Quotes to Remember and Apply During Difficulties

Life is the greatest teacher of wisdom. Quotes are the art of wise ones. Those short sayings which transform thousand-word complexities into one sentence simplicities are, by the opinion of many people, worth remembering an applying during difficult times. The nature of some quotes is to give us a push when we are tired and want to give up on something. Some of them remind us how being alive is important, one point to the significance of love while others remind as to stop for a moment and express thanks for everything we have. There are as many kinds of quotes as there are feelings and situations in life. However, one wise saying distinguishes itself from all the others. We heard it many times but have never considered its content to be of great importance or wisdom. Despite being unnoticeable this quote is the king of explanations regarding the nature of the mare existence as it elaborates the core of everything in three simple words.

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Existential King Quote – Secret of the Little Box

A dying father gave two little wooden boxes to his son. One was black and another one was red. He instructed the son to open the black box when he feels that he is going through his darkest times and to leave red for the moments of the greatest happiness. Son listened and, both times, after the death of his wife and the birth of his grandson, when opening an appropriate box, encountered the same sentence: “It will pass.”

It will pass.

This simple but universal three-word wisdom branched into many directions:

  • Temporary is not a feature but a gene integrated into every particle of existence.
  • Change is the only certainty.
  • Passing through is the only home we have.
  • Passing is the breath of life.
  • Will passing pass? Somehow it will.

Whatever hardship you face or however good you feel, it is all going to pass. Yet sometimes we need more than a philosophical explanation. We yearn for something to lift us up. After all, the most prominent purpose of quotes is to affect our mindset in a positive manner. In the moments of life when we are near giving up from something, the stage is reserved for motivational quotes.

Motivational Quotes – Fate vs Reality

Mountains as a representation of motivation

Motivational Tops

Winston Churchill once said a great thing: “If you are in hell keep going.” It is a universal recipe for overcoming hardships. Wounds heal, scars fade, but the glory is forever is suitable concatenation on Winston’s saying. Statements like these are capable of at least making people think a little bit more before quitting due to fear, pain or frustration. But not all quotes are so euphoric. Wounds heal or not. In another case, there are no scars to fade as corpses decay to feed worms. Glory is a matter of luck. Most of the popular motivational quotes are based on the promotion of fate and assumption about the inclination of the universe to provide aid to those that work hard and believe in success. On the other hand, many realistic sayings that oppose motivational quotes are considered for demotivation and manifestation of lack of spirit and fate. However, this is far from the truth as such sayings exist to induce us to think better before engaging in ventures to achieve our goals:

  • Know your limits. It will allow you to maneuver yourself and survive on dangerous paths.
  • Accept fear. Not to control you, but to remind you and guard you against the dangers ahead.
  • Don’t always invest all of your strength. No sprint could survive the marathon.
  • Sometimes, even when you did everything right, goals will not be achieved. The same applies to the opposite state of things.

None of the previously listed quotes said people should give up. They are only a good overture to what Confucius said: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Besides goals and motivation, love takes the most prominent part of people’s lives. Therefore it has inspired some of the greatest quotes in the history of literature.

Love Quotes – No Cliche

Pages from a book set to for a heart

Heart from a book page against a beautiful sunset.

Sad Love Breakup Status

There is darkness. In it, there is the rebellion of light. Love makes all of it irrelevant. Many have compared love with the eternal struggle between darkness and light. But there were many of those who raised the most nobble of all feelings above the existential conflicts:

  • Without love, we would only have days, nights, and everything else.
  • True love is like something that could be compared with nothing.
  • There is no love in this world, but in the one that is born within us.
  • The shade is the way love works between light and dark.
  • Freefall is the law of love. The earth’s heart is equally impatient to hug a mouse, a lion, and an elephant.
  • People are born with one debt they owe to themselves – the feel love.
  • The heart cannot be broken. It can be stripped of fate which is even worse.
  • True love requires broken hearts. Besides fate, second attempts witness the willingness to pay an infinite price for something that will eventually end.
  • You should not watch who you love as a choice has nothing to do with loving another.
  • To love means to be blinded with sight.
  • True love might require strength and sacrifice as the welfare of your lover might be far from you.

Funny Quotes – Art of Wise Jokes

Quotes are also there to help us have fun. What makes this kind of quotes special is that a joke is given the capability of expressing a great wisdom and importance. Such sayings are considered to be the peak of art wisdom can reach.

It is only when a fly lands on your testicles that you realize there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.

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Strength Quotes

As it has already been stated quotes are often used in service of making a positive impact on your mindset. The nature of positive impact may vary from one situation to another. There are a lot of quotes from the ancient states that were spread around the population in order to help transform man into warriors. One of the most famous sayings of this kind came from the Greek philosopher Socrates:

No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

However, being a warrior requires far more attributes than being strong. Tolstoy said: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” There are many sayings that promote strength and fighting as one of the main virtues:

  • Fighting against evil is not a choice, but an imperative.
  • The mind is a greater warrior than the sword. However, the soul is a greater warrior than the mind.
  • A warrior conquers more in one day than a coward in a lifetime.
  • The strength of a warrior is not defined by the wars he wins, but the times he seeks peace.

Quote Injection – How Often Should We Read Them?

Another important question regarding quotes is how often should we read them. It is no secret that you-tube motivational videos that mix quotes with epic music and video-clips gather millions of views and followers. After watching some of these clips, from being down people start to feel pumped and ready for action. Yet, every medicine, after a certain period of time, loses the effect and requires dosage to be increased. It is no different with quotes. While it is more than a good thing to engage with wisdom and read smart sayings of experienced minds too much sequential repetition of the same action can lead us to the state of taking all of it for granted. There is a danger that after spending one they after another on watching motivational videos, music, and scenes, words will lose the ability to touch us deeply and produce the change in our mind. It is the reason why we should disperse our activities in different directions and leave the quotes for rare occasions.

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