Steamy Novels And Stories You Must Read

Erotica was always a sweet taboo, which people avoided talking about publicly. But with every taboo, art flourishes. This article is about the best erotic novels and collections of steamy stories that are absolute must-reads if you are a lover of this genre.

Stories From The Brothel

Nikola Matovic is a young suicidal painter from Serbia. He is obsessed with female feet and addicted to brothels. In a poor and corrupted country, Nikola struggles to become rich and famous. He visits brothels and fulfills his growing sexual fantasies. But things change when a certain lady, almost double his age, enters Nikola’s life.

Author: Mr. W.

Title: Stories From The Brothel

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Slaves To Desire

Dostoevsky, Baudelaire, Rasputin, George Sand, Chopin, Joyce, Lorca, Dali, and Van Gogh live once more. It turns out that all of these famous historical figures as well as literary characters as Anna Karenina, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, were slaves to desires. Rasputin had a secret love. Dostoevsky had a control fetish. And Anna… Well, for Anna, you can just read the Sinners.

Download The Sinners – free chapter of Slaves To Desire.

Author: Eli Gilic

Title: Slaves to Desire

Stories By Karina Bloom

Her name is a pseudonym. She is a woman in her 40s with two University Degrees in Science and a full-time job that can be very stressful. But this anonymous lady has a secret hobby, which she hides from all of her colleagues and friends. She is in love with erotica and sex. She likes to meet new people, play various roles, and explore her hidden desires. And this lady thinks that the human brain is the sexiest part of any man. Karina finds highly intelligent men very attractive. Most of her stories are inspired by her personal experiences, which she enjoys sharing.

You can read Larina Bloom’s erotic stories on her blog: Karina Bloom.

Into Another World

M.R. Leenysman is ready to push us into a world of madness with his science-fiction erotic novel Into Another World.

This brief blurb will show you what we mean: On his way home from a fraternity party, Ted Jackson gets surrounded by swirling, colored fog. When he emerges and unlocks the door to his rented house, he discovers two women making love in his bedroom. Except, nothing is furnished the same. Soon, he discovers that he has passed…

Author: M.R. Leenysman

Title: Into Another World

Here you can learn more about Into Another World.

Embracing the Storm

From Rianne Burnett, the author of multiple erotic novels, we have a new title that will make your blood boil.

Her books are special, to say the least. Rianne’s goal is to provide the reader with a journey that puts sex and intimacy into a speculative context. Regardless of what you prefer, supernatural or paranormal, sex is meant to be enjoyed, and Rianne is very eager to take you on that wild ride.

Embracing the Storm is her latest novel. Ophelia Madden goes for a hike. The next thing she knows, she’s caught in a storm and getting rescued by a handsome stranger. That meeting sends her life into a tailspin that she has no choice but to accept and embrace.

Author: Rianne Burnett

Title: Embracing the Storm

Berlin Heat

Frank Noir sets the journey straight to Berlin. Adam and Megan are in a very passionate relationship. The main features of their flourishing sexual life are submission and domination. They decide to go on a “second honeymoon” in Berlin. To make things more interesting, Adam pushes his imagination into play. His invention of one simple rule will throw both of them into a turmoil of sweaty sexual encounters.

Author: Frank Noir

Title: Berlin Heat

She Plays: A Hotwife Story

“Her hair is red, but that’s not why her mother named her Scarlett. Her mother named her Scarlett because somewhere back in their family tree there was a bank-robbing ancestor named Scarlett. My wife is named after her. Not that my wife robs banks. She doesn’t. She plays.”

This is how the book starts. It’s very hard not to visit the page and read more about the hotwife and her adventures.

Author: Matthew Lee

Title: She Plays: A Hotwife Story

A Bouquet of Gardenias

For a long time, Fiona was trapped in a marriage without love. She is also desperate to have a child but couldn’t conceive with her husband. However, destiny decides to intervene. A few years ago, Fiona briefly met a woman named Jenny. Through the assistance of her husband, Steve, Jenny invokes hope in Fiona and offers her a chance to get pregnant.

Author: Judy Kemp

Title: A Bouquet of Gardenias

Lead Gilded Delights

Emily Grey is a freshman. Because of her easy-going approach to life, she fails her exams. That makes Emily consider her attitudes that could easily waste the plans for her future. But all is not lost. She receives a letter about a new scheme in which she will be given a second chance. This second chance comes at a very expensive price, which is painful, humiliating, and shockingly arousing.

Emily’s life changes. New notions about discipline are quietly introduced without most people even being aware of them.

Title: Lead Gilded Delights

Author: Leina Kedi

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