Foot Fetish Manual - How To Tell a Lady You Would Like To Kiss Her Feet?

Many of you with a foot fetish have asked yourselves at least once: How do I tell a woman I would like to kiss her feet? It is how the foot fetish manual came to exist.

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What Is Foot Fetish Manual?

Foot Fetish Manual is work intended to help you achieve a set of skills that will help you induce most of the ladies to fill your feet-related sexual fantasies. Despite being considered to be odd foot-fetish is the most usual fetish after boobs and ass. According to some surveys every fifth male has it. But according to additional explorations and anonymous polls, it is only that every seventh male from those with foot-fetish dares to openly speak of his inclinations with women and fill his fantasies. There are two main reasons why this is the case:

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  • Shame
  • Fear of rejection

The manual is written to help you cope with both. But besides eliminating emotions that bar you from seizing the pleasure there is an additional set of features you should integrate into your communication with women.

You need to learn the next few things:

  • How to pick the right woman
  • How to check if a lady is open to your fetish
  • How to properly “unshoe” your lady when the time comes

How to Pick The Right Woman?

The most important thing for high-quality sexual life is to pick the right woman. It is because finding the right match is the only thing that can allow you to fulfill your desires and enjoy your fantasies. The mere fact that you have a fetish makes you unusual. Therefore, you will need to look for open-minded ladies that are more likely to accept you as you are. And not just to accept you, but to enjoy your tastes as well. However, it is not so easy to assess which lady is more or less likely to be the right fit. However, there are indicators that can tell you if a woman is “foot-fetishable” or not long before you speak the first word.

How to Check if A Lady Is Open to Your Fetish?

When you engage in conversation with your potential partner there are many ways to establish if she is the right fit for you or not. During conversations, you should give quiet indications about your tastes. This you are going to do so you can observe her reactions and extract conclusions. One of the most usual ways to do it is to mention the foot massage you got after the gym session. But there are many more interesting and original ways to do it smoothly. The next important step is to watch her reaction and know how to interpret it right. Extremely loud and negative reactions don’t really have to be an indicator of her real attitudes. But the topic is too broad and has a whole chapter in a manual.

How to Properly “Unshoe” Your Lady?

After you have passed the steps that lead to action it is important to know how to perform right. You need to be confident and appear as you are aware and know what are you doing. The first physical contact with her foot should not seem clumsy. And the “unshoing” should feel like a holy rite and be featured by elegancy and smoothness.


Foot Fetish Manual helped many people achieve the capability of fulfilling their fantasies. However, we all need to see it in order to believe it. You can also check it on amazon: Foot Fetish Manual: How To Tell Your Lady You Would Like To Kiss Her Feet?

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