Did Fyodor Dostoevsky Have a Foot Fetish?

Fyodor Dostoevsky had a foot fetish. The fact of a great Russian writer being attracted to pretty feet can be derived from scenes in his novels as well as love letters and memoirs of his mistress. In addition to his strange sexual inclinations, Fyodor was a compulsive gambler addicted to roulette. Being driven by both strange and destructive passions resulted in a life and memory encircled by clouds of controversy which, when discussed, cause great conflicts in literal communities.

Foot Fetish Manual: How To Tell Your Lady You Would Like To Kiss Her Feet?

Sexual Controversies: Is Foot Fetish a Fact or an Invention?

There is no way of denying that Fyodor’s novels are plentiful when it comes to scenes in which males fall below female’s feet. Considering the conservative times in which his books were created, when there were no freely written erotica novels as is the case today, sexual desires had to be expressed in a highly implicit manner. While being a positive piece of evidence, these scenes are only part of an argument. There are also memoirs of his mistress.


Stories From the Brothel – Novel About Foot Fetish And Suicide

Dostoevsky’s Mistress Polina Suslova

Polina Suslova - Dostoevsky's mistress

Polina Suslova – Dostoevsky’s mistress

Polina Suslova was a Russian short-story writer who earned her place in history mostly for being the most prominent mistress of Fyodor Dostoevsky. She was a student who attended the writing lecture Fyodor held in Paris. The famous writer was 40 while the young lady was 21. Her memoirs are one of the places where Fyodor’s inclinations were revealed. Polina unambiguously documented that the Russian writer made advances towards her tootsies.

Scenes in Novels Affected by Foot Fetish

Besides many other features, novels written by Fyodor Dostoevsky are known for numerous scenes that relate to feet in very high detail. Below you can read a few paragraphs extracted from The Idiot.

Marie was her daughter, a girl of twenty, weak and thin and consumptive; but still, she did heavy work at the houses around, day by day. Well, one fine day a commercial traveler betrayed her and carried her off; and a week later he deserted her. She came home dirty, draggled, and shoeless; she had walked for a whole week without shoes; she had slept in the fields, and caught a terrible cold; her feet were swollen and sore, and her hands torn and scratched all over.

While these few sentences could be interpreted as a description unrelated to any sexual tendencies, people who studied foot fetish or share that kind of inclinations would think differently.

Foot Fetish Interpretation

Even the first sentence announces a lady that could very likely be the object of desire for men prone to feet. Marie is weak, thin, and consumptive. Thin women usually have thin arches which are one of the main attractions and introductions to what goes below. The choice to use the term consumptive is also interesting. While it is a perfect match for describing a weak person with respiratory difficulties, the adjective also has a different meaning. Consumptive can refer to using resources that, in the context of sexual urges, can relate to beauty and in an implicit way, manifest the existence of desire. The last statement is a long shot, but still worthy of mentioning. Despite being weak, she did chores around the house every day. Such a statement implies life with a constant struggle. Another interesting point is the commercial traveler carrying her off. In addition to her weakness, she had to be seduced and carried by a man who almost instantly abounded her. Yet the treatment of being carried put emphasis on gentleness too. She came home dirty, draggled, and shoeless where she was set on a pillar of shame as even her mother despised her. After taking these facts into consideration, we can firmly state that Marie was a very sick and vulnerable lady conducted to great humiliation. Dostoevsky repeated twice that Marie came home without shoes. First, he said she was shoeless and then, in the next sentence, he wrote that she walked seven days without shoes. The subtle emphasis on barefoot followed by the sleeping in fields and then an additional description of her sore and swollen feet unambiguously prove that endings of lower limbs were a point of the writer’s high interest.

Spiritual Power of Feet

The manner in which Marie was presented, weak and vulnerable, is linked to characteristics of feet. Soles are one of the most unprotected parts of the body, intended to do the hardest work – carry us wherever we go, across every path we chose. They are forced to an everlasting struggle. Being so fragile and yet having the duty of performing such important tasks gives feet a kind of spiritual beauty. Myshkin is the protagonist of The Idiot. Since he feels pity towards Marie, he brings her money and kisses her. The story of Marie ends with her death of consumption. But here, the moment of the kiss is what matters.

The kiss was a consequence of mercy which is one of the core motives in Christianity. While having many doubts during his lifetime, Fyodor was a religious man. In addition to mercy, being humble, full of unconditional love and capable of forgiveness is what Christianity considers the highest values a man can achieve. Lowering down to the level of someone else’s feet and even kissing them is an act of a great humbleness. When it is performed by a man over a woman, observed through the Christian religion, it has additional weight. The female is the creature responsible for inducing Adam onto taking the forbidden fruit. Kissing the feet of a being responsible for the exile from heaven can have a double meaning. One is expressing your loyalty and submission to the cause of sin, while another, in addition to being humble, represents unconditional love and even forgiveness.

When it comes to spiritual urges, Fyodor strived to reconnect with God. It might be the very reason why he had a foot fetish. His inner inclinations have found a way to express themselves through sexuality in a very odd manner. He might have sought to express love by turning the lady into a goddess and then manifesting complete submission. Having his protagonist kiss a lady fragile and gentle as the bare soles she walked on the return to her village and be crucified on the pillar of shame is a manifest of the writer’s striving for unconditional love. Weak, vulnerable, seduced, humiliated and helpless as shoeless feet on the sharp ground of the world, Marie created mercy in the writer’s heart who gave her a kiss of his main role and allowed her to die.

Dostoevsky’s Sexual Life and Gambling Controversies

Talking of foot fetish raises the question of Fyodor’s sexual life. Not everyone believes he nurtured such a strong passion for women’s feet. Eli Gilic, the author of a controversial erotic book Slaves to Desire, says that Fyodor had different inclinations. And such claims have their own price. The mere mention of his name is capable of invigorating jolts of passions. One of the best examples for this claim is the act of the billionaire Roman Abramovich, who paid the gambling debts of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. The writer had owed the city of Wiesbaden the equivalent of 240,000 euros. As a reminder, representatives of the casino have attached a sign to the building with information about his debts. This irritated Abramovich so much that he paid the whole amount, stating that they should remove the shameful plaque as soon as possible. While Eli evaded quarrels with Russian oligarchs, she caused a great resentment in a part of the literal community for her choice to revive Dostoevsky and reveal his urges inside the bedroom. While not being so influential as billionaires, some writers and publishers dealt with their indignations in a different manner.

Amazon Chase Over the Question of Dostoevsky’s Sexual Inclinations

The Amazon market is known for its various products, including e-books. It is also known for product reviews which influence the position in search results and purchase likelihood. A part of people who disagreed with Eli’s observation of Fyodor’s sexual desires decided to bestow an avalanche of negative comments below her book. Since this is forbidden, the Amazon management in charge of the fight against negative campaigns decided to eliminate comments. However, the process of evaluating the situation and removing the effects of organizing attacks can take time. That is why her online sales suffered so much. The same can’t be said for paper books that had very little time to fill the shelves in some of the most prominent bookstores across the world.

Slaves To Desire in a Book Store

Slaves To Desire in a Book Store

What triggered rage mostly amongst Russian writers and publishers is their view that Eli used Dostoevsky amongst many other historical figures as bait to lure people into reading her stories. They claim that such an indecent usage of their cultural heritage is unacceptable and must be dealt with. On the other hand, Eli remains positive and believes that common sense will prevail at the end.

People should be proud when their cultural heritage inspires artists all across the world. There is nothing indecent in building a rich story based on facts. I hope people will realize that.
Eli Gilic

What Did Dostoevsky Like in Bed While Being one of the Slaves to Desire?

We are going to warn you of a little spoiler and reveal what Dostoevsky liked to do in bed while being a slave to desire. During his adventures with Polina Suslova, he liked to be tied up. This is a very important moment of his life because a few older students tied and molested him during his first year at the Nikolayev Military Engineering Institute. In addition to this, while serving a prison sentence in Siberia, he was shackled until the day of his release. Those memories left a permanent trauma. However, the fact that Polina managed to get to the core of his bad experience and remake it into beauty and joy speaks of her deep impact on Dostoevsky’s soul. When she tied him up, Polina would take matters into her hands. He wouldn’t know what’s coming next and that was exactly what he adored.

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