God Parody - Should We Have Fun With The Creator?

God parody has been surrounded by controversy for decades. And should we have fun with the Creator is a question that still remains an object of doughty debates. Many believers firmly believe that the name of the lord is, by all means, no matter for mockery and base their arguments on the fact that so many people find themselves highly insulted and degraded when what they perceive as holly is presented as a clown and used for jokes. God humor has even resulted in murders and terrorist attacks. On the other hand, almost all artisans supported by numerous free-minded people will be thrilled with worthy pieces of books and movies that turn religion into an instrument for laughter. In today’s analysis, we are going to extract motives from the not-so-famous but still phenomenal book titled “He Is Suing God.” Some of the most interesting questions this parody goes around are:

  • Who All Wants to Sue God?
  • Should God Be Judged?
  • Should God Be Killed?
  • Who Was The First Woman: Eve or Lilith?
  • If God is omnipotent can he create the rock he cannot lift?
  • Did God molest his children in Heaven?
  • How Will The Armageddon Look Like?

Who Wants To Sue God?

Seymour, the history teacher and the protagonist of the novel is the one who has a crucial piece of evidence against the creator. But he is not the only one nor the first one that wants to press charges. Eve, Lilith, Red Riding Hood and thousands of other imaginary and celestial beings all want to sue Him and once and for all, bring God to justice. Why? The reason is simple, they all have a certain quarrel with him. Eve, for example, wants to sue God for child molestation. Some guys consider him to be an accomplice to evil due to his omnipotence.

Should God Judged?

One of the most important parts of the Christianity and core question of this book is the question of Judgement. It is not ours to judge because only God can do it, says the church. But is that really so or should people prevent themselves from judging so that God can never end up on the other side of the court. God is omnipotent. Therefore, if not anything else, he could prevent innocent people from getting hurt or killed. But instead, with all of his power, he does nothing. He just stands and watches. That makes him an accomplice to evil. But even if that was not the case, he still has a lot to answer for.

Job was an honorable believer who had a family and land and had worked hard on fields to provide his beloved ones with what is necessary for a good life. And one day, God decides to accept Devil’s offer and have a bet so he can prove the purity of Job’s fate. Therefore, he let the plague kill Job’s whole family and strips him of everything he had. To make things even worse, after a time God gives him much more wealth than he had before and a whole new family and the Bible presents it in a positive context. The problem is that replacing the old family with a new one is like we speak of things rather than whole human lives. And to do all of that, just so He could prove the devil wrong?

And that is only one of many moments in which God deserved to be punished. What about Jesus? Is it normal for a father to watch as his son gets crucified and do nothing? Why keep people back from acknowledgement?

If Could, Should People Kill God?

If God is brought to court he would probably face charges that would bring the death penalty in the game. Providing that we could do it, should we kill God? And if we kill him, what happens next? This question is floating around from the first sentence of the book. As long as God is alive people are going to wait for his help. However, with having him dead, there will be no celestial help to hope for. Could God’s death enhance people to take full responsibility and start relying on themselves rather than waiting for a supreme being who could not even exist to come from clouds and make everything right?

Who Was The First Woman On Earth: Eve Or Lilith?

One of the strongest quarrels in the book is the one between Lilith and Eve. The question of who was the first woman on earth is all about the relationship between ladies and gentlemen as well as the position a woman should have when compared to a man. According to old Hebrew teachings Lilit was created at the same time as Adam. They were both made from earth and God intended them to be equal. However, Lilith was highly disobedient and God replaced her with Eve. Eve was created from Adam’s rib and was intended to serve him.

If He Is Omnipotent Can God Create A Rock He Cannot Lift?

This question is possibly as old as human kinds or at least the science of logic. It exploits the paradox of omnipotence. Because if you can do everything then you can find everything as well. Therefore, God should be capable of finding something he cannot do. If he can’t find it, then God is not omnipotent. If he finds something he cannot do then he is not omnipotent either. And whole this fuss is based on the logical system which encompasses contradictions claiming that there are things that mutually exclude each other. However, if you think a little better, in our nature a phenomenon of mutual exclusion does not exist. In that case, everything is possible. Even that what is not possible. But if that is the case, it means that the darkest evil can be the brightest good and the other way around.

Did God Molest His Children in Heaven?

God created Adam and took his rib to make Eve. Both of them were naked. When they run behind bushes to hide their nakedness and admitted they are ashamed, the Creator exiled them from Heaven. According to human standards, not letting your kids wear any clothes is, by all means, molestation. But it’s not just that. According to Christianity, we are all brothers and sisters. It means that Eve had one same man for a brother and a husband. And the two of them copulated into the rest of humanity. No wonder our civilization is rich with people who have questionable mental capacities. While some might hold these arguments childish and say that the Bible should not be interpreted literally, it is exactly what the book is playing with.

What are the norms that will tell us what we should interpret literally and what should be allowed to fly with metaphors? Because if we should make space and not firmly hold to what is written then 10 commandments can be malformed meaning that killing and sleeping with your brother’s wife can sometimes be ok.

How Will The Armageddon Look Like?

Today, everything is about shopping and commercials. The world has turned into one big store. According to “He Is Suing God” this makes it very likely that armageddon could come in from of the biggest Black Friday mall stampede ever.

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