Coronavirus Compared to Hunger - Covid-19 vs Starvation vs Obesity

When compared to hunger coronavirus seems invisible because Covid-19 highest mortality rate of three percent fades in front of 25 000 people starving to death on a daily basis.

Covid-19 Compared to hunger and obesity.

Covid-19 Compared to hunger and obesity.

Fear of Covid-19

The fear of Covid-19 went viral despite omitting the rational foundation that requires the features and consequences of new coronavirus to be compared with other diseases and kinds of threats people confront on a daily basis all around the world. In the moments of writing this article date is 3/19/2020. According to organizations that track numbers there are 226 317 infected cases. 85,831 people have recovered and 9,285 have died. You can inform yourself about the changes through this link. However, despite being dangerous to that degree that all of the world’s governments must approach it with the highest seriousness, Covid-19 is far from being the biggest danger of the modern world. The culprit for the high increase of fear and feeling of helplessness on a global scale can be found in the features of victims.

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Victim Significance Selection

Victim significance selection is a global social phenomenon that determines the measure of emphasis through the question of who suffers the consequences rather than what those consequences are. Hunger is a perfect piece of evidence for the previous claim. In 2018, United Nations esteemed that 25 000 people die of hunger on a daily basis. Annually, this number reaches 9.1 million. A world full of food and events in which that same food is being destroyed for not being sold while thousands are starving should be alarmed of this malicious condition. However, news about this fact is omitted on a daily basis. Preceding is a list of countries that are most jeopardized by hunger:

  • The Central African Republic
  • Yemen
  • Chad
  • Madagascar
  • Zambia
  • Liberia
  • Haiti
  • Timor-Leste

This list favors the claim of victim significance selection being the law by which emphasis on threat and its consequences is determined. These are all underdeveloped third world countries. Death and suffering are considered to be their normal features. It is why they receive little to no attention from mass media. However, when something hits the U.S, England, Italy or France, despite being tenfold less severe, breaking news is going to ensue. Countries known by wealth and strength are considered in a manner opposite to death, suffering, dangers, and uncertainties. In addition to this, the fact that these states are holders of power and ownership over mass media is enough to explain why the problems they encounter will be presented as a global priority.

COVID-19 vs Hunger Facts

One of the main positive features of Covid-19 is that children are pretty safe. If they get sick, kids will suffer from mild symptoms and quickly regain their health. The old population is exposed to the biggest amount of risk. This does not apply to hunger. When looking at numbers, 10 000 is a daily sum of children that decease due to starvation. There is no age or race norm that raises or lowers the exposure and danger. Coronavirus leveraged the full medical and financial capacities of most of the societies into uniting to fight covid-19. However, when it comes to hunger, despite kids being highly jeopardized, marginalized humanitarian organizations are the first and the last line of defense.

COVID-19 vs Obesity Facts

Example of obesity

Obese Man

Contradictions are basic features of our reality. While some starve to death there are many people who eat their early way to the grave. And the number of those killed by obesity is very near to the sum of the starvation penalty. More than 3 million people die from obesity each year which makes it around three times less when compared to malnourishment. This disease has globally reached epidemic proportions. Nauru is the number one country when it comes to the ratio of overweight people within the normal population. This small island situated west of Australia and surrounded by the waters of the Pacific ocean is featured by a population in which 61% is obese. In this case, the United States of America is the victim of prejudice as it is only in 12th place when it comes to the world’s obesity rankings. The number of overweight people in the world is 2.1 billion which is a third of the total humanity. Another important note is that the worldwide obesity rate has tripled since 1975. By the numbers, Covid-19 is still far from deaths caused by starvation and obesity. For now, even in the domain of the old people, it is below the number of deaths caused by chocking while having a meal.

Choke While Eating Beats COVID-19

In 2018, only in the United States, there were 5,084 choking deaths. This kind of death is most common among elderly people with food as the most often culprit for such incidents. For now, 155 is the number of death caused by COVID-16.

COVID-19 Reminder

Despite all these facts, Covid-19 is a very serious threat and should not be taken lightly. The main danger it carries is overloading medical capacities due to its fast-spreading ability. Since it attacks the lungs, if not restrained, Covid-19 could cause the number of people in need of respirators to exceed the number of respirators available. It is why every citizen should try to give its best to prevent him/herself from providing aid to the spreading of the virus. Besides washing hands and staying home and following instructions, in case of noticing symptoms, the most important thing is not to panic. There is a whole list of reasons that explain why we should remain calm during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Protection Pieces of Advice

While the vaccine is still getting ready there is an ingredient that can help you tremendously boost your immune system. We think of laughing. While the questions of brain mysteries related to laughing are another topic, it is a medical science official attitude that laughter is a natural medicine that releases the human body from stress and boosts the immune system. So, the best recommendation for those that have to stay home is to read a few jokes or watch some comedy movie. Results may be astonishing.

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