Dark Truth Behind Cinderella

When it comes to fairy tales Cinderella is a classic. But little in numbers are those familiar with its true origins and twistedness present in a genuine version of the story. The original name was also very different from both Cinderella and “The Little Glass Slipper” as this fairy tale is also known.

What Was Cinderella Originally Called?

Rhodopis is the genuine name of Cinderella. The story was recounted by the ancient Greek scholar Strabo around 7 years B.C. Before being recorded, the tale of a Greek slave girl who eventually marries the king of Egypt is assessed to be orally passed over generations for centuries. What we can see is that like in the Disney version of Cinderella, unjust oppression and reward are the main motives of the story. But that might be the only thing these two stories have in common. The original story is much darker.

In ancient times slaves were treated brutally. Master was able to conduct corporal punishments for no reason and even commit murder. Say nothing of raping and sexually using his servants. This fact does not allow any childish motives to remain in the Rhodopis’s past before the story started. While it was not her fault, she almost certainly had to serve her master in ways that wouldn’t allow Disney to present its cartoon to kids.

How Did Cinderella Slippers Really Look Like Is Revealed

Cinderella’s Real Slippers

The Story of Rhodopis

Rhodopis was a beautiful Greek slave girl. While Rhodopis was having a bath an eagle snatched one of her sandals. The bird flew high and dropped the sandal right into the leap of a king who was in the middle of administering justice. Due to the beautiful shape of the sandals and the peculiar nature of an event the king became obsessed with finding a woman who wore the shoe. He sent men across the country to seek his future bride. After Rhodopis was found in the city of Naucratis she was brought to Memphis. There, she married the king and became the new queen.

Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story

Cinderella According to Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm were masters of fairy tales. Genuine versions of their stories were very dark and violent. When it comes to the “Little Glass Slipper” there was finger cutting and eye-poking. Cinderella lived with her step-mother and two step-sisters. And the slippers were made from the squirrel fur. When the moment of truth came both sisters started cutting parts of their foot. Their mother told them that they won’t have to walk when they become princesses. However, thanks to heavenly doves, the prince noticed the blood leaking from their self-inflicted wounds. In the end, cinderella proved to be the right fit and lived happily ever after. However, in some versions, the happy end provides more than a reward for a hero. Doves attack sisters and poke their eyes so that the evil gets the punishment it deserves. Furthermore, in the version written by the brothers Grimm, Cinderella has a fairy guardian angel in a form of a magical tree that assembles a lot of heavenly doves. Those doves helped her with chores and jobs step-mother and step-sisters were forcing her on. The magic tree made many odd theories to develop.

What Cinderella Story Is Really About?

Due to motives present, some people developed theories on what could be the implicit message of Cinderella. The main motive of these theories is based on the fact that the prince chooses his bride by her foot. Is it a metaphor grownups should perceive as a foot fetish? Or an asexual symbol of religious submission towards the being responsible for the fall of men.

Cinderella And Foot Fetish

Prince checking out Cinderella's foot

Prince checking out Cinderella’s foot in the company of he servants


During the ball, the prince more than clearly saw Cinderella’s face. It is true that faces are forgotten easily, especially when you get fond of somebody despite you saw him only once. But tracking that person down according to the shape of the feet estimated by a glass slipper isn’t so reliable, to say the least. In all of the kingdom, there were thousands of women that have similar feet size and shape that would fit the glass slipper. While not asking questions and perceiving the whole Disney version of the story as a beautiful fairy tale is nice, the presence of peculiar motives and events is undeniable.

Making a foot the breaking point of the story capable of deciding its complete outcome could indicate to the obsession prince has. What matters is that a foot fits the slipper. Those opposed to this theory will say that the match is proof that a certain lady is a woman he fell in love with. However, it is not the question of is it the proof, but to what degree is that proof reliable? We already explained there are many women with similar feet. It is impossible that the prince didn’t know that. But he still allows himself to be convinced of the identity of his true love. It might be an indicator that what he needs for true love is only to have tastes of his obsession satisfied. The ensuing question is: Is the prince capable of true love or Cinderella is a story of a girl lucky enough to become a sex toy of the richest man?

Cinderella’s Religious Context – The Little Glass Slipper and the Church

Old, Old Fairy Tales Cinderella She lost her slipper as she ran from the castle...

Old, Old Fairy Tales Cinderella She lost her slipper as she ran from the castle…

According to the bible, a woman is responsible for the fall of humanity. Eve induced Adam onto taking a forbidden fruit which resulted in people being exiled from heaven. This makes a woman a symbol of the fall. In the fairy tale, Cinderella is a woman capable of inducing a prince to make a queen out of her with nothing more but her foot.

I addition to this, Cinderella practices magic. Her aid is a magic tree with doves that help her cope with the injustice of her step-mother and step-sisters. According to Christianity, magic is strictly forbidden. This makes Cinderella directly opposed to God’s laws and puts an emphasis on the prince being obsessed to track her by her foot even more. Feet are, before anything else, the foundation of walking. Therefore, they represent the journey and path people chose to take. Being the ones who allow a man to make his first as well as any other step, feet could be considered for the first servant of a free will.

If we allow ourselves a little metaphor, we could conclude that the prince admired Cinderella’s step. And that he wanted to embrace the path she walks. And that path was directly opposed to God. She was a woman who used magic. While some are going to say she wasn’t doing any spells, Cinderella certainly did accept aid magic tree has provided her. The same applies to a fairy who made her appearance at the ball possible. Being presented as a victim of injustice is a manifestation of evil in disguise. And that evil certainly makes a great job of presenting itself in the context of life. According to some explanations Cinderella is all about magic.

Is Cinderella Evil Witch In Disguise?

Using magic to make someone fall in love with you is unambiguously bad. And that is exactly what Cinderella did. If you think twice about her story, her meeting with the prince was arranged by magic. Her carriage, outfit, and slippers made of glass were all the products of a spell that lasted until midnight. This means, as you know, she had to leave earlier. But this is also a famous mind-trick to make an impressive short appearance, produce a great first impression, and then instantly leave. This means that besides magic, there is a great deal of strategy included. And the goal is common, to conquer the heart of the prince. Such a set of facts can also be interpreted that the intention of magic was a seduction. It is like spells forced Cinderella to run away and make the prince want her even more. And all this could be neglected if there wasn’t for that remaining glass slipper. The slippers were created with magic. And they continued existing due to magic so the prince could have a tangible reminder and continue to fantasize about the mysterious lady that made his heart beat faster.

The hard life cinderella had was the perfect cover and excuse for using magic which, in her innocence, she got as help from her guardian angels. Of course, it wasn’t her magic. Rather it belonged to what in modern days is considered as the kindness of the universe.

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