Prostitution Among Animals: Do Penguins Go To Brothels?

Prostitution among animals had always been an attractive topic. Especially when it comes to penguins whose sexual life offers us so much to learn about. Those birds of ice that will never fly are known for their family life and love, but are also famous for adultery, homosexuality, and, believe it or not, prostitution. But that does not mean that penguins go to brothels. It is the other way around. Brothels come to them.

Prostitution in Animal World – Do Penguins Go To Brothels?

Besides human beings, penguins are possibly the only animals that have developed the practice of the oldest craft. This applies to Antarctic peninsula penguins and the time period at the end of their short summer. As the end of the summer is nearing, the weather is getting warmer. Melting of ice threatens to flood simple stone nests penguins have made which is why they have to build embankments to save their homes. Females need to acquire fresh pebbles required to build protections. Stealing is common together with scuffles. But some females have found ways to avoid getting beaten up. They target males who haven’t found mating partners. They usually live at the edge of penguin colonies. Those males are very desperate to spread their seed which is why they gladly go and participate in the hunt for pebble. When they come back their prize awaits. The cunny female shuffles up with a deep bow and a coquettish sideways glance. This way she expresses her willingness to copulate with him. Sex happens very swiftly and it is not unusual for an inexperienced male to miss their target.

However, this is not where the story ends. Females do not stay in the nest of their new male. They take pebble into their beak and go back to their original nest. Some females even omit the sex and take pebbles only after flirting.

Is It Really A Prostitution?

However, the question occurs: is that really prostitution? Some scientists dispute such claims explaining the mas a consequence of androcentrism bias that induces researchers to project their own gender assumptions on non-human animals. What really happens is that females bend to put pebbles into their beaks. Males misinterpret their guest and attempt to copulate. According to this approach, a female had no intentions of engaging in intercourse. But the male had intentionally chosen to misinterpret her gesture. This is assumed due to a fact that rapes are very often in the world of penguins.

If you like the topic of the oldest craft you can read more about the history of prostitution.

Female Penguins – Not Just Prostitutes But Gold Diggers As Well

Seal raping king penguin

Seal raping king penguin

While pebbles are important factor females don’t engage in the oldest craft only for them. Another reason for doing so is to make their future safer. If their current male dies females have made sure that they will have another male to go to. As for the male, he engages in sex for motives no different than satisfaction. And the number of prostitutes is very low. Only 2-3 percent of females sell their bodies for stone and possible finding of the future mate.

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