Erotic Stories From Serbian Brothels

If you like erotica this novel is a must. The original name of the book is “Stories From The Brothel.” Briefly, Nikola Matovic, the young suicidal painter obsessed with woman’s feet and addicted to brothels, struggles on his way to becoming rich and famous. He lives in Serbia, a poor European country full of corruption that makes it nearly impossible for people to raise regardless of their talent and abilities. Nikola’s story starts with the decision he makes as a high-school senior student – to lose virginity in a brothel. From that point on, his life is reduced to painting and coping to find the money required for filling his sexual fantasies throughout Serbian pleasure houses. Eventually, a woman with a dark past enters his life and turns his world upside-down.

Stories From The Brothel

Stories From The Brothel by Mr. W. is a trilogy with its first part published in the middle of 2020 by Pink Flamingo. Here you can download “Stories From The Brothel” first few chapters. And through this link, you can get a paperback of the book. Here you can get an ebook. And down below, you can read more about the novel.

Here you can download Stories From The Brothel free chapters.

Foot Fetish, Ambition And Suicide

Erotic Novel With Foot Fetish

Erotic Novel With Foot Fetish

The three core motives in the book are foot fetish, ambition, and suicidal urges. The last is, in a twisted way, part of the painter’s family legacy whose father and grandmother both hanged themselves.

Foot Fetish Obstacles, Burdens, And Dilemmas

One of the main motives in the novel is foot fetish. There are millions of people with this sexual inclination all across the world. Chances are that you as well might be one of them. Many of them struggle with their urges and fear ladies might not accept their wishes kindly. Fear of being ridiculed and rejected are obstacles the painter Nikola Matovic encounters during his first steps in the world of perversion and sexual fantasies.

But the story of a foot fetish starts in his early childhood. When he was just a little toddler, Nikola felt incredible shame if someone out of his family would see him barefoot. The shame eventually passed but with puberty, new divergences occurred.

As a teenager, he starts to question his sanity because while all his buddies speak of tits and ass, he encounters incredible arousal by the mere look at pretty feet. After some time during which he even thinks of secretly going to a psychiatrist, he starts to realize that there wouldn’t be so many porns with feet if he was the first man in the world to have a foot fetish.

On his way to the brothel, while in a cab, he wonders how is he going to say to a girl that he wants to kiss her feet, lick her sole, or swallow her toes. These dilemmas are something many people with a foot fetish face. And when that encounter happens, it is like the second losing of virginity.

But as time goes and Nikola overcomes those obstacles, the full potential of pleasure present in having a foot fetish reveals. 

What Do Ladies Think Of Foot Fetish?

Foot-fetish is usually present with men, but some ladies have it too. However, this time we will hold on to the question of how ladies observe men with foot fetish which is another interesting thing this book really describes.

Nikola Matovic encounters many different types of women on his way. Most of the prostitutes consider foot fetish a normal thing. And they don’t make any questions when Nikola starts kissing their soles or sucking their toes. Those who are ticklish laugh or put on some nylon stockings to make it easier.

But some of them won’t even hear about men playing with their feet. The same applies to ladies that don’t professionally sell their bodies. What is interesting is that ladies who are absolutely against having their feet worship are usually very close-minded. Most of the time, it’s not about the physical inconvenience but a psychological obstacle that prevents them from allowing their partner to please himself with her body.

Foot Fetish Book

Foot Fetish Stories

Ambition And Suicide

As a man with highly sophisticated tastes, Nikola requires money to pleasure himself with beautiful women and things. Attractive ladies with pretty pedicured feet and high heels are out of the reach of his charm which is what brings him to brothels in the first place. There, as a highschool-senior who set off to the house of pleasure to lose his virginity, Nikola discovers the way of life correspondent to his nature. But for that, he needs a lot of money which he intends to earn through the only thing he is really good at – painting.

However, life in a poor and corrupted country is not kind to people with ambitions and expectations. It is what drives the young painter to the edge of suicide who starts to believe that there is nothing to live for.

The story of ambition and youth is as old as humankind itself. A young man travels through a hostile world in pursuit of happiness. You have very likely experienced this in real life, on your own skin. And endured great love and professional disappointments before you got where you wanted to be, or are still trying to do so.

High Intelligence, Loneliness, And Depression

The painter is a perfect example of an intelligent person with a problem to fit in. He just can’t be part of any herd. And all of his idle buddies are mad in some way and share an ambition to get rich. As for the relationships, Nikola just doesn’t believe in love. And he does not intend to deny reality and call the first woman available his soul mate. What truly destroys him is his urge to analyze everything. If, for example, someone is considered a good person, Nikola will ask: “How strong are his temptations to misuse the power he has and cause harm to others? It is easy to be good on a clean path.” If someone speaks of Jesus, Nikola answers with stories of old Romans and their god Mithra whose birthday was celebrated on December 25. This brings him in conflicts with his surroundings and makes his social life an additional burden.

Quarrel With God

Nikola has a quarrel with God in which he doesn’t even believe. But he needs someone to blame for his suffering. The reason Nikola hates the Creator is that he was born poor. The painter thinks there is no greater existential injustice than to put hedonists into poverty and limit their ways to go out of it.

He also believes that the main goal of churches, as well as other religious institutions, is to produce and maintain a cheap labor force.

Is There Love?

As we have already stated, the protagonist does not believe in love. He thinks that love is just a well-masked economy. The way Nikola sees it, most of the time, couples are made of people that have a similar social position. It is just a simple mating process in which males and females match up according to the level of features that are considered important. Through penetrative sex, they produce new beings and raise them to do the same. There is no magic in simple biological algorithms.

But during his journies through the world of perversion, he meets a very special woman who appears in a form Nikola perceives as his salvation. And, of course, she has very nice feet.

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