Is Christmas Evil? Dark Origins Revealed

Is Christmas evil is the question that emerged together with the revealing of the dark origins present in the foundation of one of the world’s most popular tradition. Christmas is widely known as the day on which Jesus Christ was born. Together with Easter, it is considered the most prominent holiday in the Christian religion. But it’s origins are not so bright.

Why Do Some People Think That Christmas Is Evil?

The answer to this question lays in the old Roman tradition that predates the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Back in old Rome where winters weren’t so harsh, today’s pre-Christmas time was reserved for Saturnalia. The holiday represented the observation of Saturn, the god of agriculture. The celebration started at the beginning of the weak in which winter solstice took place. Celebrations were featured by hedonism. In the old times, hedonism encompassed much more than enjoying the abundance of food and drink. There were many rituals, shows, and orgies as well.

But that was not all. This was the time when another interesting occurrence would take place – the inversion of social structure. For a month, slaves would elevate to the position of masters and peasants would take control over the city. As for the business and schools, it was all closed because the most important thing was to allow everyone to have a fun time.

Saturn – Kronos The Child Eater

Mutilation of Uranus, the father of Kronos that inspired the creation of the Roman deity Saturn

Mutilation of Uranus

Roman Saturn was inspired by Greek Kronos. Kronos, as you might know, was the titan that ate his babies. But he was also the one who castrated his father Uranus, the lord of the universe, with the great stone sickle received from his mother Gaia. Saturn’s second wife Lua was the goddess of destruction and collected weapons of her killed enemies.

Mithra – Infant Baby Born From Rock

When it comes to December 25, the date was also reserved for the celebration of Mithra. Mithra was an infant god who was born out of a rock. For many Romans, Mithra’s birthday was the most sacred day of the year. The divinity slaughtered a bull and shared a banquet with the sun.

Did Mithra Inspire Jesus?

We all know that the fecundation of Jesus’s mother didn’t happen according to the regular laws of human biology. According to the Bible, she was the only virgin ever to give birth to a child. While the relation between Jesus and Mithra might seem little to none at first, we need to keep in mind that the church needed to adjust many stories in order to cover heathen traditions with the Christian religion. Mithra was born from the rock. And nature has no greater symbol of infertility than stones. Having something grow from the rock itself is considered the highest miracle possible.

Jesus also came to life in a similar manner. His mother gave him birth without having sexual intercourse with a man. The same concept of miracle is present with Mithra and Jesus. They came to be from where life could not be born without a miracle. Therefore, it is very likely that in its attempt to spread Christianity across the empire, the church adjusted the birth of Jesus Christ with Mithra and allowed religion to gain additional sympathies of the heathen population.

Followers of Mithra were the main rivals of Christians. When victims gained strength they became the aggressors. And so, in the 4th century, Christians even organized prosecutions seeking to annihilate all who still worshiped the heathen god. And they have succeeded. Until the end of the 4th century, there was no known follower of Mithra left. But the true darkness of Chrismas is no more no less but on the date of Jesus’s birth.

When Was Jesus Born?

Birth of Jesus Chrsit

The Brith of Jesus Christ

December 25 is not likely the real date of Jesus’s birth. The bible does not state the precise day when Jesus was born while some pieces of evidence imply it might have been spring.

December 25th – Evil Roots Of Christmas

This date holds dark motives below the actions of people who established Christmas. We know that December 25th was reserved for celebrating Mithra’s birthday. And the cult of Mithra was the main rival of the church. In the 4th century Pope Julius I proclaimed December 25th for Jesus’s birthday. As we already said, this was the century featured by Christians prosecuting followers of Mithra. Prosecutions ended in killing all who refused to renounce the old god. All these statements supported by formal history witness the bloodshed that took place to turn the birthday of Mithra into the birthday of Jesus Christ. But it was not all about Mithra. This time of year was preceded by Saturnalia. As the god of agriculture, Saturn was one of the main deities and foundation pillars of Roman mythology. In order to establish domination, the church had to bring it down. Saturnalia lasted from December 17 to December 23. Worshiping Mithra two days later was like a crown. Eliminating infant god born from the rock was going to absorb heathen traditions. But what is really terrifying is the way in which Saturnalia was observed.

How Did Celebrations of Saturnalia Look Like?


Observation of Roman Saturnalia That Inspired Church To Create Christmas

Observation of Roman Saturnalia Which Inspired Church To Create Christmas

During the festival, all business would be set toa halt. Schools and even courts of law would be closed. Basic social patterns would be changed for new forms of behavior and relations.

The decoration was a very important feature. People would put wreaths and greenery all across their homes. Old Romans also shed their traditional togas and decorated them with colorful straps. Slaves didn’t have to work and during the festival, their masters were the ones to serve them with food and drink. As for the activities, people gambled, feasted, danced and, the most important of all, give each other gifts.

Kindness, decorations, and gifts are a few things that sound very familiar to those who celebrated or witnessed the celebration of modern Christmas. This induces us to question the basic morality of institutions that played a key role in establishing Christianity as the prevalent religion.

Is Church Evil?

Christian church prosecuted and killed followers of Mithra whose birthday it turned into the day Jesus was born. It did it to absorb the strength of heather traditions present in Saturnalia which celebrations included the main features of today’s Christmas. Throughout history, the church proved to be a wise politician and a company rather than an institution for nurturing spirituality. It would take elements of heathen religions and incorporate them into the story of one god. This way, heathen would decrease their resistance. And celebrations would remain in place except the names were changed. Instead of Mithra the December 25 started belonging to Jesus Christ. There is a very similar story with Easter and Ostara. You might have noticed that there is no Easter bunny in the Bible. Eggs and bunnies were symbols of the old Germanic goddess of spring called Ostara. She resurrected a dying bird and transformed it into a white hare she named Lepus. The hare eventually became her lover she cast him into stars below the feet of a hunter.

And Christmas and Easter are not the only examples of this. The same applies to most of the Christian customs. Many of the saints are heathen gods in disguise. And most of the church’s actions throughout human history were to adapt and modify what already exists so that the enforcement it implemented could find less the resistence.

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