Do Animals Rape Each Other?

Yes, animals do rape each other. Apes and dolphins are known to enforce their females on sexual intercourse. However, sometimes rapings in the world of animals even exceed the limits of species. The most famous example of rape among animals is the seal who satisfied its sexual urges and frustrations on a penguin. To make things worse it is not an isolated case. Seals raping penguins is very near to being a common occurrence. To seals, it doesn’t matter if a penguin is a male or female. After the intercourse is over seals sometimes kill and eat the penguin.

Why Do Animals Rape Each Other?

The most common reason for enforcing copulation is the inability to induce the potential partner on mating through regular wooing. Apes, for example, commit raping so they ensure their genes are passed onto the next generation. It is a similar case with dolphins. And just like people, animals have their ways of fighting against rape. Dolphins in Western Australia form alliances to protect their females from rape.

Some would call it chivalry. However, their choice to guar females has nothing to do with their perception of good and evil. They do it only for the purposes of defending their territory and their mates which are tightly bound for their existence.

Cross-Species Rapes

We have already mentioned seals raping penguins. However, it is far from the only example of such an occurrence. From the early 1990s in South Africa, young elephants have been raping and killing rhinoceroses.

Why Do Elephants Rape And Kill Rhinos?

This kind of behavior had been reported in a number of reserves. In South Africa, three elephants have been tracked and found guilty of raping and killing 63 rhinoceroses. Scientists believe that this happens because elephants misplace rhinoceroses for uncooperative female elephants. However, elephants and rhinos are biologically incompatible and cant copulate. Ensuing inability to satisfy his sexual urge enrages elephants. They then spike rhinos on their tusks and kill them.

Animal Orgies And Sex Murders

Elephant seals are known for their harems. Males can gather from 20 to 300 female seals with the largest having over 1000 members. Elephant-seal males crush their females and sometimes even kill them.

Dolphins are no better either. Gangs of two or three dolphins isolate a female from the pod and forcibly mate with her. Sometimes their raping sessions can last for weeks. To keep their victim in line they make loud noises, sudden movements, and even clap her with their tales.

Llamas tend to attack donkeys. There are many videos in which a group of llamas enforce a female donkey on sexual intercourse. Scientists are not sure if they do it because of misplacing a female donkey for a female from their own species or just for fun and pleasure.

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Additional Interesting Facts

While this has nothing to do with rape it is still interesting to note. Did you know that pigs can have their orgasm last for 30 minutes?

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