Is Reincarnation True? Old Souls And Previous Lives Are Real

Is reincarnation true – the question many have asked. Could it be real that we have lived before and that, after death, we are going to live again? That there are old souls that have lived many previous lives while young ones have had only a few or even just one? In this article, we are going to answer the question if there are any pieces of evidence to back up the story of previous lives or is it all just vanity. We will elaborate on the famous case of the Pollock twins. But first, we will go into deep detail in explaining what is an old soul and how does reincarnation really work.

What is Old Soul?

Old souls are the ones who lived many times. Some say that the old souls are bond to the first generation of human beings. Others believe that souls on this planet are not limited by humankind and think that we encounter souls who lived as different beings even long before the first humans walked this earth. Whatever is the case, great wisdom is the main feature of those who were born many times and had lived many lives. Have you ever met and hanged out with a young person who, despite his/her age, possessed a great amount of wisdom that seemed so natural? If you did it was most probably an old soul. Proceeding are some features and misconceptions about old souls.

Old Souls Don’t Care For Money? Yes Or No

While it is widely believed that old souls don’t seek material wealth it isn’t necessarily the case. Most of the time it is, but there are occasions in which their strives are opposite to expectations. However, what is important to understand is that the old soul never seeks money in a form of paper so it can make amalgamations of it. Old souls perceive wealth as an instrument for affecting reality and being capable to achieve their goals and live lives according to their nature.

Deep Conversations And Lack Of Ability For Small Talk

As you might already assume, you can have very deep and meaningful conversations with an old soul. And you can always get good advice. What distinguishes old souls from others is that they will try to enhance your growth. Their advice will almost never tell you what to do but is going to push you to listen to yourself and seek what is the best choice for you. Or better to say for the current stage of your personality. It is because old souls understand that development goes stage by stage and that you need to pass every experience in order to come to the point of your ascending.

While deep talks are tremendous with them, small talk is not, to say the least. Old souls are not so good in chit-chats. While there are exceptions, most of those who lived many times will not be so good at discussing car sales or football results.

Lone Wolves

Old souls need a lot of time to be alone. Despite the pleasure that hanging out with some people may provide to them, old souls will always tend to take some time for themselves. They need it to be alone with their thoughts – imagination and fantasies.

How Does Reincarnation Work And What is Karma Really?

How does reincarnation work and what is karma – another question that needs to be explained thoroughly. Reincarnation is the belief that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life after the biological death of a body. It is the base concept of most Indian religions. After a body goes out of function an immortal soul goes inside the body of a new infant and the circle continues. Karma is an essential part of reincarnation.

How Does Karma Work?

Karma means deed. The wide belief is that karma works in a manner that good deeds will be paid back with good things and the opposite – wrongdoings will lead an individual into eventual suffering. The way we live our lives is tightly connected with our reincarnation. It means that if we were good persons we are going to be reborn as healthy and wealthy. However, if we were in bad and did a lot of evil during our lifetime, the penalty to pay is being born as poor, sick, and oppressed. While this might seem like a whole explanation of karma it is far from complete and right only partially.

Is Karma Punisher or a Teacher?

Karma is a teacher

Karma is there to teach us

Karma does not exist only to give you what you deserve. It does, but only if you understand that every being deserves to develop. The goal of karma is not to make you suffer but to induce you to understand, learn and develop. This leads us back to the old souls. They are very wise and possess great knowledge that had to be learned somewhere. And during their many previous lives, they most certainly had to make mistakes. Karma then gave them lessons.

Life works contrary to schools. First, it gives you a test. Then, it teaches you a lesson. The choices and the nature of your mistakes are from where karma extracts the state of your soul and decides what is the next lesson you need and in what circumstances are you going to be reborn. If you were, for example, first time born as a rich man who discriminated poor, held them for the lower forms of existence, was impudent and insolent, and remained that way until your death, your next life will probably start in high poverty. That way you will be able to experience the submitted position and see that things aren’t the way you perceived them to be from the top. You will get what you deserve in a form of a lesson rather than punishment. And you will suffer but not because karma wants to punish you but teach you of your mistakes.

It is why remained that way until your death is emphasized. If your spirituality develops and you realize and acknowledge you were wrong then karma will give you a completely different test. You might be reborn as a wealthy man once again. But that man will be set in front of different temptations and challenges that will help him develop according to the stage he or she is currently in. And if you think that it is not justly for someone to do many wrong things and gets away with it, believe me, every soul gets its fair share of both happiness and suffering. It is because losses and prizes are inevitable in every growth.

The Reach of Karma

In previous sentences, we discussed karma and its effect on reincarnation. But it’s not all about being reborn. Karma observes us and manifests itself within our life-time even when it comes to short-term actions. Sometimes, to give us a quick lesson and sometimes to remind us of what we already know. Did you ever find yourself in the situation of being extremely angry and accidentally hitting your knee to the edge of the table? The anger backed up in front of excruciating pain. According to believers, that pain was sent by karma to remind them that anger is just one letter away from danger. It is an example of short-term karma that we, in its concept, face on a daily basis.

Pieces of Evidence of Previous Lives

What you have read up until now was a brief explanation of the concept below karma and reincarnation. In the next part of the article, you will read one of the most convincing stories about the previous life. This story, as well as all the others, is a consequence of the brain somehow managing to get a hold of memories that belonged to the soul’s previous body from the previous time.

John and Florence – Pollock Twins

Twin Sisters Reincarnation

Twin sisters reincarnation

John and Florence were an England couple living in Hexam. Both of them were Christians. But deep down, long before temptations came, John believed in reincarnation. He was 9 when he first encountered the concept of rebirth in the novel he was reading. During his childhood, John often prayed to get the proof of reincarnation and prove himself right and priests wrong. As for Florence, she became a catholic when marrying John.

John And Florence got their first daughter Joanna in 1946. Five years later they conceived another child and Florence gave birth to Jacqueline. Sisters were very close. Joanna, as the older one, constantly mothered Jacqueline. They both seemed like two normal girls with a happy childhood. However, from time to time, Joanna would stop whatever she was doing (playing, studying) and say that she was never going to be a lady. That she said in the context of implying that she believes she is never going to grow up.

When Jacqueline was three, she fell into an empty bucket and got a permanent scar on her forehead right over her right eye and close to her nose. Jacqueline also had a birthmark on her left waist.

On 7 May 1957, Joana was 11 and Jacqueline 6. They were going to church when a mentally disturbed female driver who previously tried to kill herself with pills ran over them with her car killing the twins instantly.

Needless to say that parents were struck with great grief. John and Florence nearly divorced because John kept repeating that God will return their girls as twins after Florence conceives again. And believe it or not, it is exactly what happened.

Later that year Florence got pregnant. The doctor said she is carrying only one child. However, John believed it was going to be twins. And eventually, on October 4, 1958 Florence did give birth to twins. Their names were Jillian and Jennifer. Jennifer was born with a birthmark above her eye on the exact place where Jacqueline had her scar. And she also had a birthmark on her left waist. The couple interpreted this as a gift from heaven. They decided to start over and they moved to Whitley Bay.

However, the news of reincarnated girls started circulating around the area and even reached the national press. The story drew the attention of psychologist Stevenson who decided to explore the matter himself.

When twins were three years their parents gave them the box of toys their deceased sisters used to play. And girls split the toys in the exact way Joana and Jacqueline did. But that was not all. When they thought nobody is listening girls would whisper to each other, “It is going to hit us.” They feared traffic. Jillian would also hold Jennifer’s head and say, “Blood is coming out of your eyes.” When John went to identify his dead daughters Jacqueline’s head was bandaged over her eyes. Jillian also used to point to Jennifer’s head and say that she got that scar when she fell in a bucket. Girls also had a great aversion to traffic and believe that car is going to kill them. Jillian mothered Jennifer in the same way Joana mothered Jacqueline. What the doctor founded most astonishing was that sisters were monozygotic twins. It meant they were genetically identical. And he just couldn’t explain Jennifer’s birthmarks.

When they were age 5 memories of their deceased sisters completely disappeared. From that point on sisters just kept leading completely normal lives. Even their aversion towards cars and traffic disappeared.

While every story can be disputed the case of the Pollock twins is too much to be a pure coincidence. Especially the part with birthmarks.

Conclusion – True Or False?

This story was provided to prove reincarnation. We didn’t touch the topic of their souls being old or not. Neither there are indications to make an estimate. But the whole story implies a certain celestial deal to prove reincarnation. John prayed for it since he was a boy and it seems that life gave him exactly what he yearned for.

Yet besides birthmarks, other pieces of evidence are not really so firm. This is due to the fact that the mother and father are the main witnesses.

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