Brothel Stories: Foot Fetish Novel

If you are looking for an erotic romance with a foot fetish then Stories From The Brothel is the right match for you.

I felt incredible shame at the very thought of saying “I want to kiss your foot” to a girl. But no matter how embarrassing it was, life is too short. Should I suppress my fetish my whole life and on my death bed wonder: God, how would I have felt if I had kissed them, licked them,
covered them with whipped cream? Put them in my mouth and bit them? Spat on them and watched the saliva run down the soles? Touched them with my finger, smeared the saliva, and licked it? Foot fetish was present in my life from the earliest days. When I was a kid, I viewed my feet as a particularly intimate part of my body and felt great… Read More

Stories From The Brothel – Foot Fetish Book

Nikola Matovic is a young suicidal painter from Serbia obsessed with female feet and addicted to brothels. In a poor and corrupted country, Nikola struggles to become rich and famous. Nikola’s story starts in his high-school senior year when he decides to lose his virginity in a brothel. From that point on, he visits brothels and fulfills his growing sexual fantasies. But things change when a lady with a shady past, almost double his age, enters Nikola’s life.

Author: Mr. W.

Title: Stories From The Brothel

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According to DI Reading Community and Book Fairy, this is one of the best erotic novels written in ages.

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