. The famous white hare originates from the goddess Ostara. This Teutonic deity of spring resurrected a dying bird she stumbled upon in the snow and turned it into a white hare. She gave him the name Lepus. Once a year he was capable of laying eggs in the color of rainbows. He was her lover. But after she caught him in the adultery she lunched him to the sky below the constellation of Orion. Later, when her rage decreased, Ostara allowed him to come back in spring and participate in the festival people dedicated to her glory.

Upside Down Crucifixion

Saint Peter becoming the first man to be crucified upside down

Saint Peter

Did you know that the first man to be crucified upside down was Saint Peter? Romans did this to honor his last wish. Peter asked to be turned upside down because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner Jesus did. And his last wish was filled.

Selling Heaven – Christian Business

Did you know that the catholic church sold indulgences in order for sinful people to pay for their sins? The most expensive of those were holy relics. Their value would rich multiple million dollars in today’s money. And most precious of relics could reduce the time sinful souls would spend in purgatory up to 50 million years.

Birth Of Jesus

While most people believe that Jesus was born on December 25th the precise date of the Christian messiah is not mentioned in the bible. It is even estimated, according to sayings of some apostles, that Jesus was born sometime during spring. In the 4th century A.D, the Roman pope proclaimed the December 25th for Jesus’s birthday to suppress celebrations of Mithra. Mitra was a heathen pagan god who was born on exactly that day. To make things even more interesting, the church organized mass prosecution and murdering of all Mitra’s worshipers.

Russian Empire And Rasputin

When you speak of religion you must touch on the topic of individuals that left their trace in it. One of those was, without a question, Rasputin. He is remembered as the mad monk of Russia who, at the peak of his power, managed to control even the Emperor couple. This he achieved through helping their young sick son to get better. Little Alexei from hemophilia. Even the smallest cuts on his skin would result in wounds that could not heal. Rasputin helped him by advising the tsar to remove doctors from Alexei and prevent them from giving him any medicines amongst which was an aspirin. Aspirin makes blood thinner. The omittance of the medicine led to a certain short-term improvement of Alexei’s condition. Credits, of course, went to Rasputin’s prayers. At his peak of power, he had sex with most of the Russian noble-women. He explained it as acts of cleansing and said that committing sin is the necessity of regret. He had a large penis. Russian monks caught Rasputin and tried to enforce him to cut his tool off. And as the peak of sensation, Rasputin’s penis well preserved and kept in the Russian museum.

Islam Extremists And Crazy Beliefs

While Islam, as well as Christianity, has its beautiful moments, some individuals that merged into groups, created some crazy interpretations. Some of them believe that all with different beliefs are enemies and that if they die in the war against them, Allah will take them to paradise right away. But it doesn’t end there. It’s not just any paradise, but the paradise in which 70 virgin girl awaits them. What an offer, ha? But it’s still not the end. On every virgin, there are another 70 experienced women that are also at your disposal. And on those 70 experienced women, comes another 70 virgins per each. And that is the chain that goes to infinity.

Laughing is Evil

Some fractions of Christianity go into extremes. There are Christians who believe that laughing is a sin. And by laughing we don’t mean the one that ensues from mocking or some evil intentions. But on regular laughing in which any ill-thought or motive is omitted.

Slaughter-House Of The Old Testimony?

In the old testimony, God goes in front of his chosen people and burns everyone that stands in their way. At some point, God stops his chosen fellowship and notes that he does this only because the people ahead are evil. Children receive no mercy. As for the female’s adultery, it was punishable by death. Women not loyal to their husbands were stoned until they die. Other forms of executions regularly conducted over men implied having all wrists tied with ropes attached to the mules going in the opposite directions.

Roulette and the Devil – 666

The number 666 is widely known as the devil’s number. And so are all games on luck. But did you know that the sum of all roulette numbers is no more no less but 666?

Adam’s First Wife – Eve?

Did you know that Eve actually wasn’t Adam’s first wife? The first woman on earth was Lilith. She was created from dust just like Adam to be equal and rule alongside him. However, Lilith was disobedient towards God which is why she was exiled. Then God sent Adam to sleep, took one of his ribs, and used it to create Eve. Unlike Lilith, Eve was created to serve Adam. In the end, Eve was the one that induced Adam on taking the forbidden fruit which led to their eventual exile. As for Lilith, she became a night demon who was known as the stealer of babies and children. However, some believe that Eve was the craft of the devil who seduced Lilith and induced her to be disobedient so God decides to replace her.

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