Is Donald Trump Holding Black Friday Slavery As His Last Ace?

Black Friday slavery was always a sensitive topic. And the year 2020 is special when it comes to revealing the truth. Not only because the Black Friday Slavery book appeared. It is special because the whole swirl about the dark origins of the biggest shopping day is happening during the raging pandemic and the election chaos in which Donald Trump struggles to dispute Biden’s victory. More than once, Donald Trump announced that he holds something great that is yet to be revealedCould it be the truth related to Black Friday slavery?

Donald Trump And the Black Friday Slavery Myth? 

Donald Trump didn’t give any significant statements related to the matter. But on September 17th, 2020, he was accused of downplaying slavery and presenting those who emphasize brutal historical facts related to slavery as manipulators trying to indoctrinate school children and shame their parents’ “whiteness.” That enraged a significant part of the Afro-American community. It also affected the election results. But Trump still claims that elections are far from over and plans to continue the battle to the court. That could, among many other outcomes, result in repeating the elections in some of the states where Afro-American votes could make the difference. Therefore, the question is: Could it be that Donald Trump plans to announce something related to Black Friday slavery? It could be the acknowledgment of the dark truth and an apology to the Afro-American community.

Black Friday slavery is a very debatable claim, to say the least. We have interviewed the author of the book who claims that the biggest shopping day was deeply related to slavery. But there are still thousands of historians that think differently.

Yet there are many members of the Afro-American community that, based on the brutality against enslaved Africans, believe that the pre-Civil-war era was marked by very dark customs which, in some places, encompassed mass selling of slaves on the day after Thanksgiving. Trump’s potential announcement that Black Friday is based on slavery could gain him sympathies and thousands of additional votes. Promoting the idea of a Black Friday boycott could achieve the same goal. However, a boycott would damage many businesses which would decrease the support of both big and small entrepreneurs. But avoiding mall stampedes and allowing many individuals to retain their dignity would be a unique act no president of the U.S. has done in years.
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How Likely Is This to Happen?

Although this might seem like an attractive idea, it is not so likely that any of this is going to happen. It is almost certain that Trump is soon going to become an ex-president of the U.S. The possibility of a court case is only a long shot. And claims of Black Friday slavery could also enrage a big part of the community because it could be perceived as an attempt of manipulation. This could result in an even bigger defeat for Donald Trump. But regardless of the elections, it is a fact that from the end of the Revolutionary war until the end of the Civil War, the U.S. was a slave society, which celebrated Thanksgiving. George Washington, the first U.S. president died owning 300 slaves which he freed in his will only after his wife’s death. Such facts supported by formal history could hardly allow anyone to present individuals who put an emphasis on slavery in the American past in any negative context. Especially the president.

It is important to note is that this is not a political article. Our website does not support either Biden or Trump. But we do, by all means, hope to enhance the consciousness about the dark history of both the world and the U.S. in which human beings were treated like chattel. This especially applies to enslaved Africans during the Atlantic slave trade. Fifteen million Africans were transported from Africa to the shores of the New World, where they lived and died as slaves.

Whoever turns to be the new U.S. president, we hope that the matters of slavery and racial issues are going to be further investigated. Because it is a fact that the Afro-American community is still being victimized by racism and something must be done about it.

Black lives matter!


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